Futurama Tattoo Designs For Men

80 Futurama Tattoo Designs For Men – Animation Ink Ideas

For an exceptional reputation that connotes cosmopolitan stature among your friends, the finest option is definitely a Futurama tattoo. Matt Groening’s cult classic lends itself to endless fantastical designs that will inevitably shock and delight onlookers.

With a vivacious cast of lovable characters, Futurama is basically made for tattoos.

The show’s mascot is a raunchy robot named Bender, and he is frequently depicted partaking in lewd behaviors that are fueled by alcohol. As a one-eyed alien with purple hair, Leela is another bombastic choice. Of course, you can’t forget about Fry; this orange-haired buffoon from the 20th century is an infamous favorite.

The secondary cast is also supremely popular. These wonderful figures include the zany Professor Farnsworth and the inept space captain known as Zapp Brannigan. Nibbler is another stunning pick for replication. Regardless of which icon you choose to show off, the signature drawing style promises instant recognition.

The infamous FOX animation has established a massive fan base that keeps growing larger by the day. With the recent revival on Comedy Central, this program appeals to a newer generation of viewers as well.

To capture the extraordinary cartoonish bliss in its entirety, we’ve arranged a comprehensive compilation of Futurama ink that is simultaneously humorous and debonair.


3d Spiral Planet Express Ship Futurama Mens Leg Tattoos

Alien Space Ship Mens Futurama Themed Full Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

Awesome Guys Small Futurama Bender The Robot Tattoo On Arm

Awesome Mens Futurama Thigh Tattoos

Back Of Forearm Male Futurama Tattoo Of Bender

Back Of Leg Calf Futurama Bender And Philip Fry Mens Tattoos

Bender And Homer Simpson Cartoon Futurama Tattoo On Man

Bender Dna Outer Space Male Futurama Upper Arm Tattoos

Bender Futurama Robot Tattoo Designs On Male Bicep

Bender In Outer Space Futurama Tattoos For Guys On Upper Arm

Bender Wearing Jewels Mens Futurama Back Shoulder Tattoo

Bender Wearing Top Hat Mens Futurama Tattoo Designs

Bender With Fry Male Futurama Tattoo Designs

Black Ink Outline Bender Grilling Futurama Tattoos For Guys

Black Ink Outline Futurama Fry In Rose Flower Mens Leg Tattoo

Brain Slug Mens Futurama Tattoo On Leg

Clamps And Bender Futurama Tattoo Ideas For Men

Classy Bender Futurama Tattoos For Guys On Leg

Cool Bender Futurama Mens Arm Tattoos

Cool Cartoon Style Mens Futurama Sleeve Tattoos

Cool Mens Old School Futurama Zoidberg Tattoos On Arm

Cool Outer Space Planets Futurama Tattoos For Men Half Sleeve Design

Cool Planet Express Male Futurama Tattoos On Inner Forearm

Cool Robot Devil Mens Futurama Tattoo Design Inspiration

Cool Shaded Ink Futurama Bender Mens Sleeve Tattoo

Day Of The Dead Mens Futurama Bender Robot Tattoo Design On Upper Arm

Doctor Zoidberg Futurama Mens Thigh Tattoo

Dotwork Male Futurama Leg Tattoos

Electric Mens Bender Futurama Tattoo On Arm

Enjoy Slurm Mens Futurama Leg Calf Tattoos

Falling Bender Mens Futurama Tattoo Ideas

Forearm Futurama Fry Tattoos For Guys

Full Back Futurama Bender And Doctor Zoidberg Tattoo Designs

Full Sleeve Futurama Themed Mens Tattoo Designs

Futurama Leela Mens Forearm Tattoo

Futurama Mens Bender Thigh Tattoos

Futurama Philip Fry Mens Tattoo On Inner Forearm

Futurama Themed Male Arm Sleeve Tattoo Inspiration

Galaxy Mens Futurama Bender And Fry Forearm Tattoos

Glowing Mens Futurama Arm Tattoo Inspiration

Grim Reaper Mens Futurama Bender Tattoo

Guys Futurama Leg Sleeve Themed Tattoo Design Ideas

Guys Futurama Themed Leg Tattoo Ideas

Hypnotoad Futurama Mens Leg Tattoos

Kill All Humans Mens Futurama Bender Robot Back Tattoo

Leela Male Futurama Arm Tattoo Quarter Sleeve

Male With Futurama Symbols Tattoo On Wrist

Man With Futurama Bender Tattoo On Forearm

Man With Futurama Machine Gun Tattoo On Back

Masculine Guys Lower Leg Futurama Tattoo Designs

Mens Futurama Themed Half Sleeve Tattoo

Mens Leg Sleeves Futurama Tattoos

New School Guys Futurama Sleeve Tattoos

Obey Futurama Mens Shoulder Tattoos

Outer Space Guys Futurama Leg Tattoo Designs

Philip Fry In Glass Jar Mens Futurama Tattoos

Planet Express Logo Male Futurama Tattoos

Planet Express Space Ship Mens Futurama Half Sleeve Tattoo

Professor Farnsworth Mens Futurama Themed Leg Tattoos

Realistic 3d Futurama Bender Mens Leg Tattoos

Realistic Planet Express Guys Futurama Tattoos

Retro Mens Futurama Bender Robot Tattoo On Leg

Rib Cage Side Male Futurama Tattoos

Robot Devil Mens Small Simple Futurama Tattoo On Arm

Robot Devil With Bender Futurama Tattoos For Males

Robots Futurama Male Arm Tattoo Ideas

Shiny Mens Metallic Futurama Bender Tattoo

Shiny Metal Mens Bender Futurama Wrist Tattoos

Ship In A Bottle Mens Futurama Arm Tattoo

Small Futurama Zapp Brannigan Male Tattoo Ideas

Small Simple Guys Futurama Bender Tattoo

Space Ship Guys Futurama Tattoo On Inner Arm

Space Ship Guys Futurama Tattoos On Arm

Spiderman Themed Futurama Bender Robot Tattoo For Guys

Wait Forever Dog Futurama Mens Heart Tattoos

Watercolor Futurama Bender Tattoo For Men

Zapp Brannigan Male Futurama Tattoo Designs

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