Duck Tattoos For Men

70 Duck Tattoos For Men – Masculine Waterfowl Ink Designs

The classic connotations of a duck tattoo are practically endless. If you want ink that provokes constant attention, then it’s time for you to become a total quack-head with the fantastic fowls detailed below!

Duck tattoos are paving the way for a truly quirky sense of hypnotic hipster and hunting delights.

These benevolently stylish birds are the enigmatic epitome of zany body art. Newcomers to the ink scene may be taken off-guard by the prevalence of these fun fowl designs, but their widespread acceptance actually makes sense from an observer’s perspective. If it seems odd to you, then just consider all of the iconic duck characters that mankind has enjoyed in recent history!

For starters, there are unmatched layers of sentimental originality packed into the “Looney Tunes” series. By far, the most common duck tattoos are obtained to represent for fan favorites like Daffy Duck and Donald Duck. Rubber duckies are also ironically popular among sailors and strongmen. Male and female pairs can be romantically symbolic of a marriage, especially if your spouse gets a matching version.

Your freshly minted feathery friend with foment a fiercely macho legacy among peers and strangers alike. If you don’t believe in the power of duck ink yet, then just swim through this collection of quixotic quacking creatures.


3d Hunting Tattoo With Bullets And Duck On Guy

All Black Blackwork Duck Flying On Mans Side Tattoo

American Traditional Duck Portrait Tattoo On Guys Inner Bicep

American Traditional Lucky Tattoo With Flying Mallard On Man

Angry Sailor Jerry Duck With Flames And Blood Tattoo For Guys

Beautiful Fresh Shaded Flying Duck Tattoo On Guys Chest

Beautiful Realistic Shaded Mallard Duck Head Tattoo For Men

Beautiful Tattoo Of Ducks Flying Through Blue Sky On Guy

Bio Mechanical Duck Blakc And White Unique Tattoo On Man

Black Linework Simple Duck Head Tattoo On Guys Leg

Blackwork Shaded Black And White Feather Tattoo On Mans Inner Bicep

Cartoon Angry Duck Hand Tattoo For Guy

Colorful Artistic Duck On Pond Tattoo On Guy

Colorful Chest Piece On Male Of Mallard Flying

Colorful Duck Chest Piece Tattoo Over Rising Sun For Guys

Colorful Illustrative American Traditional Tattoo Of Canoe Mountain And Duck On Mans Arm

Colorful Orange And Green Duck Tattoo On Mans Hand

Colorful Realistic Deer Duck And Bird Nature Tattoo On Guy

Colorful Side Of Chest And Sleeve Tattoo With Duck And Dog On Man

Colorful Unique Bird And Duck Modern Tattoo On Mans Side

Cool American Traditional Duck Tattoo On Guy

Cool Cartoon Duck In Puddle Tattoo For Guy

Cool Detailed Shaded Duck With Sun Tattoo For Guys

Creative Unique Realistic Black And White Duck Portrait With Graphic Background Tattoo On Man

Dark Shaded Abstract Masculine Duck Tattoo On Man

Dark Shaded Black Duck Tattoo On Guy

Dark Shaded Large Duck Cartoon With Magnifying Glass Leg Tattoo

Detailed Realistic Duck Full Sleeve Tattoo On Guy

Detailed Shaded Duck And Theater Masks Tattoo On Mans Forearm

Duck Flying Over Water Sunset Background Tattoo For Guy

Flying Duck And Dog Shaded Black And White Bicep Tattoo For Guys

Flying Ducks Over Blue Sky Tattoo On Guy

Geomentric Black Linework With Shaded Duck Tattoo For Guys

Illustrative American Traditional Mallard Duck Wearing Tophat Tattoo On Guy

Illustrative Colorful Duck Tattoo On Mans Shoulder Bicep Chest

Illustrative Portrait Of Dog And Duck Pond Tattoo For Man

Illustrative Realistic Colorful Ducks On Pond Tattoo For Guys

Illustrative Sailor Jerry Duck Hiding In Water Tattoo For Men

Large Detailed Black And Grey Duck Flying Over Water Tattoo On Guy

Mallard Taking Flight Small Chest Tattoo On Man

Manly Color Tattoo Of Duck On Pond For Guys

Manly Illustrative Duck Smoking Portrait Tattoo On Guy

Masculine Shaded Dark Duck Hunting Tattoo With Skull

Masculine Tattoo Rifle And Duck Hunting For Men

Modern Watercolor Artistic Ducks On Pond Back Tattoo For Guy

Neo Traditional Duck Tattoo With Shaded Colors For Guys

Neo Traditional Sailor Jerry Flying Mallard Tattoo For Men

Realistic 3d Shaded Tattoo Of Duck On Mans Forearm

Realistic Detailed Sleeve Of Ducks With Lake And Forest On Man

Realistic Ducks Tattoo Mallard Flying On Mans Bicep

Realistic Illustrative Tattoo Of Duck On Pond For Males

Sailor Jerry Style Duck Tattoo On Male

Shaded Diamond Tattoo With Mallard Taking Flight On Male

Shaded Ducks In Pond Half Sleeve Tattoo On Man

Shaded Realistic Color Portrait Of Mallard On Male

Shded Full Sleeve On Male Of Ducks Flying Tattoo

Simple American Traditional Duck Flying Over Sun Tattoo For Males

Simple American Traditional Flying Mallard Tattoo On Man

Small Realistic Duck Illustrative Side Of Ribcage Tattoo On Male

Small Watercolor Duck Tattoo On Guys Chest

Stylish Sailor Jerry Mallard Tattoo With Cool Font For Men

Unique Detailed Duck And Knife With Roses Tattoo On Male

Unique Duck Flying Away Tattoo For Guy

Unique Patterned Design Tatttoo With Rose And Duck Head On Man

Vibrant Illustrative Mallard With Blue Sky Tattoo On Male

Watercolor Background Duck Flying Tattoo On Guys Shoulder

Watercolor Modern Duck Tattoo For Guy

Watercolor Sunset Background Duck Hunting Half Sleeve Tattoo For Man

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