Garlic Tattoo Ideas For Men

60 Garlic Tattoo Ideas For Men – Garnish Designs

Most commonly associated with warding off vampires and garnishing mouthwatering Italian dishes, garlic additionally holds a plethora of meanings and fascinating historical facts.

Whether you’re a fervent fan of this potent species of onion or in the know on its many spiritual and healing properties, the garlic tattoo is the most unusually perfect choice for the true afficianado.

Ancient cultures around the world beheld the garlic bulb as among the most powerful remedies for a number of ailments, and was even used by the ancient Greeks in sacred funeral rites. While today’s use of garlic veers more into practical territory, many continue to associate this culinary staple with much deeper, more meaningful origins.

How many of us associate garlic with the kitchens of our childhood, that tantalizing smell of something simmering, and the delightfully pungent after-effects on your breath? The sight of a garlic bulb being diced into a sauce or pressed over a slice of pizza can be a much-loved memory that instantly recalls the comforts of home, and the garlic tattoo is proof on the skin that that sensation can be sustained wherever one goes.

Sure, you may be looking to ward off some energy vampires and bullying werewolves, in which case the garlic tattoo is at your service and in style. But if you’re seeking a slice of home again, and the nurturing warmth of the hearth, the garlic tattoo is your year-round doorway into spiritual nourishment.


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