Crystal Tattoo Designs For Men

60 Crystal Tattoo Designs For Men – Polished Stone Ink Ideas

The crystal tattoo has been rising in popularity for some time. There is something mystical about these beautiful stones that is now attracting many people. The meaning of these stones vary from stone to stone.

For example, one of the most popular is the clear quartz crystal.

The clear quartz crystal is considered one of the most universal crystals available as it is known to help balance all energy centers or chakras of the body. The tattoo could mean all sorts of things like a person’s connection to the metaphysical energy that surrounds people. A crystal could also mean positive energy.

Another type of crystal that has caught people’s eye is amethyst quartz. The chakra that is represented by amethyst is the crown or purple region. This is the highest chakra, and it is associated with the brain or thoughtfulness. The amethyst tattoo is meant to represent a man’s control over his mental state. Perhaps it is meant to show how in-tune he is to his thoughts or how philosophical he really is.

The jade stone is another stone that many people are attracted to. The stone usually represents the green chakra, which is associated with the chest area of the body. This includes the lungs, heart, and the respiratory system. The tattoo is also associated with the collection of memories. Of course, the tattoo could mean whatever you want it to mean, but these are just some of the most common meanings.


3d Crystal Male Wrist Tattoos

3d Heart With Crystals Mens Sleeve Tattoos

3d Ornate Mens Crystal Chest Tattoo Ideas

Amazing Mens Crystals 3d Leg Sleeve Tattoo

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Crystal Slice Manly Guys Shin Tattoos

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Guys Glowing Red Ink Crystal Skull Leg Tattoo

– Shawn Will Red Dagger Tattoo

Half Sleeve Guys Unique Crystal Outer Space Themed Tattoo

Heart With Crystal Wings Mens Chest Tattoos

Inner Arm Bicep Mens Crystal Wing Tattoos

Knights Helmet With Crystals Guys Leg Tattoo

Male With 3d Green Crystal Skull Tattoo On Arm

Masculine Guys Crystal Half Sleeve Tattoo With Skull Design

Mens Beating Heart With Green Crystals Bicep Tattoos

Mens Crystal Neo Traditional Hand And Forearm Tattoos

Mens Eye In Crystal Forearm Tattoo

Mens Rib Cage Side Crystal Tattoo Designs

Nature Landscape Crystal Mens Thigh Tattoo

Night Sky With Moon In Forest And Crystals Guys Small Forearm Tattoo

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Realistic 3d Mens Crystal And Compass Nature Themed Sleeve Tattoos

Retro Leg Calf Guys Crystal With Claw Tattoo

Sailing Ship With Skull And Crystals Guys Shaded Thigh Tattoos

Shaded Black And Grey Crystal Mens Forearm Tattoos

Shaded Crystal Guys Inner Arm Bicep Tattoos

Shaded Crystal With Skull Guys Inner Forearm Tattoo Design Inspiration

Shark Tooth With Red Crystal Mens Forearm Tattoo

Skeleton Bones With Crystals Guys Forearm Tattoo

Sketched Crystal Skull Guys Arm Tattoos

Skull With Crystal Guys Inner Forearm Tattoo

Skull With Green Crystals Guys Inner Forearm Tattoo

Skull With Head Of Crystals Mens Forearm Tattoo

Small Crystal Dotwork Guys Arm Tattoo

Small Detailed Crystal Skull Mens Inner Arm Bicep Tattoo

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Traditional Crab With Blue Crystal Mens Leg Sleeve Tattoos

Traditional Old School Mens Upper Chest Crystal Skull With Flower Tattoo

Turtle With Crystal Shell Rib Cage Side Tattoos For Men

Unique Crystal Inner Forearm Tattoo Designs For Men

Wolf Skull With Crystal Globe Mens Forearm Tattoo

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