Goonies Tattoo Design Ideas

60 Goonies Tattoo Designs For Men – Never Say Die Ink Ideas

Children of the 80’s aren’t the only ones who claim the Goonies as their own; the film has reminted its legacy generation after generation.

In some ways we’ve all grown up with that scrappy Pacific Northwest gang of treasure hunters, and what better way to commemorate them as adults than in tattoo form?

There is literally no shortage of Goonies tattoo inspiration, and the best place to start? Your own childhood favorites! Maybe Chunk’s trademark truffle shuffle deserves a permanent spot on your arm, or perhaps the hollow grin of One-Eyed Willy is more your speed. The malformed but gentle face of Sloth lets the world know you welcome all outcasts into your circle, while one of Data’s clever inventions speaks of your own knack for solving life’s riddles. Even a black and white outline of Haystack Rock, seen in the famous final closing shot, pays homage to the great unknown and adventure that lies beyond.

We loved The Goonies as kids because it tapped into our own inner yearnings, fears, and mischievous follies that went on right under the noses of the adults around us. The Goonies adult still carries all the youth and screw-you-I-can-do-it attitude of the movie’s iconic gang, and a Goonies tattoo is proof that while Goonies never say ‘die,’ they most certainly never grow old either.


3d Skull The Goonies Arm Tattoo

Amazing 3d Goonies Tattoo With Skull Design For Men On Forearm

Amazing Mens Goonies Skull Leg Calf Shaded Tattoos

Amazing Mens Thigh Goonies Tattoo Ideas

Arm 3d Black And Grey Skull Goonies Tattoo Designs

Arm Male Goonies Never Say Die Skull Tattoo Design Ideas

Awesome Blue Skull Goonies Tattoo

Awesome Skull Shaded Goonies Tattoo Designs

Back Of Leg Goonies Traditional Old School Tattoo

Badass Goonies Skull Mens Tattoo

Black Ink Sailing Ship The Goonies Never Say Die Tattoo Designs

Captain Chunk Realistic 3d Mens Tattoo Ideas

Cool Skull Never Say Die Sailing Ship Goonies Tattoo For Men

Forearm Amazing Guys Goonies Tattoo

Goonies Leg Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

Goonies Never Say Die Black Ink Mens Leg Calf Tattoo Designs

Goonies Never Say Die Male Lower Leg Tattoo Inspiration

Goonies Never Say Die Ship Black And Grey Rib Cage Side Tattoo Design Ideas

Goonies Never Say Die Skull Hat Tattoo

Goonies Skull Retro Tattoo

Goonies Tiki Key Back Of Leg Tattoos For Guys

Guys Trash Polka Goonies Sleeve Tattoo

Hyper Realistic Goonies 3d Tattoos For Men

Leg Calf Skull Goonies Themed Male Tattoos

Male Goonies Arm Tattoo Designs

Manly Rib Cage Side Of Body Goonies Tattoos

Mens Full Back The Goonies Themed Tattoos

Never Say Die Forearm Goonies Tattoo Ideas For Men

Never Say Die Goonies Skull Forearm Tattoo

Never Say Die Watercolor Leg Tattoo For Men

Old School Traditional Cool Goonies Mens Thigh Tattoos

Old School Traditional Never Say Die The Goonies Video Tape Tattoo

Outer Arm The Goonies Themed Guys Arm Tattoo Ideas

Outer Forearm Skull The Goonies Tattoos

Retro Traditional Mens Goonies Leg Calf Tattoo

Shaded Black And Grey Goonies Tattoo Design

Ship Wheel With Skull And Banner Never Say Die Goonies Tattoo

Skeleton Chest Mens Goonies Tattoo

Skull Goonies Hand Tattoo

Skull Thigh Goonies Tattoo

Sloth Half Sleeve Superman And Goonies Themed Tattoos For Men

The Goonies Guys Arm Tattoo

The Goonies Movie Inner Arm Bicep Tattoo Design Ideas

The Goonies Movie Tattoos

The Goonies Negative Space Leg Tattoo

Thigh Goonies Guys Tattoo

Thigh Mens Shaded Goonies Tattoo Ideas

Tiki Key The Goonies Tattoo

Ultra Realistic Goonies Sleeve Tattoo

Upper Arm Old School Skull Never Say Die Tattoo

Upper Chest Skull Banner Goonies Tattoo Ideas

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