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Top 41 Weightlifting Tattoo Ideas [2020 Inspiration Guide]

When a man is seriously in shape, a fitness tattoo can fearlessly accentuate his ripped contour. A devotion to exercise can be staunchly exposed with a properly inked homage to the gym lifestyle.

Fitness tattoos are forming the cornerstone of a contemporary movement to underscore a hardened physicality.

These energetic representations of working out are aggressively trendy and impenetrably powerful. In addition to parading a pugnacious presentation of toughness, these provocative masterpieces also serve as a constant reminder to stick with your regimen.

Dumbbell tattoos are becoming exceedingly notable among civilized gym attendees. They automatically engender a way to permanently relish in perspicacity and strength. These stylish weights may be joined by a streamlined workout bench to max out the potent message of athletic repose.

Motivational quotes are another vital part of today’s fitness tattoos. These concise statements can keep you going far past the point of exhaustion. The expressions run the gamut from single-word phrases to bellicose sentiments in sentence form.

Finally, some fitness tattoos don’t even rely on gymnastic equipment or quotations; instead, these forms of body art are used to emphasize the bulky fruit of your labor by using line-work to trace along your brawny sinew.

Browse this guide to familiarize yourself with the firepower of fitness ink!


3 D Realistic Silver Dumbbell Male Leg Tattoos

Aesthetic Mens Shoulder Fitness Tattoo Ideas

Arnold Schwarzenegger Mens Black Ink Shaded Fitness Leg Calf Tattoo

Artistic Atlas Holding The Globe Mens Upper Arm Fitness Tattoo Ideas

Here is a tattoo that incorporates two very different styles to create a unique, Atlas inspired piece. The artist uses a gesture style technique for the figure, capturing the key anatomical features and leaving no doubt that it depicts a powerful man while remaining loose and abstract. On the other hand, the planet being held up uses a more realistic application of black and gray swirls to capture the earth as seen from space. One last element that helps set this design apart from other similar pieces is the addition of the “ribs” of a basketball, no doubt as a tribute to the important role the game has played in the wearer’s life.

Boxing Gloves Would Dumbbell Mens In A Form Fitness Tattoos

Boxing Glove With Weights Fitness Arm Tattoos For Men

Cool Atlas Greek Fitness Leg Tattoo On Guy

Cool Atlas Holding The World Fitness Male Forearm Sleeve Tattoo

Cool Bodybuilding Fitness Squat Rack With Kettle Ball Tattoo On Man

Cool Ripped Skin 30 Pound Dumbbell Fitness Male Tattoos

Creative Running Fitness Mens Leg Calf Tattoos

This is an interesting tattoo that uses a more illustrative style to capture the importance of discipline and physical fitness. In this tattoo, the artist creates a design that is reminiscent of gesture drawings, a great choice when trying to capture movement, specifically the human body in motion. One of the reasons this piece is so interesting is that despite the simple, almost abstract nature of the image, there is no doubt that it is a tattoo of a human mid-sprint. This is a testament to the artist’s skill and to the sentiment that sometimes “less is more”. This tattoo perfectly captures human motion and looks like the figure is about to race off the wearer’s leg.

Do You Even Lift Bro Small Old School Fitness Dumbbell Mens Knee Tattoo

Dumbbell Small Mens Fitness Tattoos On Leg

Fitness Small Dumbbell Wristbands Tattoos

Flaming Kettle Ball Creative Mens Fitness Tattoo Ideas

Gentlemen With Leg Sleeve Of Arnold Schwarzenegger Fitness Tattoo

This black and gray calf piece is a good example of how realistic portrait work can commemorate the wearer’s dedication to fitness, and what better subject is there than Arnold? The gray wash shading is well executed and the choice to let the background become less detailed and almost washed out allows the details in the figure’s body to remain the focus of the piece. The way the artist is able to accurately capture the contours for the musculature in the body is impressive: you can clearly discern different muscle groups, and even some veins are visible. This is an excellent tattoo that will continue to serve as an everyday reminder of the importance of exercise.

Guys Small Simple Cut About Fitness Tattoo

Hand Holding Dumbbell Fitness Tattoo For Guys

Incredible Detailed Forearm Sleeve Atlas Gentlemens Fitness Tattoo Ideas

Just Train Bodybuilder Figure Mens Upper Chest Tattoos

Kettle Ball Gorilla Male Fitness Leg Tattoos

This tattoo uses black and gray ink along with a limited color palette to realistically capture the gorilla’s grimace on this kettle bell. The artist’s use of black and gray, as well as white in the highlights, allows all the ridges, wrinkles and small details in the face to pop, and the saturated black at the bottom of the face increases contrast and improves definition. What really sets this piece apart however, is the use of yellows and oranges to create the impression of a light source off to the right of the face. The attention to detail in the perspective and angles allows the light to naturally fall across the face and takes this tattoo to the next level by adding a layer of realism to an already well-applied piece.

Kettle Ball With Dumbbells And Skull Small Mens Fitness Forearm Tattoo

Life Is Rx Kettle Ball Mens Shoulder Fitness Tattoos

Man Lifting Dumbbell Old School Mens Tattoo Ideas

This is design takes an old school strong man image and pairs it perfectly with American traditional style to create a great tattoo. The line work is precise and bold and the limited color palette is well saturated, both characteristics of American traditional tattoo work. The artist also does a great job of capturing the key anatomical features—like different muscle groups—using limited line work, helping to stay true to the style while accurately depicting the figure. The addition of stars around the figure is a staple of the style and allows the piece to be incorporated into larger designs later on. This is a great example of the style and will serve as a permanent motivator.

Man With Bicep Tattoo Of Arnold Schwarzenegger Fitness Design

Mens 45 Pound Freeway Fitness Tattoo Ideas On Arm

Mens Call With Weights Fitness Chest Tattoo

Mens Dedications Skull With Weight Fitness Tattoo On Upper Chest

Mens Fitness Heartbeat Squat Bar With Weights In A Forearm Tattoo

Mens Greek God Atlas Fitness Arm Tattoo

Atlas, the Titan who is forced to hold the pillars that separate the heavens from the earth in Greek mythology, is a common theme in weightlifting communities and serves as a symbol of power, strength, and dedication. Here, the artist uses gray wash and subtle shading to realistically capture Atlas’ chiseled physique. The expert shading and use of negative space for highlights allow the artist to accurately depict the different muscle groups in the torso without the need for any true line work. The darker shading in the arm and face display the artist’s attention to detail when planning this piece using realistic lighting angles to give this tattoo a more realistic feel.

No Pain No Gain Fitness Male Leg Tattoo

Pain Is Temporary Risk Mens Fitness Dumbbell Tattoo Ideas

Realistic Atlas Greek God Fitness Mens Leg Sleeve Tattoo

Realistic Boxer With Weights Half Sleeve Fitness Tattoo Ideas For Men

Realistic Countable Live Love Lift With Rope Mens Fitness Tattoo Ideas

Simple Black Ink Outline Squat Rack Fitness Forearm Tattoos For Males

Small Simple Black Ink Fitness Themed Mens Lower Leg Tattoo Design Ideas

These simple designs use fully saturated black ink and well-designed silhouettes to capture the wearer’s love for these three athletic events. While these pieces may not seem as impressive as other designs, the expert planning required to turn images into silhouettes is noticeable in the fine negative space of the figure on the rings and the accurate perspective applied to the pull-up piece. The high saturation of the black ink completes the effect of back-lit athletes. These will serve as a reminder of the dedication required to excel at these events and maintain a high level of physical prowess.

Small Simple Lists Like You Stole It Inner Forearm Tattoos Are Meant

Small Simple Mens Figure Lifting Tattoos On Collarbone

Stacked Dumbbells Realistic Fitness Tattoo Ideas For Men

Tiny Small Finger Dumbbell Fitness Tattoo Ideas For Men

Upper Chest Wings With Dumbbells Mens Fitness Tattoos

Vintage Black Ink Running Man Fitness Tattoo On Mans Leg Calf

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