FSU Tattoos For Men

30 FSU Tattoos For Men – Florida State University Design Ideas

What better way to show your fandom for Florida State University than to get a commemorative tattoo done? Founded way back in 1851, FSU is the oldest higher education institution in the state of Florida, making it as historic as it is awesome.

The university campus contains a whopping 16 colleges, and it’s considered a prime site for research.

Florida State University is actually home to Florida’s one and only laboratory, which makes the university pretty cutting edge when it comes to STEM fields.

FSU is home to many nationally ranked programs in several areas, including law and science as well as theater and music. Florida State University actually leads Florida in four out of the eight STEM disciplines. Why not get the laurels and torches of Florida State University tattooed to your body when you look at all of the history that this school has been able to accomplish over its long and respected history?

FSU has actually launched a campaign to raise $1 billion for the advancement of its students and curriculum. The school has already raised some $938 million and change. Florida State University is also preeminent in sports, which could be one reason to get them tattooed on your body all by itself. They compete in the NCAA and have been pretty competitive in both basketball and football. FSU remains an excellent option for tattoos.


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