Gauntlet Tattoo Designs For Men

40 Gauntlet Tattoo Designs For Men – Armored Glove Ink Ideas

A good gauntlet armor tattoo is not hard to find, and getting a crazy knight’s armor tattoo on your bicep will give you one hell of an edge. You see, a knight isn’t just a “savior” in shining armor — he is also the “Big Man on Campus.”

Often the epitome of chivalry and nobility, knights were actually battle-worn fighters who fought with heavy artillery made of the same indestructible metal as their armor.

To keep from serious injury and possible death, knights faceted metal plates together with chain mail to create a protective, yet flexible, suit to fight in. Knights were also regarded as the ideal mix of power and poise, and nowadays a knight’s armor tattoo is the perfect ink to get if you’re considered the “good guy” in most situations.

Gallant in their stories of war and crusades, a knight was usually held in high esteem for social and moral standard. If you’re a natural storyteller, an intricate yet masculine gauntlet armor tatt will cleave the competition. Knight tattoos are usually associated with fans of fantasy or medieval times, but some other guys are really into history and spring for one of these for its historic design.

Even if your goal is a suit of armor in ink, the gauntlet armor tattoo will no doubt serve as the a beautiful touchtone piece. Hopefully your day doesn’t consist of actually slaying dragons, but with a bold armor piece, you’ll feel like you can.


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