Ford Tattoos For Men

60 Ford Tattoos For Men – Automotive Design Ideas

Is there any car more closely linked to the iconic American automobile?

Henry Ford’s Detroit-born company was founded in 1903, and has since put some of the world’s most memorable cars on the road.

Everyone has what is commonly referred to as a “Ford story,” a memory linked to a particular Ford model, that ultimately represents all we seek on the open ride and under the hood.

Your Ford tattoo no doubt celebrates such a memory, or even the current car of your dreams. From the first Model T to the latest SUV, your Ford tattoo is a moving rendition of what you value in a car and life at large. Famed for their superior performance and near lifelong guarantee, Ford cars are unwavering proof of the American dream put into motion. Just as Detroit itself has come to represent the struggles and triumphs of the American people, your Ford tattoo lets the world know that you were forged from the stuff of steel and success. You won’t go down without a fight, and your miles speak of what you have endured and overcome in the interim.

Whether it’s the universally recognized Ford logo or one of their many iconic cars, your Ford tattoo is your own personalized piece of history, as well as a life affirmation. What is trendy doesn’t always last, and what lasts may not be immediately recognizable. The Ford is proof on wheels that style and substance needn’t be exclusive of each other, and that a company’s legacy is its best selling point.


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