Globe Tattoo Designs For Men

80 Globe Tattoo Designs For Men – Traveler Ink Ideas

What man doesn’t consider himself a citizen of the world? Tattoos featuring the earth sphere are the physical representation of a man’s place in the world. After all, are we not all a part of the world, and the world a part of us?

A tattoo depicting the globe can indicate that a man is a traveler, a diplomat, or a peacemaker.

His choice to place the image of the earth on his skin shows his dedication to conquering some aspect of it. Whether he’s a family man, a talented gamer, or highly skilled at his chosen profession, this man is a master of his domain, and seeks to represent it using the very skin he was born in.

Earth tattoos are equally stunning in color or black and white. Some designs depict the earth as ancient maps considered it to be, which is an excellent option for men who are lovers of history. Globe tattoos are excellent conversation pieces, as their meanings can be so varied from person to person.

Some men even choose to express national pride by placing their countries of origin in the very center of globe tattoos as a representation of how they view their homelands.

1. Forearm Globe Tattoos

Geometrical Globe Forearm Tattoos For Men

Small Simple Guys Dotwork Lines Globe Inner Forearm Tattoo Designs

Globe Earth Core Mens Inner Forearm Tattoos

Globe With Chain Mens Forearm Sleeve Tattoos

Mens Globe Dotwork Sun And Moon Forearm Tattoos

Old School Globe Eagle Male Forearm Tattoo

Paper Airplane Flying Around The Globe Mens Inner Forearm Tattoos

Sailing Ship Hot Air Ballon Male Globe Forearm Tattoos

Sailing Ship With Globe Mens Forearm Sleeves Tattoos

Small Male Globe Forearm Tattoo

Small Simple Mens Globe Forearm Tattoo Ideas

Traditional Guys Globe Forearm Tattoo Designs

Wonderlust Mens Globe Hot Air Ballon Forearm Tattoos

Yellow Branch With Globe Mens Neo Traditional Forearm Tattoos


2. Bicep Globe Tattoos

Dotwork Flower Male Globe Bicep Tattoos

Gentleman With Tattoo Of Sailing Ship And Globe On Arm


3. Arm Globe Tattoos

3d Mens Modern Globe Sailing Ship Arm Tattoos

Ship Globe Men Arm Tattoo

Awesome Mens Globe Arm Tattoo Designs

Globe With Angel Wings Mens Shoulder And Chest Tattoo Designs

Black Ink Globe Shaded Male Arm Tattoo

Guys Globe Watercolor Paper Airplane Upper Arm Tattoos

Mens 3d Globe Arm Tattoo Design

Mens Old School Globe Red Rose Flower Arm Tattoo

Old School Male Globe Arm Tattoo With Sailing Ship Design

Plane Overing Over The Globe With Banner Mens Arm Tattoo Designs Old School

Retro Guys Globe Upper Arm Tattoos

Sailing Ship Mens Old School Globe Outer Forearm Tattoos

Shaded Dotwork Globe Mens Floral Arm Tattoo

Upper Arm Guys Globe Tattoo Ideas


4. Sleeve Globe Tattoos

Guys Shaded Globe Skull Sleeve Tattoos

Nautical Themed Mens Globe Sleeve Tattoos

Realistic Mens Shaded Globe Sleeve Tattoo Designs


5. Wrist Globe Tattoos

Masculine Hot Air Ballon Globe Wrist Tattoos For Men


6. Chest Globe Tattoos

Been Around Nautical Bald Eagle Mens Full Chest Globe Tattoos

Cut Open Globe Mens Chest Tattoos

Eagle With Globe Mens Black Ink Outline Chest Tattoo

Globe Clock Mens Dotwork Chest Tattoos

Mens Bald Eagle Globe Chest Tattoos

Traditional Mens Globe Chest Tattoo With Rose Flowers


7. Back Globe Tattoos

Cool Mens Shaded Back Globe Tattoo Design Ideas

World Map Guys Globe Full Back Tattoo

Manly Globe Solar System Guys Shoulder Tattoo Designs

Full Back World Map Globe Mens Tattoo Ideas

Globe tattoo showing North America with longitude and latitude lines on man's upper back

Shaded Back Globe With Skull Optical Illusion Mens Tattoos

The World Is Yours Mens Lettering Globe Back Tattoos

Upper Back Atlas Guys Globe Tattoo Design With Black Ink


8. Side Globe Tattoos

Rib Cage Side 3d Globe Male Tattoos

Unique Sailing Ship Inside Of Globe Mens Traditional Tattoos


9. Leg Globe Tattoos

Campfire With Tent Mens Globe Leg Calf Tattoos

Floral Male Globe Leg Tattoo Ideas

Geo Coordinates Guys Globe Leg Calf Tattoos

Leg Sleeve Globe And Skull Mens 3d Tattoo Design Inspiration

Neo Traditional Guys Hand Holding Globe By String Tattoo On Leg

Zombie Hand With Globe Cup Mens Leg Tattoos

Ocean Crane Globe Mens Leg Tattoos


10. Calf Globe Tattoos

Circular Globe Mens Leg Calf Tattoo Designs


11. Shoulder Globe Tattoos

3d Sphere Globe Mens Shoulder Tattoo

Globes Mens Shoulder Tattoo


12. Stomach Globe Tattoos

Amazing Mens Stomach Globe Tattoo

Space Ship Crashing Into Globe Mens Stomach Tattoos


13. Foot Globe Tattoos

Foot With Leaves Male Globe Tattoos

Old School Mens Globe Foot Tattoo Design Ideas


14. Hand Globe Tattoos

Colorful Guys Globe Hand Tattoos

Cool Abstract Globe Male Hand Tattoos

Cool Globe Hand Tattoo On Amel

Negative Space Mens Blackwork Globe Hand Tattoos


15. Ankle Globe Tattoos

Tiny Mens Globe Ankle Tattoos


16. Skull Globe Tattoos

Skull Globe Mens Small Tattoo Ideas


17. 3D Globe Tattoos

Nautical Star Globe Mens 3d Tattoo On Arm


18. Dotwork Globe Tattoos

Dotwork Planets Globe Male Tattoo


19. More Globe Tattoo Ideas

Banner Flower Globe Mens Arm Tattoos

Blue And Yellow Male Globe Tattoos

Mens Globe All The Time In The World Hourglass Chest Tattoo With Old School Design

Semper Fi Mens Globe Forearm Tattoos

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