Cool Beard Styles For Men

60 Cool Beard Styles For Men – Princely Facial Hair Ideas

It’s the Chewie to your Han Solo. The Watson to your Sherlock Holmes. Truth is, every guy could benefit from a cool and well-trimmed beard. This could be the difference between getting that girl’s number and being left in the dark.

Figuring out which beard is right for you can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be a hassle.

It’s really all about face shape and hairstyle. If you can match those with a glorious beard, you’ll have the golden trifecta of mens’ style.

Having a cool beard isn’t just about growing out your whiskers and letting it fill out the way it will. It’s all about maintenance, just like every other relationship. Because make no mistake about it–the relationship between you and your beard is just as real as any other relationship. If you treat the beard with the respect it deserves, the beard will reward you with good looks that will attract the right kind of people.

Once you nail down the styles of beard we’re about to show you, you’ll be pushing away the women for fear that they’ll trample you. Yes, cool beard styles are not just the domain of Robert Downey, Jr. and Tom Hardy anymore. You too can have a super cool beard style that’s as functional as it is wonderful. Read on for more!


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