Garfield Tattoo Ideas For Men

50 Garfield Tattoo Ideas For Men – Comic Cat Designs

Garfield was the perfect cat for those who claim to loathe cats, plain and simple.

An exaggeration of all the qualities so often complained about where felines are concerned–perpetual resting b-tch face, selfishness, moodiness, and a penchant for mischief.

Garfield was a Sunday morning staple for those with a similar m.o. Deadpan and sarcastic, and always just a few steps ahead of his owner Jon and fellow roommate Odie the dog, Garfield exemplified the gently evil genius that is the hallmark of cats everywhere.

Maybe you’re a bachelor like Jon, and have a Garfield of your own on your hands. Or maybe you’re something of a Garfield yourself? Perhaps you too loathe simple creatures like Odie and enjoy a good round of laconic banter; maybe al you want in life is sleep and lasagna, and for everyone else to leave you alone. Your Garfield tattoo will certainly illicit a few chuckles from the similar-minded, but your nearest and dearest will likely shake their heads with a sigh and conclude that yep, that’s you alright.

Garfield may be the king of cartoon cats, but your tattoo puts your own spin on the feline’s world view. With a number of depictions and styles to choose from, it’s no exaggeration to say there’s a Garfield for every man.

Even if you prefer the Odies of the world (and who could blame you?), your tattoo will send a message that your fandom most certainly isn’t compromised by your own wit and keen eye for the absurdities that frequently accompany human life.


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