Geometric Leg Tattoos For Men

50 Geometric Leg Tattoos For Men – Masculine Design Ideas

Leg tattoos are ideal for those who prefer to show off their movable art in warmer weather and steamier settings, and geometric designs are sure to be far from a deterrent.

Multi-faceted shapes, patterns, subjects, and hues abound in what can be committed to the calf, from watercolor koi fish to complicated DNA strand-like line work.

The length of the calf is perfect for vertical geometric renditions, such as a cubic hot air balloon drawn in bold black lines, with the conical flames descending from the balloon. Similarly, Native American inspired arrow art and honeycomb crosshatching make for a simple but dramatic entrance and exit. Complicated origami designs are well-suited to the calf and frontal thigh areas, with everything from the ferocious T-Rex to winged crane up for grabs.

Your legs may not get a routine viewing outside of the gym or off the beach, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be fully utilized for the most truly memorable geometric craftsmanship. Like a Spartan warrior, a man’s legs are a symbol of both beauty and strength, and his power can only be amplified by a signature totem exquisitely inked and carried with a fierce stride.


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