Falling Tattoo Designs For Men

30 Falling Tattoo Designs For Men – Downward Ink Ideas

Frozen in a downward decent, tattoos of a free-falling figure are gaining in popularity. Artistic and striking, these haunting tattoos pay homage to the profound nature of humanity.

Whether the intent is to inspire or shock, a free-falling figure is sure to turn heads.

These heavily stylized tattoos are fairly new to the scene, and are often further embellished with birds, balloons, smoke, or other symbolic presence. Whether the figure has fallen or been pushed, whether he struggles against the plummet or serenely floats through the air, these stunning tattoos pack an emotional punch.

The environment the figure is falling through, as well as the figure itself, leave a massive range for expressive detail and emotion. These tattoos are limitlessly customizeable, and challenge the tattoo scene with a thought-provoking image. Best suited to a man with a story to tell, this tattoo capitalizes on emotion, feelings of hope or hopelessness, and fearless expression of an experience or lifestyle.

Whether political, satirical, or strictly personal, a falling tattoo is sure to provoke wonder and conversation about its origins and meaning. No matter the feeling behind it, this tattoo reigns supreme if you’re looking for a unique conversation piece.


Amazing Mens Falling Tattoo Designs

Awesome Falling Tattoos For Men

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Falling Mens Tattoo Designs

Falling Tattoo Designs For Guys

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Guys Falling Tattoo Designs

Guys Falling Tattoos

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Mens Falling Tattoo Design Ideas

Mens Falling Tattoo Ideas

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