Ace Marks Italian Dress Shoes For Men

Feature: Ace Marks – The $600 Men’s Luxury Shoe For Less Than $200

What happens when you remove the middlemen and markups behind world-class, handcrafted shoes? You get the most funded shoe in Kickstarter history at an attractive and attainable price.

Let’s face it; it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that the luxury footwear industry has been broken for a long time.

In the past, a cheap pair of shoes meant paying dearly for poor quality. While spending a bit more offered a slightly better class of cosmetic appeal, craftsmanship remained non-existent. What was a man left to do? Sell an arm and a leg to afford a pair from the luxury shoemaker super powers….

Back then the word “Italian” when mentioned alongside dress shoes, didn’t just imply the price tag was out of budget for most men, in reality, it was light-years beyond it.

However, a year ago everything changed…

Realizing the lack of innovation and the modern day disregard for technology, Ace Marks set out to do the impossible: Offer a $600+ Italian dress shoe for less than $200. After finding a small factory that was owned and operated by a family of 4th generation artisans, rivaling the top luxury brands would become a reality. Ace Marks had discovered the secret of being able to offer far more for far less.

Within 40 days of launching their first Kickstarter, $574,000 had been raised, earning them the title of the most funded shoe ever in Kickstarter history. The result of a shoe with beautiful aesthetic, comfortable sensibility, the finest craftsmanship, and price that wasn’t obscene speaks for itself.

Of course, Ace Marks’ handcrafted dress shoes didn’t stop there…


The Most Backed Shoe… Is Back On Kickstarter.

Ace Marks Leather Mens Shoes

This time, with an all new collection for 2017.

Within two weeks, Ace Marks has already raised over $600,000 with 29 days to go!

From Wingtip Oxfords to Half Brogues, Single Monks, Penny Loafers, Tassel Loafers, Chukkas, Wingtip Loafers, Cap Toe Bluchers, Slippers, and Slipper Tassels… For the modern professional who wants a bit of swagger while stepping up their style and stature, Ace Marks has the answer.


Ace Marks Logo



Ace Marks Shoes For Men

Leather Mens Ace Marks Dress Shoes

Ace Marks Italian Leather Dress Shoes


Ace Marks Logo



Craftsmanship In Action

Get an insider look of the Ace Marks’ factory. From handpicked full-grain leather to hand dyed and burnished uppers, the process is one of utmost perfection and exceptional attention to detail.

Ace Marks Factory Process

Factory Tour Of Ace Marks

Inside Ace Marks Shoe Factory


Going Beyond Style, Comfort, and Craftsmanship

Ace Marks Brand Donation Program

While offering a $600+ Italian dress shoe for less than $200 is impressive on its own, Ace Mark’s hasn’t simply stopped there. By partnering with Career Gear, they have been able to take back worn pairs of Ace Marks in exchange for a $60 credit towards your next pair!

Your worn shoes are donated and help men in need get back on their feet and rejoin the workforce.


One of my personal favorites

Ace Marks Oxford Mens Shoes

When it comes to versatile footwear, it’s hard to beat the oxford dress shoes by Ace Marks. The distinct style pairs well with everything from wool trousers to jeans, khakis and beyond. Every step forward exudes a sense of sophistication and a charming spirit.

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