Ghostbusters Tattoo Designs For Men

60 Ghostbusters Tattoo Designs For Men – Movie Ink Ideas

No other series before or after made the world of ghost hunting looking so cool: from the grotesquely awesome Slimer to the now-famous logo, the Ghostbusters movies made their unmistakable mark on pop culture nostalgia–and tattoo art.

Peter Venkman (Bill Murray), Ray Stantz (Dan Aykroyd), Harold Ramis’ Egon Spengler (Harold Ramis), and Winston Zeddemore (Ernie Hudson) are more than worthy of the tattoo portraiture many have opted for along with the trademark Ghostbusters backdrop of 1980’s New York City.

Some have even gone so far as to commit entire tattoo sleeve designs to the films, in both bold color and variously shaded black and white designs.

From the Stay Puft Man to hearse-turned-Ecto 1, there is truly no limit to how little or much of the Ghostbusters universe you can immortalize through ink. So go on–you ain’t afraid of no ghosts.


Amazing Mens Ghostbusters Tattoo Designs On Side Of Leg

Arm Ghostbusters Tattoo Ideas On Guys

Arm Ghostbusters Tattoos Male

Awesome Ghostbusters Tattoos For Men Full Arm Sleeve

Back 3d Ghostbusters Guys Tattoos

Back Of Leg Ghostbusters Male Tattoo Designs

Black And Grey Ink Shaded Leg Calf Male Ghostbusters Tattoo Design Inspiration

Black Ink Outline Thigh Guys Tattoo Ideas Ghostbusters Designs

Cool Ghostbusters Tattoo Design Ideas For Male On Leg

Cool Male Ghostbusters Tattoo Designs On Thigh

Creative Ghostbusters Tattoos For Men 3d Arms

Forearm Sleeve Realistic Male Ghostbusters Tattoo Designs

Full Back Guys Ghostbusters Themed Tattoo

Gentleman With Rib Cage Side Old School Traditional Ghostbusters Tattoo

Ghostbusters Pizza And Hotdog Leg Calf Tattoo On Men

Ghostbusters Themed Arm Sleeve Tattoos Guys

Ghostbusters Themed Mens Half Sleeve Tattoo Designs

Ghostbusters Thigh Tattoos For Gentlemen

Guys Full Arm 3d Realistic Sleeve Ghostbusters Tattoos

Guys Ghostbusters Tattoo Design Ideas On Arm

Guys Half Sleeve 3d Ghostbusters Tattoo Deisgns

Guys Tribal Patten Negative Space Leg Calf Tattoos With Ghostbusters Design

Guy With Shoulder Ghostbusters Tattoo Design

Half Sleeve Ghostbusters Male Tattoos

Half Sleeve Stay Puft Mens Ghostbusters Tattoo

Hand Ghostbusters Guys Tattoo Designs

Leg Calf Portrait Ghostbusters Tattoo Ideas For Gentlemen

Leg Sleeve Mens Tattoo Ghostbusters Design

Lower Leg Realistic Ghostbusters Tattoo Ideas For Males

Male Cool Ghostbusters Flaming Stay Puft Hand Tattoo Ideas

Male Ghostbusters Tattoo Ideas On Arm

Male Tattoo With Ghostbusters Design Full Arm Sleeve

Male With Cool 3d Hand Ghostbusters Tattoo Design

Manly Ghostbusters Tattoo Design Ideas For Men Rib Cage Side

Masculine Ghostbusters New School Head Tattoos For Men

Mens Arm Cool Stay Puft Ghostbusters Tattoo Ideas

Mens Ghostbusters Tattoo Design Ideas On Leg

Mens Tattoo With Ghostbusters Design Forearm Sleeve

New School Watercolor Thigh Mens Ghostbusters Tattoo Design Inspiration

Old School Traditional Mens Tattoo Ideas With Ghostbusters Design On Leg

Realistic Full Arm 3d Sleeve Male Ghostbusters Tattoo Ideas

Realistic Shaded Portrait Forearm Sleeve Ghostbusters Male Tattoo Ideas

Remarkable Ghostbusters Tattoos For Males On Outer Forearm

Shaded Upper Arm Ghostbusters Tattoo Design On Man

Shoulder Mens Ghostbusters Tattoo Ideas

Simple Red Cross Ghostbusters Tattoos For Men

Sleeve Arm Ghostbusters Tattoo Designs For Guys

Small Old School Arm Ghostbusters Mens Tattoo Ideas

Thigh 3d Ghostbusters Guys Tattoo Ideas

Thigh Ghostbusters Tattoo Design Ideas For Males

Unique Mens Ghostbusters Tattoos On Outer Forearms

Watercolor Inner Forearm Ghostbusters Tattoos Men

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