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Does Burberry Make Watches?

Burberry represents the best of British luxury fashion, with their distinctive trench coats and proprietary “check” pattern. The brand has branched out over time from clothing to include cologne and certain fashion accessories such as watches.

Burberry used to make watches and you can still buy them online, but since the brand discontinued their watch line in 2017, today it is only possible to buy discontinued models.


Burberry Watches: A Brief History

Burberry’s company history goes back to 1856 when it was founded by Thomas Burberry in Basingstoke, south-central England.

Since then, Burberry has made history not only in the fashion world but in the greater outside world as well – whether it be making coats for British soldiers during the Boer War (with a model of coat called the Tielocken) or providing clothing for Roald Amundsen, the first man to reach the South Pole.

Innovative from day one, Thomas Burberry not only created a line of unique fashions but also developed his own type of fabric called gabardine.

Typically made from worsted wool, gabardine was originally used specifically for the linings of business suits (particularly pockets). This is because the fabric is especially durable and unlikely to develop tears – and the pocket is the last place anyone wants a fabric tear!

Burberry formed for itself a niche within the world of luxury fashion trends, eventually branching out from its inaugural coats to create scarves, cosmetics (including cologne), purses, and fashion accessories such as sunglasses and, yes, watches.

Burberry’s foray into the world of watchmaking is relatively recent, with its roots in the mid ‘90s. It this time, the company began manufacturing their own watches, a practice that continued until the year 2000 when the company partnered with watch experts Fossil.

A man wears a Burberry trench coat at a fashion show in Milan, Italy.

Although this partnership may appear strange at first glance, it actually is not uncommon from companies across the luxury sphere to get some help with their watch game from Fossil.

Other companies that have entered into similar agreements include Armani Exchange, Michael Kors, Marc by Marc Jacobs, and Tory Burch. After all, the partnership makes sense – the fashion companies can benefit off of Fossil’s knowledge of the watch world as well as their industry connections, and Fossil can benefit off of the loyal customers of Burberry and similar companies.

Burberry in particular has excellent brand-recognition, a fact that made Fossil more than willing to share their special watch-making practices with the company.


Are Burberry Watches Swiss Made?

The watches made from the Burberry-Fossil partnerships are completely Swiss-made, with the exception of only a few models that were quickly discontinued.

Burberry watches feature the STP movement, or Swiss Technology Production, which is unique to production facilities in Basel, Switzerland.

One advantage of the Burberry-branded watches is that it can be rather unusual for a so-called “fashion watch” to feature Swiss technology (or a quartz movement).

This makes these watches a great option for anyone looking for an authentic luxury brand watch but who also values cutting edge watch technology.


Did Burberry Discontinue Watches?

In 2017, Burberry announced that they would not be continuing their partnership with Fossil. Although Burberry watches were very popular, the brand expressed intentions to focus on the core luxury items that made them a trusted brand. However, luckily for us, it is still possible to buy Burberry watches.


Which Burberry Watch to Buy

1. Burberry BU9001 Stainless Steel Watch

Burberry men’s large check stainless steel watch, model BU9001


For those looking for a more formal option, there’s Burberry’s model BU9001, a classic men’s watch with stainless steel links. This model features a sapphire window with an analog display and a timeless black background.

If you’re eager to own a piece of high-fashion without having to worry about it going out of style after a few short years, then this piece is a great option. Another great thing about this particular model is that its price tag is on the modest side.


2. Burberry BU7716 Sport Chronograph Watch

Burberry BU7716 chrono watch in sport gray.


If you are looking for something less “boardroom” and more “leisure”, the chronograph sports model is worth a mention. Featuring a chronograph dial and handsome dark sport gray bracelet, this style combines functionality with style, in true fashion watch fashion.

Living up to its sport watch expectation, it can be worn in the water up to 330 feet and features a strong safety clasp. For even more wearability, this model’s watchface can also be paired with a silicone bracelet.


3. Burberry Chronograph Haymarket Watch

Burberry chronograph Haymarket watch is seen against a blank background


Earlier, we waxed poetic about how Burberry is so much more than their famous “check” pattern. While it’s true that this brand’s artistry digs deeper than one distinctive pattern, we would be remiss to get through this homage to Burberry watches without featuring a patterned watch band.

The classic chronograph Haymarket Watch is unmistakably Burberry property, and the perfect choice for anybody who wants to wear their brand allegiance on their sleeve.

The classic chronograph Burberry Haymarket model features a leather band wrapped in authentic Burberry tan and stripes of red, black. Like the other models listed, this watch features a quartz movement as well as a dial made of sapphire crystal.

For some more high-end watches to consider, check out our roundup of the best men’s watches under $500.

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