Chest Quote Tattoo Designs For Men

Top 41 Chest Writing Tattoo Ideas [2020 Inspiration Guide]

Chest quote tattoos are a mainstay for the men who wear them. This type of tattoo becomes a part of who they are more so than a tattoo on any other body part.

It’s much like communicating to the outside world “this is who I am, this is what I believe.”

In most cases, the designs are not refined or extremely decorative. The focus is on the words inked eternally on a particular male’s skin and their meaning. Whether the words arise from a book, movie, a famous speech, or poem, this type of tattoo is usually symbolic to the wearer.

Sometimes the quote blatantly depicts the psyche of the man and at other times, it may appear cryptic and paradoxical to the person you see before you. Even so, in back of every chest quote tattoo there is a deeply personal narrative. Even if the tattoo appears simple and easy to understand, it may have a very different meaning to the wearer. What’s more, the motivation for getting a chest quote tattoo plays a huge part in the tattoo wearer’s decision.

An engagement, birth of a child, death of a loved one, or a much loved pet, can all be motivations for getting a chest quote tattoo. This type of tattoo has curative properties that assist a man with healing the past, accepting today, and looking forward to the future.

Chest Quote Tattoo Ideas

Awesome Mens Upper Chest Quote Tattoo Designs

“Born again still your son,” is a an excellent quote referencing god and parent. The cursive for this chest tattoo is nicely flowing and well decorated but took a while to decipher. The curving font and placement is fine but it and future chest work could benefit from being another inch closer to the curving collarbone. Should the subject want more work done in this area then the quote will need to be incorporated rather an act as a natural border.

Cancer Ribbon Guys Chest Quote Strength Tattoo

Clean, effective chest quote tattoo. The lack of spectacular imagery or font works perfectly in getting this simple message down, and the stylized. The slightly ratty ribbon is a deft testament to the hard work needed to grow strength of character.

Chest Mens Quote Never Give Up Tattoos

This large, bold cursive is a hallmark of the Chicano graffiti style, which is popular because of the free flowing yet still weighty characters able to be created. In this piece, the font is strengthened by inking in sharp, heavy black internal detail. This allows the piece to be large and looping but remain easy to decipher amongst the swirls and squiggles.

Chest Quote I Fall Seven Times Stand Up Eight Mens Tattoos

This is a fascinating chest quote tattoo. Research the semi colon symbol and its relationship to body art – especially if you’ve struggled with mental health – for a full primer on a great subculture. It’s interesting and important for tattoo enthusiasts and others. Building on the small symbol this tattoo applies a very funky and innovative font to display it’s message. The stark black single needle fill for the words gives it a vivid, sharp, application.

Chest Quote Learn From Yesterday Mens Tattoo Ideas

Crisp cursive can make the difference between a cleanly produced affirmation tattoo and something completely -or worse, almost – indecipherable tattoo. If you’re opting to use words on skin, always try to make sure there’s a clarity to the wording even if it’s threaded in to part of a larger tattoo. Also, thoroughly spell check, theme check and context check any foreign and dead languages you wish to use so you don’t make a mistake. For example, there are lots of guys walking around with the Chinese symbol for strength in construction and building methods rather than physical manifestations of prowess out there. Be smart!

Clouds With Sun Rays Guys Chest Quote Tattoo Ideas

Yes! Always love a bit of J.R.R Tolkien and this Lord of the Rings tattoo is nicely done. The font choice brings that Hobbiton feeling of sharp quills, fat fingers, and hairy feet to the fore, yet remains easy to read and cool to look at. Also like the sun blaze shading pattern that alternates with neg space. It may prove to be too light over time but fills space cleverly (the font is quite wide by tattoo standards) without being a focal point of the body art.

Compass With Chest Quote Mens Family Trash Polka Tattoo

Cool Pinstripe Frame Mens Script Chest Quote Tattoos

Spanish is great for tattoo. It often flows just as beautifully on page or skin as it does in conversation. The chest quote tattoo in this example is nicely delivered. There’s no spectacular bells and whistles, just a simple message in fresh cursive augmented by a few bits of fine needle bordering fancy.

Cursive Script Dreams Chest Quote Tattoos For Men

Another effective, simple chest piece. The font is large, unique, and well balanced on the subject’s left breast. Only a slight, pedantic quibble, the ‘e’ when ending a word kind of looks like it’s added an ‘r’ at the end because of the flourish. It’s a small nitpick, but the type of thing you notice when words spend 20+ years being read from the same page.

Death Smilies At Everyone Mens Chest Quote Tattoo With Bravery Theme

Like the cursive in this chest tattoo. It’s easy to read but still flourishes nicely, and the handwritten note effect of the font size works well in the placement.

Dragon With Chest Quote Male Tattoo Ideas

This chest quote tattoo has been effectively incorporated into a much larger piece of work. The quote itself is clean, crisp cursive that utilizes a nice touch of white ink highlight across each word’s middle. It’s cleverly filled with fuzzy flowing shadow and sharp stars to align it with the rest of the subject’s right side tattoo.

Family Quotes For Mens Chest Tattoo Designs

Cool family oriented quote. There’s contradicting word thicknesses (like when kids press too hard on their pen) through the left edge of the piece but hopefully they will settle down and not look so different as time passes.

Forver Bound To Those Love Chest Quote Guys Tattoos

This body art is well placed, curving along the subject’s chest in nice flow. The cursive is helped by the large text, but would be clearer with thicker lines and white ink highlights. The underlined borders could also be thickened and extended to provide more shape.

Guy With Cool Scroll Banner Chest Quote Tattoo

Lambs And Lions Mens Chest Quote Tattoo Designs

A pick n mix font tattoo. Individually the different text are interesting but together and lacking fill pattern the fonts clash against each other jockeying within the space. The internal shading is excellent – the piece needs a bright block color fill to bring the font in line by contrast, or more attenuated gray shading work to add balance.

Let Fate Decide Ornate Script Guys Chest Quote Tattoo

Life And Death Chest Mens Quote Tattoos

Live Full Die Empty Guys Chest Quote Phrase Tattoo

Male Chest Retro Font Quote Tattoo Designs

Male With Decorative Only The Strong Survive Chest Quote Tattoo

Masculine Chest Quote Tattoo Design Ideas For Men

Mens Banner With Sparrows Chest Quote Tattoo Ideas

Mens Chest Quote Dont Forget To Love Yourself Tattoo

Mens Chest Quote Never Give Up Tattoo

Mens Diamond With Wings Chest Quote Tattoos

Mens Dna Helix Strand Chest Quote Tattoo Designs

Mens Never Let Fears Decide Your Fate Chest Quote Tattoo

Mens Watercolor Paint Splatter Motivation Chest Quote Tattoo

Mother Memorial Guys Chest Quote Tattoo

Never Lose Hope Male Chest Quote Tattoo Inspiration

Ornate Male Chest Quote Tattoo Ideas

Quote Mens Religious Bible Verse Tattoo On Upper Chest

Religious Quote Guys Chest Tattoo Inspiration

Scrip Cursive Chest Quote Tattoo Ideas For Males

Script Font Outline Guys Chest Quote Tattoo

Small Simple Mens Chest Quote Tattoo Designs

Strength Chest Quote Tattoo Ideas For Men

The Future Belongs To Those Who Dream Chest Quote Mens Tattoos

True Love Never Dies Mens Chest Quote Tattoos

Trust Your Struggle With Wing Chest Quote Male Tattoos

Unique Guys Chest Quote Tattoo Ideas

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