Crab Tattoo Designs For Men

Top 79 Crab Tattoo Ideas [2020 Inspiration Guide]

The crab tattoo is rarer for in-landers but is very common for people living near the coasts. The crab has many meanings and the symbolism can be different for everyone.

The crab is a powerful symbol of wealth, renewal and adventures of the sea.

It has lunar connections which defines its symbol of renewal; as the moon changes, everything can be reborn. The crab shedding its shell is parallel to the moon’s own lunar phases: giving way to one phase only to start another. The zodiac sign, Cancer (the crab), adds additional meaning. Cancers tend to be loyal, contradictory and moody, which is why Cancer is known as the “moon sign”.

In China, the crab is seen as good luck and is a symbol of masculine potency. Traditionally, the Chinese believed that eating crab would create more virile semen in a man.

The crab is also a symbol of protection with its hard exterior shell, and a fighter with its dangerous pincers. This is a good reason why the crab tends to be the token tattoo chosen by sailors or fisherman. Life on the water is hard so you must be hard to survive it, just like the crab.

No matter the reason, a crab tattoo can hold so much meaning to the person displaying it. Whether it’s to represent your life on the water, your masculinity, or a rebirth you have experienced, the crab is a great option to make a permanent part of your body.

1. Forearm Crab Tattoos

Dotwork Detailed Male Crab Tattoo Design On Inner Forearm

Guy With Tattoo Of Crab Wearing Diver Helmet On Inner Forearms

Mens Geometrical Red Crab Inner Forearm Tattoo Designs

Mens Old School Colorful Crab Tattoo Design On Forearm

Shaded Octopus And Crab Mens Forearm Sleeve Tattoos


2. Bicep Crab Tattoos

Alive Crab Claw Mens Inner Arm Bicep Tattoos

Creative Black Crab With Waves Mens Inner Arm Bicep Tattoo Design Ideas

Masculine Guys Black Crab Inner Arm Bicep Tattoos

Mens Trashed Crab Bicep Tattoos


3. Arm Crab Tattoos

Amazing Crab With Angel Wings Mens Arm Tattoo Ideas

Banner Crab And Skull Mens Arm Tattoos

Blue And Orange Ink Mens Upper Arm Crab Tattoo Designs

Colorful Mens Crab Arm Tattoo Ideas

Crab Claw Tattoo On Mans Arm

Dotwork Guys Unique Crab Arm Tattoos

Gentleman With Inner Arm Sun Crab All Seeing Eye Tattoo

Green And Orange Male Crab Arm Tattoo With Artistic Design

Manly Skull Crab Guys Arm Tattoo Designs

Mens Arm Dotwork Black And Grey Shaded Crab Tattoo Designs

Mens Geometrical Crab Upper Arm And Shoulder Tattoos

Mens Lifesaver Crab Arm Tattoo Designs

Neo Traditional Male Orange Crab With Shell Tattoo On Arm

Nice Realistic Male Crab Arm Tattoos

Old School Guys Crab Arm Tattoos

Outer Arm Guys Black Crab Tattoo Design Ideas

Red Crab With Rope Mens Arm Tattoos

Sunset Ocean Beach Landscape Mens Crab Tattoo On Arm

Ultra Detailed Mens Dotwork Crab Arm Tattoo Design Inspiration

Woodcut Male Crab Arm Tattoo With Black Ink Design

Artistic Colorful Male Crab Tattoo On Arm


4. Arm Sleeve Crab Tattoos

Cool Gold Diving Helmet With Crab Mens Sleeve Tattoo

Full Sleeve Male Underwater Crab Themed Tattoos

Guys Rising Sun Crab With Dragon Half Sleeve And Chest Tattoo

Japanese Male Crab Half Sleeve Tattoo Designs


5. Wrist Crab Tattoos

Watercolor Mens Realistic Crab Tattoo On Wrist


6. Chest Crab Tattoos

Blue Crab With All Seeing Eye Mens Upper Chest Tattoos

Cool Vintage Old Crab Mens Upper Chest Tattoos

Guys Black Crab Upper Chest Tattoos

Guys Watercolor Colorful Crab Upper Chest Tattoos

Octopus Fighting Crab Mens Full Chest Tattoos

Sun And Moon Crab Mens Stomach And Chest Tattoos

Upper Chest Snake With Crab Guys Shaded Tattoo Designs

Orange And Blue Male Crab Tattoo Design On Upper Chest Of Body


7. Back Crab Tattoos

Back Of Neck Guys Abstract Crab Tattoos

Black Ink Outline Diamond Crab Mens Upper Back Tattoos

Mens Decorative Crab Back Tattoo Designs

Realistic Guys Crab Arm Tattoos With Watercolor Background

Upper Back Male Black Ink Design Crab Tattoos


8. Side Crab Tattoos

Rib Cage Side Mens Crab With Spear Tattoo Designs


9. Leg Crab Tattoos

Shaded Black And Grey Ink Mens Crab Leg Sleeve Tattoos

Amazing Crab Guys Leg Sleeve Tattoos

Artistic Mens Crab Skull Leg Tattoos

Blue Crab Mens Back Of Leg Calf Tattoos

Heart Crab With Rope Mens Teal Tattoo On Leg

Mens Leg Tattoo Of Crab With Diving Helmet

Negative Space Crab Geometric Mens Leg Tattoos

Red And Black Ink Mens Ornate Crab Tattoo On Leg

Ship Inside Green Crab Mens Leg Calf Tattoo Designs

Small Simple Mens Crab Leg Tattoo On Hip

Thigh And Leg Guys Dotwork Crab Tattoo Ideas

Small Simple Mens Detailed Crab Leg Tattoo Ideas

Guys Ocean Diver With Crab Leg Tattoo


10. Thigh Crab Tattoos

Creative Crab Colorful Male Thigh Tattoo Design Ideas

New School Crab Skull Mens Thigh Tattoo Designs

Thigh Crab Tattoo On Gentleman

Gentleman With Square Crab Underwater Tattoo On Thigh


11. Stomach Crab Tattoos

Stomach Old School Guys Black Ink Skull Crab Tattoos


12. Foot Crab Tattoos

Black And Grey Shaded Male Crab Tattoo On Foot

Retro Guys Crab Tattoo On Foot


13. Hand Crab Tattoos

Cool Red Crab With Blue Ocean Waves Mens Hand Tattoos

Male With Tattoo Of All Seeing Eye Red Crab On Hands

Crab Claw Tattoo On Gentlemans Hand


14. Skull Crab Tattoos

Skull Crab Mens Foot Tattoo With Ocean Waves Designs

Tricep Mens Skull With Crab Tattoo Design


15. Traditional Crab Tattoos

Guys Traditional Black Ink Old School Crab Tattoos On Feet

Traditional Mens Black Ink Stomach Crab Tattoo


16. Minimalist Crab Tattoos

Minimalist Mens Crab Tricep Tattoos


17. Dotwork Crab Tattoos

Awesome Dotwork Crab Tattoo On Gentleman

Man With Crab Tattoo On Arm Dotwork Designs


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