How To Get Rid Of Dark Circles Under Eyes For Men

How To Get Rid Of Dark Circles Under Eyes For Men – The Gentlemen’s Manual

Dark circles underneath the eyes are an unwanted phenomenon that most men accept as an unavoidable aspect of life. While the ideal male aesthetic is sharp and alert, these subtle features can weaken your commanding mystique.

Luckily, modern science has presented us with a few momentous strides in the right direction.

Although a universal men’s skincare fix-all has yet to be uncovered, there is still a lot you can do to mitigate the appearance of being groggy or half-asleep.

However, before you can take action, it is crucial for you identify the source of your discoloration.

The solution really depends on the cause, so let’s analyze the three main origins of these pesky flaws!


Where do dark under-eye circles come from?

When shadows appear under the eyes, it is not a random occurrence. These blemishes arise any mix of the following causes.

Remember, there is no singular factor that propagates these cosmetic irritations, and the sources of the issue are not mutually exclusive.

This means you may have to address one, two or all three of these circumstances listed below.

Cause 1: Hyperpigmentation

In this scenario, it’s the skin itself that is experiencing a darkening process. There are several biological and chemical agents that could be facilitating this unwanted hue. The most common reason for this to start stems from a change in melanin levels.

This abundance leads to melasma, which is the scientific name for the dark circle disorder. Naturally, this Greek phrase simple means “black”. Excess melanin is often produced during stages of hormonal changes, so guys should monitor their testosterone levels when this starts to occur. A sudden decline in male hormones or increase in female hormones may be to blame!

Cause 2: Exposed Capillaries

This cause sometimes gets visually confused with the previous one, but it is an entirely different cosmetic realm. Basically, the darkness is related to visible blood vessels that show through thinner sections of skin.

Although they still resemble the melasma circles, they are actually not a disorder at all. Your local med spa has a lot of tools to combat this type, and those methods are specifically detailed later on.

Cause 3: Deficient Suborbital Volume

Another name for this conundrum is “tear trough,” and it is perhaps the most permanent. This is because the only thing causing it is your face’s physical structure around the eye. Ultimately, because the region lacks suitable volume and fat, there is no immediate solution.

Besides coverage, most people with Cause 3 elect for surgeries. All potential cures and concealers are explored below!

Other Lesser Factors

You probably already know this, but it is wise to keep track of any allergies and medications. These temporary presences could be leading to an unhealthy appearance, but it won’t last like the three aforementioned variations.

In a similar manner, it is also smart to stave off dehydration and sleep deprivation, especially since both of these stressors will exacerbate an already existing dark circle problem!


How to get rid of them – Recommended cures and solutions

Products To Remove Dark Circles Under Eyes Men

First off, you need to eliminate the notion that a topical cream or medicine will fix your problem permanently. This simply won’t happen. The best you can hope for with topical treatments is to conceal the damage and slow the trajectory.

Approaches for Cause 1

There are a lot of liquid applicants that can mitigate hyperpigmentation. The most successful ointments contain melanin inhibitors. Goji berries are becoming popular for their viability in lowering melasma, but academic research on their properties is still limited. If you want to try them for yourself, use a goji berry moisturizer like Hendel’s Garden Goji Cream.

Meanwhile, other avenues have show more reliable measures of success. The best bet is some cocktail infusion involving serious supplies of Vitamin A, which will provide a solid dose of healing retinoids. By stimulating collagen production, it reduces dark circles and wrinkles with lukewarm results. Try Mad Hippie’s Vitamin A Serum, which some users say has helped remove dark spots from their skin.

Just keep in mind that the harsh adverse chemical reactions may be less aesthetically pleasing. Some physicians recommend combining multiple prescriptions, but RX overkill will leave you looking ragged.

Techniques for Cause 2

Once again, you will want to go for the retinoids, but they will be even more effective for Cause 2. Vitamin C will also encourage the skin to thicken in regions that are dwindling in support.

By bolstering the weak points, it is possible to slowly fade the discoloration away. Some laser treatments strengthen the skin’s elasticity, which will automatically clear up some of the black rings.

Strategies for Cause 3

This is where things get tough. Unlike the previous two, its shape makes it almost impossible to turn invisible. Because it is based in the actual structure of your head, these dark circles will probably need a minor cosmetic operation if you are serious about correcting them.

Dermal fillers are the next big thing, and they only cost approximately $500. In just on 30-minute procedure, you will be on the path to a more commanding presentation and clearer vision. Just make sure to keep up with the two years of follow-up injections!

Concealer Tips

Men's Concealer For Dark Circles Under Eyes

Skin-tone colors will fail abysmally as they blend with the darkness underneath. The “one shade lighter” rule doesn’t work here; instead, you just go from black to blue or purple. If a natural tone is attained, this will still generate a splotchy and pasty complexion that is arguably worse than the tired appearance that preceded it.

Cause 1 and Cause 2 can benefit from a standard yellow blend that will even out against the dark backdrop; however, Cause 3 requires a little more mixing to get a balanced coverage.

Ointment Tips

The contents of most creams are pretty much identical, so you want to keep an eye on the concentration. This is the value that determines a brand’s effectiveness, but more is not necessarily better. The real statistic you are seeking is an actualized balance of chemicals that is conducive to your skin without tolerating the dark circles.

It is also worth noting that this cosmetic complaint is most prominent among Caucasian males, so keep ethnicity in mind when applying different ingredients. Different background have different allergies and reactions, so keep your family medical history nearby.

Reasons to Avoid Vitamin K

There is one prominently touted treatment that you should avoid at all costs. While Vitamin K is able to kill of unwanted pigments, there if nothing to stop this compound from destroying healthy skin too.

Doctors are conflicted on this one, so be safe until more research is done! This is mainly used to kill unwanted blood vessels and capillaries, but it can slowly erode at your entire skull structure. There is no reason to indulge the risk right now!

Final Assessment: Do You Really Need Surgery?

Before committing to a life-changing procedure, you should really consider whether you are focusing on functionality or superficiality. If it’s the former, then surgery is a great option by all means, especially if you are experience any discomfort or lasting inhibitions

If your livelihood is not in jeopardy, then maybe it’s time to just back off from the dark circles for right now. They are probably way less noticeable to others than you realize; plus, the future holds endless cures that elude us right now. There might be a much easier alternative down the line, so don’t fall for the urgency.

If you are really insecure, then a doctor will gladly help; still, it may be smarter to just stock up on shades!

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