Chicago Bulls Tattoo Designs For Men

50 Chicago Bulls Tattoo Designs For Men – Basketball Ink Ideas

Chicago Bulls tattoos are some of the most popular tattoos of devoted basketball fans. What was once hailed as a right of passage into symbolic manhood of bikers, sailors, and the lawless, tattoos have now become popular with sports figures as well.

The Chicago Bulls have been in existence since 1966 spawning basketball legends like Scotty Pippin and the undisputed Michael Jordan.

One of the most well-known basketball players in the world, Jordan made the number “23” one of the most iconic symbols in sports. The bull itself represents courage, endurance, protection, and power. Hence, there is little surprise that a bull tattoo attached to such strong sports players would be a winner.

As if t-shirts, caps, and other Chicago Bull memorabilia was not enough, a tattoo is deemed the ultimate step in team loyalty. Fans of this world famous basketball team want to feel the powerful fighting spirit of their favorite team. What better way for a fan to show their dedication than a permanent marker?

From the image of the masculine bull to the contentious Bull market on Wall Street, the bull is the ultimate symbol in raw power and fortitude. Getting a Chicago Bulls tattoo is not only a fan’s way of showing their admiration for a professional sports team, it’s about a strong spirit and an unfathomable belief in life itself.


3d Realistic Guys Chicago Bulls Michael Jordan Tattoo Designs On Arm

Amazing Chicago Bulls Guys Leg Tattoo

Amazing Chicago Bulls Trophy Mens Arm Tattoo

Arm Guys Dunk Basketball Chicago Bulls Tattoo

Awesome Male Chicago Bulls Arm Tattoo

Black Grey And Red Guys Chicago Bulls Leg Tattoo

Chicago Flag Bulls Mens Leg Tattoo

Cool Chicago Bulls Guys Arm Tattoo Inspiration

Cool Smoking Chicago Bulls Logo Mens Arm Tattoo

Diamond Ring Chicago Bulls Jordan Mens Chest Tattoo

Forearm Sleeve Mens Dunk Chicago Bulls Tattoo

Full Back Chicago Bulls Themed Tattoo On Male

Guys Inner Forearm Chicago Bulls Skyline Tattoo

Half Sleeve Skyline Chicago Bulls Mens Tattoo Ideas

Hyper Realistic Chicago Bulls Basketball Player Mens Arm Tattoos

Male With Illinois Chicago Bulls Forearm Tattoo

Masculine Chicago Bulls Slam Dunk Guys Jordan Forearm Tattoo

Mens 3d Chicago Bulls Championship Ring Tattoo On Forearm

Mens Chicago Bulls Back Tattoo

Mens Chicago Bulls Themed Full Sleeve Tattoos

Mens City Skyline With Chicago Bulls Chest Tattoo

Mens Jordan 23 Chicago Bulls Arm Sleeve Tattoo

Mens Jordan Chicago Bulls Basketball Leg Tattoo Designs

Mens Realistic Basketball Player Chicago Bulls Leg Tattoo

Mens Smoking Chicago Bulls Hand Tattoo

Mens Stone 3d Chicago Bulls Tattoo On Forearm

Mens Traditional Chicago Bulls Rose Flower Arm Tattoo

Michael Jordan Dunk Chicago Bulls Mens Outer Forearm 3d Tattoo

Realistic Basketball Player Guys Chicago Bulls Sleeve Tattoo

Red And Black Ink Traditional Old School Guys Chicago Bulls Tattoo

Red And White Ink Guys Chicago Bulls Logo Tattoo On Outer Forearm

Retro Chicago Bulls Logo Mens Basketball Forearm Tattoo

Script Chicago Bulls Male Forearm Tattoo Inspiration

Shaded Chicago Bulls Guys Leg Tattoo

Simple Manly Chicago Bulls Guys Hand Tattoo Ideas

Slam Dunk Basketball Chicago Bulls Guys Sleeve Tattoos

Small Guys Inner Forearm Chicago Bulls Logo Tattoo Design

Small Simple Mens Chicago Bulls Basketball Logo On Arm

Star Chicago Bulls Guys Upper Arm 3d Tattoo Design Ideas

Tribal Chicago Bulls Guys Back Of Shoulder Tattoo

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