Geometric Back Tattoos For Men

40 Geometric Back Tattoos For Men – Dimensional Ink Ideas

While only briefly glimpsed in one’s day to day life, the back is a dramatic landscape in which to show off only the most epic tattoo art. From shoulder to shoulder and down the spine, there is truly no greater canvas.

For the geometric design that requires a greater space, the back is where tattoo masterpieces are brought to life.

Back inked diamonds created from a series of lines that span the shoulder blades and run the length of the spine, ending in a finale pattern of heavily shaded blocks at the base of the neck, are just one example that there is no limit to the creations waiting within the tattoo artist’s needle.

Colorful geometric back tattoos include red and black lines circling the wearer’s shoulders and overlapping between the shoulder blades, brightly pigmented hexagons with intricate interior line work, as well as organic plant and animal life. An awe-inspiring planet halved down the center and represented through a series of complicated lines, as well as an over-sized lotus mandala, are just two of the many poetic subjects complimented by geometric art.

Few may be privy to your exposed back and shoulders, but those who are will no doubt be moved beyond words by what they see. Just as sacred geometry requires a deeper insight into the patterns and rhythms of nature’s design, so too do their tattoo counterparts; what better way to determine those who are similarly worthy of you?


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