Consciousness Tattoo Designs For Men

50 Consciousness Tattoo Designs For Men- Awareness Ink Ideas

For those who are a little more intellectual, here’s the perfect tattoo for you. This one is a bit amorphous, as there are so many different ways to interpret consciousness.

You can get an image of the brain tattooed onto your body, or you can get something that looks like a nebula in space contained within the confines of a skull.

There are so many ways to interpret this that you can have so much fun with it. Whatever you do, you’ll be enjoying yourself and exploring the limits of your brain and your consciousness.

You can even get something relating to poetry or consciousness through poetry, as this will allow for a great deal of interpretation as well. Where does our consciousness come from? Why do we have it? All of these are great questions and they’re ones that must be asked and attempted to be answered. We say attempted because there’s no real way to answer some of these questions.

We can only philosophize and attempt to make sense of it within our own limited minds. This would be a great tattoo to get on your leg or else somewhere on your arm, maybe on your bicep. Somewhere very visible would be the best place to get this tattooed. That way you can show off your love of consciousness.


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