Classy Beard Styles For Men

50 Classy Beard Styles For Men – Sophisticated Facial Hair Ideas

The art of manliness is a delicate and sophisticated pursuit. One step in mastering it is being confident in your facial hair and its upkeep.

A polished, classy look says a thousand words about the type of man you are, and below are some of the top styles to send the exact message of sophistication you want.

The French Fork: Popularized by Johnny Depp’s character, Captain Jack Sparrow, the French fork is usually a full beard that slowly gets thicker from the sideburns and lengthens significantly at the chin where it splits into two equal sections. Brad Pitt has been spotted with this look without the signature Pirate braids, of course.

The Ducktail: Similar to the French fork, this beard lengthens at the chin but instead of forking, it comes to a defined point off of the chin.

The Short Boxed Beard: This beard is most universally used and fits almost any face shape. It has clean, thin lines that outline the shape of the mouth in a box with bare cheeks and a defined jawline. It’s consistently kept short and off the neck as well.

Of course, those are three ideas out of the many. View all the 50 beard styles for men here for more cool bearded inspiration.


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