101 Dragonfly Tattoo Ideas – [Best Rated Designs in 2020]

Dragonflies have long been known to signify changes in life. Whether it is an age change, a fortune change, a change of heart or an inner awakening, dragonfly tattoo meaning can show of these changes in beautiful tattoo art.

The dragon fly is considered to be of two separate elements; water and air. As such they take us beyond what we are to what we could be.

Today we are checking out Dragonfly tattoo design and what deep meaning this insect tattoo inspires in tattoo lovers. Perhaps you will find the best expression of dragonfly symbolism to add permanently right here.

1. 3D Tattoo Dragonfly Designs

A perfectly accentuated dragonfly inked on the back of the neck resonating the classic yet sexy look

3D tattoo can make this dragonfly ink look like the image is going to fly right off your skin! They are visually stunning and you will get immediate interest by anyone who sees it. Whether you choose a colorful dragonfly or keep it black with shading, 3D tattoo is attention-getting.

The skill is in the shading for these tattoos to look completely realistic. Dragonfly tattoos are a perfect way to describe special meanings and with a 3D dragonfly tattoo rendering, the awakening of your inner spirit will be visible to absolutely everyone!

Dragonfly tattoos designs are not limited to just realistic color – they can be wildly vivid tattoo art. You can also keep it simple but very detailed by focusing on the veins that run through the Dragonfly wings. They are intricate and can calm you if you focus on the patterns. This tattoo idea can help whenever you are getting stressed by changing your attention to something mesmerizing such as the vein details.

3D Dragonfly tattoos

The three-dimensional dragonfly in the blue glory looking nothing but dreamy

The 3D dragonfly over the body showing the real-time flight of the freedom and harmony

A 3D dragonfly looking nothing but lovely with the rich intricacies signifying the dreaming

The blue and green accented dragonfly in the 3D image posing the freshness of life


2. Black and Gray Dragonfly Tattoo

The miniature tattoo shaping into a dragonfly signifying the elegance and femininity at the shoulder

The flying dragonfly around the bushes and flowers to resonate the freedom and independence

The intricate details on the dragonfly inked into the side ribs making a perfectday to wear a tank top

The black and white tattoo ona women with silky hair looking nothing but class

Two arms with identical dragonfly tattoos resonating the sense of friendship and harmony

The integration of a rose with thorn and dragonfly sending signals about the thoughtfullness and new beginnings

The full-fledged lifecycle of the dragonfly into a butterfly depicting evolving

The quirky dragonfly flying over the back shoulder looking classy

The minimalistic dragonfly on the forearm resonating the real image of art

The intricate dragonfly covering the bicep to rock off in the summers with the sleeveless dress

The black and white dragonfly over the man's wrist posing a more sexier look

The dragonfly flying over to the hand depicting freedom and independence to live

The aptly devised tail and wings of the dragonfly completing the dragonfly to pose a sense a fulfillment

A tint of flower on the arm paired with the dragonfly to accentuate the image of tattoo'ing

See some more butterfly tattoo designs here.

Black and gray Dragonfly tattoos can make just as much of an impact as an insect displaying more color. By removing the color from a cute dragonfly tattoo, you force attention to the image itself. The body section’s detail can be brought out with subtle ink shading, meaning more attention can be given to the head and the multifaceted eyes.

If you are wanting a small dragonfly tattoo, you can just focus on the dragonfly wings and abdominal sections. A small dragonfly tattoo does well placed in discrete areas such as behind the ear, back of the neck or even as a ring – they’re a great option for cute tattoos.

Dragonfly symbolism, such as change or development, can be quiet or loud depending on what kind of change you are making. Your reaction to it will be uniquely you and that is what you will want your beautiful dragonfly tattoo design to do for you.

3. Colorful Dragonfly Tattoos

The small dragonfly with the colorful accents resonating the peace and colors of life

The vibrant blue tattoo at tha back of the neck topped with the pink accented hair posing a chic look

The young dragonfly transforming the ordinary meaning into self-transformation and intends deeper life meaning

A nice yet vibrant tattoo of dragonfly pointing the vibrancy in all its glory

A nice yet vibrant tattoo of dragonfly pointing the vibrancy in all its glory

The vibrant blue dragonfly flying with all its glory over the body

The cobalt dragonfly flying around the flowers depicting the new life

The lily-livered dragonfly flying to the amber flower showing the attractiveness

The sapphire dragonfly over the wrist showing the rule of independence

A sapphire blue dragonfly on the feet, so rock that flip flop with it

Adding color to your tattoo will make it stand out more than the black and grey tattoos. There is also a lot of meaning in colors as we will see below.

A red dragonfly is associated with fire, passion, and love. Orange is the color for joy, sunshine, the tropics, and warmth. Yellow brings to mind happiness, intellect, and energy. Green symbolizes nature growth, harmony, and fertility. Blue often brings images of stability, wisdom, faith, trust, confidence, intelligence, and truth.Purple represents royalty, ambition, power, and luxury. White is renowned for signifying purity, cleanliness, faith, and safety.

Black is always classy and is associated with elegance, power, death, and mystery. Choosing the right color for the tattoo artist to bring out the statement you want to make is just as important as the subject matter.

4. Delicate Dragonfly Tattoos

The portrayal of dragonfly and butterfly symbolising femininity and freedome topped with elegance

The intricate yet realistic details on the dragonfly seeped into the body depicting the deepness of the less

The specially crafted dragonfly resonating the sensitivity of the woman

The dragonfly paired with the infinity circle depicting the peace for all and for life

A single dragonfly in all its glory around the woman's shoulder making a perfect occassion to rock the off-shoulder top

A perfectly sculptured dragonfly on the color of skin to pose an image of peace

The well-defined details on the wings of a dragonfly in its black and white glory

The delicate dragonfly inked into the forearm depicting the fragile personality of a person

A dragonfly getting ready to take a flight resonating the sense of freedom and indepenedence

For those who wish to be more subtle, there is the option of a more delicate dragonfly tattoo. This kind of tattoo whispers rather than shouts from the mountain top. The casual eye may pass it by but to the right people, it will speak volumes about the inner you.

Thin, ethereal, elegant lines speak of a quiet depth to your spirit, while the lightest of shadings will bring contrast to your Dragonfly and display a strength of character found in very few. A good artist can bring intricate dimensions to the image making it a good conversation starter.

5. Dragonfly Tattoos with Flower and Leaves

The fine and intricate lines shaping the sunflower depicting the inner happiness and and loyalty integrated with harmony from the dragonfly

A couple of dragonflies raving around in the flowers posing a strong sense of mutual togetherness

The dragonfly flying around with the flowers accentuating the colors of life and poses the liveliness

The dragonfly evolving out of the matter depicting the real story of everyone's life

A dragonfly taking a flight towards plants to feed resonating the real meaning of life; survival

A cluster of dragonflies inked over the man's body making a perfect summer accessory

Ah! the miracolous dragonfly flrying around the perfectly accentuated flowers; a topped up couple of friends!

There are as many combinations of Dragonflies with a flower tattoo and leaves as there are people that want ink. The trick is to figure out what works for you. The dragon fly and flower tattoo arrangement you choose will help establish the perfect piece of art you are creating.

In 3D black and grey, a dragonfly resting on a cherry blossom would look spectacular! You can also go for a watercolor dragonfly tattoo with a lotus flower or daisy, and come up with a tattoo idea that would look right at home in a French Master’s painting!

6. Dreamy / Surrealistic Dragonfly Tattoos

The captivating dragonflies flying around in the colors signifying independence and strength

The striking blue dragonfly raving out harmony in full glory topped with the love accents

The dragonfly rounded with the dots adjoining it to the buds to image out the harmony and peace

The yellow and green accents in the dragonfly on the wrist depicting maturity and evolving

The inked dragonfly on the wrist with all it colorful glory showing the accents of life

The vivid and flamboyant dragonfly accentuating the arm raising a sense of enjoyment

The wavering purple and blue colors resonating pureness and prosperity in all its glory

The blue accentuated dragonfly coverying the forearm with perfectly sculptured and manicured hands

The intricated dragonfly just below the jurgul posing a perfect gothic look

The independent dragonflies flying around in their blue and purple accents resonating the freedom

The colorful accents paired with the dragonfly all over the arm looking nothing but chic

A surreal dragonfy depicting its spirit inked on the arm in a captivating way

The dreamy dragonfly with all its lively colors on the woman's back

A sole dragonfly on the wrist in all its intricacy aand harmony

The magnificent dragonfly covering the arm resonating nothing but surreal image

This kind of tattoo design suspends reality, let your mind fill in the blanks deliberately left out of these images. They suggest to the mind and let it fill in the rest of the nuance. They can also look like a Rorschach Inkblot Test (a personal favorite of mine), or watercolor dragonfly painting.

There are a lot of surreal images out there that can really jazz up a dragonfly tattoo idea. They can be light and lacey, exquisitely simple or bold, giving your mind just a hint of what the rest of the dragon image is.

7. The Geometric Dragonfly Tattoo

A dragonfly accentuated with the stars and planets making you live on the earth's edge

The sculptured dragonfly in the cleavage pertaining a colossally warm and measured image

The specially crafted dragonfly just below the hairline making a perfect occassion to wear a backless

The dragonfly adorned around the petals making a perfect non-henna tattoo

The vectored dragonfly making a perfect tattoo for the football players and hipsters

The dragonfly adorned in the geometrics posing the intricacy of the life

The dragonfly trapped inside the triangle showing us the reality of life and giving a ray of hope to thrive

The heebie-jeebie half dragonfly posed on the forearm showing the magical aspects of the life

The evolving of bug into a butterlfy and then into a dragonfly depicting the rule of life; continuous change and evolving

A dragonfly made through the line work to satisfy the person with passion for geometry

The geometric inspired dragonfly tattoo just apt for the next tattoo, if you want one!

A geometic dragonfly showing the real image of life; one line leading to a certain world!


Geometrics in any art form signifies an ordered mind. Someone innovative, confident and fearless. When the Dragonfly is presented geometrically, it brings the change and good luck of those sporting the look.

You will get some attention with this kind of tattoo. It goes over really well with steampunk crowds. If you are going for a specific balance of Dragonfly and Geometry, let’s take a look at some of the most common shapes.

The square is used to invoke feelings of trust, honesty, stability, and stability.

Triangles have long been associated with strength, purpose, power, and progression of the maturity of the spirit.

Round shapes are said to bring feelings of harmony and protection.

Spirals represent the continuity of life. The transformations of fertility, life, death and the transformations that occur at each stage.

Change is not always death, but growth. A new direction that you decided to pursue, a job, a change of heart, or just letting go of old pain.Combining geometric images with the Dragonfly can make a powerful, bold statement. Which is, of course, what you’re after.

8. Large Dragonfly Tattoos

A colossal dragonfly covvering the whole back in the most boho way possible

A gigantic dragonfly on the back in all its colorful glory paired with the perfect wing shape

The seamlessly inked dragonfly on the man's forearm looking surreal

The large Dragonfly tattoos, for the most part, are usually placed on the upper back, is very detailed and looks like you have the wings, very cool, and can be colored or not as you choose.

The surrealistic Dragonfly also works well for this because you have room to get in all the subtle or extravagant colors that you want to. You also have room to incorporate whatever symbolism you want.

You could go with blue for faith and confidence in the change or transition you are embracing, with some spiral shapes to draw on the continuity of life to ensure a smooth transition from where you are to where you want to be.

The large Dragonfly does not have to be on the back. It can just as easily be on the arm, thigh, buttocks (yes, the image is just mind-boggling. Don’t you just love that idea?), chest, or anywhere else that you want to sport it.

9. Ornamental Dragonfly Tattoos

An abstract dragonfly fused with flower to incorporate the classic boho resonation

The chained up dragonfly depicting the true love that never left

The dragonfly infused in the petals showing the bloom and evolving into something better

The attempt of a perfectly described boho dragonfly making a perfect ornament to wear around the shoulder

A hidden dragonfly in the depth of large petals looking sexy just over the belly button

The intricate dragonfly inked around the sun fictions to pose the look of freedome and life

The ornamental dragonfly tattoo on the arm making it a perfect accessory

The dragonfly equipped with the henna resonation making a perfect cochella art

The fragile dragonfly inked into the lean arm showing a sense of ornamental glare

With filigree, geometric, crystal dangles, your ornamental tattoos can be the centerpiece of a dynamic display of color, with just enough information that the mind has to fill in the rest.

If done skillfully enough, even you should be able to study it; seeing different aspects of the image every time you study it. It can feature native American symbols such as mandalas, dreamcatchers, feathers or be the piece that bridging two tattoos to bring about a whole new picture.

You work hand in hand with your tattoo artist to come up with exactly the right design for you. This is your statement, make it sing!

10. Realistic Dragonfly Tattoos

A perfectly accentuated dragonfly inked on the back of the neck resonating the classic yet sexy look

The realistic dragonfly tattoo on the bakc shoulder resonating the deepness and intricity

The striking blue dragonfy on the leg making a perfect opportunity to rock the anklets

A black and white dragonfly on the pelvic area looking nothing but elegant

Twin dragonflies on the ankles making a perfect accessory to wear over the shoes

Three dragonflies flying over the back reflecting the freedom and independence

A woman's wrist adorned with the lively dragonfly resonating the cultural value

A dragonfly with the wings ready as to take a flight with independence all around the world

Realistic Dragonfly tattoos can pop out or hide, waiting to be seen by like-minded individuals. These tats are made to look like you have a Dragonfly insect sitting right on you. They can be in a cluster or individually displayed.

Keep in mind your tattoo artist may not be able to get a large very detailed tattoo completed in just one sitting. That is something you want to talk to them about before you get started. Keep expectations real.

Everybody thinks that is is all about how much you can take in one sitting, but you need to keep in mind that your tattoo artist has limits too. They are usually bent over, stretching in unnatural positions that wear on them just as much as the pain wears on you.

11. Tiny Dragonfly Tattoos

The perfectly drawn dragonfly on the wrists of crafted hands and nude nails

The specked dragonfly on the wrists creating a very minimal aura of simplicity

Perfectly sized dragonfly inked into the arm to create a simple look

A miniature dragonfly sitting peacefully in the beaded bracelets on the wrist

Dragonfly inked on the finger's side that can be a perfect best friend for the ring

Tiny tattoos are ideal if you need to wear your ink discreetly. Some professional jobs frown on tattoos and this is a tasteful way around that little challenge. They can be made so small that they might be confused with a natural skin blemish.

On the wrist works, if you wear bracelets, some can be worn as rings.It is not just to please a dress code, there are those among us who like having that tiny reminder that no-one else can see.

I suppose it is like painting a picture of a boy playing in the tree and then fill in the painting with leaves. The boy is no longer visible to anyone else, but You know that he is there.

I like this analogy because I like hidden meanings. Perhaps you do as well. Concealed or not tiny tats are fun to do, take very little time and most of the time you can do a buddy tattoo with your best friend, whether they are your sibling, significant other, or just best bud.

12. Traditional Dragonfly Tattoos

The perfectly incorporated dragonfly at the back shoulder posing a feminine look

The apt fusion of flowers and dragonfly on the body signalling the confrontation of life's hassle and arising above them

A flawless dragonfly inked behind the ear to accenturate that perfect hair line

A gigantic dragonfly inked on the arm depicting the "boho" image

The traditional Dragonfly tattoos tend to stay in the medium size, show some good detail, and use black ink or grayscale shading. They go well behind ears, wrists, forearm, or even as a cool shoulder tattoo.

Now, this does not mean that your tattoo can’t have any color in it, it is just a tradition of tattoos in general. They were conceived in places that didn’t have access to colored inks.

If you are all about tradition and symbolism, a tribal dragonfly tattoo or more restrained black ink piece with the shape of your choice incorporated into it. Or, as the dragonfly is also popular in Asian cultures, a Chinese, Japanese, or even Filipino tribal tattoo may do the trick.

The rest of us might not be able to read any more of it from here, but you will. I could spend days, and have, going through tattoo galleries just to admire the sheer artwork displayed there.

Dragonfly Tattoo FAQ 

What do dragonfly tattoos symbolize? 

Dragonflies have long been known to signify changes in life. Whether it is an age change, a fortune change, a change of heart or an inner awakening, dragonfly tattoo meaning can show of these changes in beautiful tattoo. 

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