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Top 61 Culinary Tattoo Ideas – [2020 Inspiration Guide]

Foodies can take their love of edible comforts to sovereign heights by experimenting with culinary tattoos. Give your inner chef a scrumptious treat with a creative kitchen-based design.

Culinary tattoos can keenly turn a commonplace part of life into recherché grandeur.

This is an expansive realm of body art that perceptively encompasses the finest creature comforts imaginable. These noble emblems are swanky and baronial. You could even call them à la mode! Because they reveal a divine longing for lavish enjoyments, culinary body art is in an august league of their own.

The stupendous nature of culinary illustrations arrives through their ability to convey gallant attitudes alongside exquisite refinement. These rousing designs are chic enough to cultivate a soigné externality. Keep in mind that actual representations of food are kept to a minimum. Instead, utensils and recipes are heavily favored by the aristocratic gents that pursue these sleek portraits. Gourmet dishes may also be included, but it takes more than just a standard meal to qualify as stately.

To cook up a vigorously fashionable look, try out one of these tasty culinary tattoos! They have been ripened for you to gormandize with pleasure.

1. Butcher Diagram Chef Tattoos

This one can extend beyond the kitchen to the butcher and back. Butcher’s diagram tattoos can be anything but mostly stick to the pig.  It’s simple and signifies a true appreciation of your craft. Let’s face it, the layman’s knowledge of cuts isn’t far beyond that of Homer Simpson, who couldn’t believe pork, bacon, and ham all come from the same wonderful, magical animal. Knowing the different cuts and their appropriate use is foundation knowledge for a chef. This is a great simple chef tattoo. 

American Traditional Chef Tattoos

Kitchen work can be a rough trade and it’s been no surprise to see rough men with rough tattoos slaving over a hot grill night and day. Once upon a time, American Traditional was just about the only choice in tattoo outside of prison ink or DIY. Defined by bold outlines, two dimensional subjects and a bright but limited color palette, American Traditional is still very popular amongst chefs today.  

Irreverent if not flat out rebellious in its origins, it suits the dark humor common to kitchens. In true chef style, a lot of American Traditional style chef tattoos have been innovated on and worked into something new and beautiful. A knife chasing a pineapple is a good example. Stylistically, black and gray but with American Traditional style and imagery is also very popular.  

3. Chef Tattoos Featuring Ingredients

Ingredient tattoos for chefs are a great opportunity to throw a splash of color and life into your artwork. It could be the ingredients of a favorite dish all tossed into the air, or an assortment of the staples (onions, garlic, and butter for example). You might want a colorful and lively tattoo to tie in with your culinary work. And when it boils down to it, all the work might be in the creating but you still need the ingredients to make it work. Getting ingredients tattooed on you is the ultimate mark of respect.  

4. Simple Culinary Tattoos

When it boils down to it being a chef – even a really, really great chef – is simple but not easy. Nobody is going to tell you the basics are complicated, but achieving absolute mastery over them will be the hardest thing you ever do in your life. It’s why simple chef tattoos that use culinary tools are so popular. Mastery of those tools is a source of immense pride. And because the items being depicted are mostly simple shapes they lend themselves well to simplicity.  

Simple fine line grays can create larger but still simple pieces. For small tattoos an all black silhouette of knives looks brilliant. Others opt for a sketch style tattoo using a skull wearing a chef’s hat as the artwork. Whether minimalist, geometric or small, a simple chef tattoo can be a great addition to your collection.  

5. Knife Tattoos

You’ll hear no arguments on which tool is the quintessential symbol of cooking professionally: the knife. Chefs the world over obsess over their knives. Western or Japanese, stainless steel or carbon, d-shaped, round or octagonal handle. 

Chefs have a relationship with their knives that partners can only envy. There’s little wonder then why it’s such a popular chef tattoo. Chef knife tattoos run the gamut of styles. Some go for a realistic rendering of their favorite blade while others use the knife more symbolically. Either way there’s nothing that says chef like a kitchen knife tattoo.  

6. Tools of the Trade Chef Tattoos

Aside from the knife, there are a number of tools that chefs make strong connections with. Wooden spoons, rolling pins, whisks, and a typical set of table cutlery all have their own meaningful associations. 

Symbology aside, these tattoos look super clean when combined because they’re basically just shapes. The symmetry and combination can be very pleasing to the eye, making them work successfully as minimalist tattoos. That said, some do choose to go the complete opposite direction with realism, so don’t be afraid to make a bold choice in concept or application.

7. Chef Tattoos In Scene 

A scene can be anything that you might see in a kitchen. Think a portrait of a chef at work, a chef hat with herbs and spices or a frying pan next to ingredients. Kitchen scenes come out beautifully in black and grey or color. Black and grey can be used for detailed, three-dimensional imagery or more simple renderings. A quality artist will use shading to create a scene that pops off the skin.  

Scenes are especially suitable for large tattoos and those of the realism variety. If you’re looking at a serious piece such as a sleevechest, or back, it’s a great opportunity to include a variety of symbols.   

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