Forearm Quote Tattoos For Men

Top 41 Forearm Quote Tattoo Ideas – [2020 Inspiration Guide]

The forearm is an ideal place for a tattoo. It provides the best visibility for the tattoo and provides ample space for a meaningful ‘tat.’ This is the reason why many people choose the forearm for an awesome quote.

Men are attracted to quotes because they are naturally thoughtful phrases that highlight a guy’s intellect and deep thoughts. A man knows that the words he chooses are part of what drives him to the core.

The right set of words are nothing short of art. They encompass whispers of the soul, and the ink cements this right on the forearm. The only thing a man has to worry about is finding the right words to say.

Another thing that needs to be considered is the writing style the quote will be written in. Cursive, for example, gives the quote an unmistakable elegant touch that no other type of writing style can offer. The Gothic writing style gives the quote a baroque feeling that can be associated with church or even graveyards.

Quotes give men major points with the ladies. Intelligence is definitely something that some women look for in a man. It is clear why a man would choose a quote for their forearm tattoo.

1. Forearm Cursive Quote Tattoos 

Spell out your eternal lines with a cursive forearm quote tattoo. Cursive gives the wording a flow as well as being able to work with the movement and curves of your arm. Try out different positions to see if the quote curves better from the inner or the outer. Strive for intricacy and ornamentation or loop just a handful of letters together.

Depending on the length of the quote, cursive is also useful for compressing letters together. Using cursive penmanship also creates a more artistic and authentic feel, harking back to fountain pens that drew their ink out. And be sure to make sure that every letter is correct before starting–you don’t want to find that an extra ‘s’ snuck in when it’s all finished! 

2. Small Forearm Quote Tattoo 

Keep your tattoo short and sweet with a small forearm quote tattoo. As you can see from the examples above, forearm quote tattoos don’t necessarily have to be wordy and verbose. Keep the design limited and laconic for that air of simplicity.

Decide with your artist what font would be the most appropriate for a small space, in order to ensure that the ink doesn’t run together as times goes on. Avoid this by using thinner needles as well. Whether on the outer forearm as a message to the world, or tucked away on the inner side like a secret, a small forearm quote tattoo can still have a strong presence. 

3. Biblical Forearm Quote Tattoos 

The Bible offers a multitude of options for your forearm bible quote tattoo. Whether there’s a passage that particularly moves you or if you just want a little reminder to carry you, there are plenty of different quotes to pick from. This option also opens up the possibilities for adding ornamental illustration such as clouds or shadings of light to bring your forearm bible quote tattoo to life.  

4. Grayscale Forearm Quote Tattoo 

Grayscale is one of the best options for a forearm quote tattoo. Add shadow and shading to your quote tattoo to give it some intensity. Grayscale also allows you to meld together different fonts and styles in a seamless manner.

You can also talk to your artist about ways to incorporate negative space around the letters to give your tattoo a three-dimensional feel. Dotwork is also a great option to consider for your grayscale forearm quote tattoo, whether to create a shadow effect for the letters or for a filler effect within the letters themselves. A grayscale forearm quote tattoo allows you the possibility of getting really inventive and intricate with your piece while still keeping costs low.

5. Blackwork Forearm Quote Tattoo 

Blackwork forearm quote tattoos combine the creativity of a quote tattoo with strength and boldness of black ink. The absence of grayscale shading opens up the possibilities of linework or brushwork techniques.

If your artist is particularly adept at the watercolor style, talk to them about perhaps incorporating some freehand ink stains to give your blackwork forearm quote tattoo a lively feel. Talk with your artist about different letter options or explore some different fonts on your own before reaching out to an artist! If you’re looking to keep costs down, this is also a great option that still allows your creativity to flourish.

6. Colorful Forearm Quote Tattoos  

Explore all the possibilities with a colorful forearm quote tattoo. Incorporate a colorful design to your forearm quote tattoo or play around with the coloring of the letters themselves. Either way, your forearm quote tattoo is sure to pop with an explosion of color!  

While the above examples feature red and black and are part of the increasingly popular Trash Polka style. Feel free to incorporate any or all the colors of the rainbow. Consider using color to denote italics or strikethroughs. However, it should be noted that color tattoos are often more expensive due to the variety of inks needed. 

7. Illustrative Forearm Quote Tattoo 

Experiment with an elaborate piece with an illustrative forearm quote tattoo. Just because the centerpiece is a quote doesn’t mean that you can’t try out different kinds of ornamentation to add layers to your tattoo. Incorporate dotwork into your piece with a fading landscape.

Add a slight embellishment with laurel wreath, which is an especially nice touch to tattoos of latin quotes. Talk with your artist about how to best maintain minimalism or go all out. Setting your quote tattoo on a scroll is an especially popular option that gives your piece a particularly archaic vibe.

Introducing illustration to your forearm quote tattoo also opens up the possibility of later incorporating the quote into a full sleeve, with illustrations that flow into one another.  

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