Gorilla Tattoo Designs For Men

100 Gorilla Tattoo Designs For Men – Great Ape Ideas

Meet the powerful, largest living primate in the forests of central Africa; aka the Gorilla. While they may be in the remote woods knuckle walking around, gorillas still share one very close trait with humans.

When it comes to their DNA, you might be surprised to know it’s 95-99% similar to that of our own. It’s also been said they are the closest living links to humans after bonobos and chimpanzees of course.

Yet, aside from their connection to use, these primates are quite admirable to study. With a large head, short neigh and heavily built body it’s easy to get intimidated upon first glance. Venture into one of their troops and you’re sure to be dealt with an aggressive response.

However, the truth is gorillas are quite peaceful primates, and generally only aggressive when provoked. In reality, they are caring for the community and place a heavy focus on assisting both the young and old. In a sense, they don’t leave the elderly with a burden to carry.

Now, there are numerous meanings behind gorilla tattoos ranging from their might and dominance to the ideas of protection and keeping family close. For some men working as zoologists, it could simply be a tribute to working with this animal on a daily basis.

Sure, there’s spiritual claims about gorillas being a symbol of this and that, but it gets a bit loony. Instead of hearing about that, take a moment to discover these top 100 best gorilla tattoos for men below. You’ll countless design ideas and plenty of inspiration in this masculine collection.


3d Gorilla Mouth Tattoo For Men On Forearm

3d Gorilla With Green Leaf Mens Hand Tattoos

Abstract Artistic Male Gorilla Tattoo Holding Skull

Abstract Art Tattoo Of Gorilla With Crown For Males

Abstract Gorilla With Red Line Through Face Tattoo For Males

Abstract Gorilla With Top Hat And Smoking Pipe Tattoos For Men

Abstract Mens Gorilla Face Tattoo On Back Of Leg Calf

Abstract Shaped Gorilla Mens Leg Calf Tattoo Design Ideas

Africa Gorilla Mens Tattoo On Thigh

Agressive 3d Guys Gorilla Tattoo With Green Forest Background

Amazing Mens Gorilla Hand Tattoo With Green Leaves

Angry Black Gorilla Tattoo With Red Tounge And Orange Eyes For Men On Calf

Angry Mens Gorilla Tattoos On Back Of Forearm In Black Ink

Angry Red And Purple Gorilla Tattoos For Men

Angry Traditional Gorilla Tattoo With Colorful Style And Green Eyes

Artistic Tattoo Of Gorilla In Africa For Men

Back Of Leg Calf Mens Blackback Gorilla Tattoo Ideas

Back Of Shoulder Gorilla With Tree Tattoo On Back Of Mans Shoulder

Bicep 3d Realistic Guys Gorilla Tattoos

Bicep Angry Black Gorilla Mens Tattoos

Bicep Black Gorilla Mens Tattoo Designs

Bicep Gorilla Mens Tattoo With Teeth

Black Gorilla Tattoo On Guys Foot

Black Old School Gorilla Male Tattoo Idea Inspiration

Color Tropical Forest Gorilla Jaguar And Snake Tattoo On Shoulder Of Man

Cool Angry Black Gorilla Tattoo Design For Men

Cool Mens Gorilla Art Tattoo On Back Of Leg Calf

Cool Mens Gorilla Thigh Tattoos

Cover Up Mens Forearm Gorilla Tattoos

Creative Mens Black Ink Upper Arm 3d Gorilla Tattoos Ideas

Crowned Gorilla Mens Tattoo On Arm

Detailed Back Of Leg Calf Mens Gorilla Face Tattoos

Eastern Gorilla Tattoo For Men On Bicep

Elbow Gorilla Tattoo For Men In Color Ink

Full Sleeve Forest Tattoo For Men With Gorilla

Full Sleeve Jungle Mens Gorilla Tattoo

Full Sleeve Shading Gorilla Tattoo For Men

Gorilla Ape Tattoo Smelling Flowers Tattoo On Back Of Forearm For Men

Gorilla Line Work Mens Tattoo On Tigh

Gorilla Mens Tattoo In Woods On Mans Leg

Gorilla Upper Arm Guys Tattoo Designs

Guys Cover Up Gorilla Tattoo On Upper Arm

Guys Lower Leg Gorilla Tattoo Design Inspiration

Guys Roaring Gorilla In The Forest Tattoo On Arm

Guy With Traditional Blue Gorilla Design Tattoo On Bicep

Half Sleeve 3d Mens Gorilla Tattoos In Black Ink

Impressive Mens Gorilla With Dog Tags Tattoo On Upper Arm

Inner Forearm Guys Gorilla Tattoos

Inner Forearm Mens Tattoo Of A Gorilla In Black Ink With Orange Eyes

Large Back Gorilla Tattoo For Guys

Leg Sleeve Gorilla Tattoo For Guys

Lifelike Black Gorilla Male Tattoo On Arm

Lower Forearm Half Sleeve Gorilla Male Tattoo

Lower Leg Gorilla Holding A Leaf Branch Tattoo For Men

Male Sword Through Gorilla Tattoo Design On Arm

Manly Gorilla Tattoos For Guys

Manly Old School Gorilla Tattoo On Man

Man With Gorilla And Bear Tattoos On Hands

Man With Incredible Black Ink Gorilla On Back Of Leg Calf

Masculine Black Gorilla Pounding Chest On Upper Arm Of Man

Mens Black Gorilla And Leaf Tattoo On Upper Arm

Mens Gorilla Biscuits Tattoo

Mens Gorilla Hand Tattoo

Mens Gorilla Tattoo

Mens Gorilla Tattoo Designs

Mens Gorilla Tattoos

Mens Silverback Gorilla Tattoo

Mens Silverback Gorilla Tattoos

Mens Tattoo Of An Angry Gorilla

Mens Tattoos Of Gorillas

Mens Tattoos Of Silverback Gorilla

Mountain Gorilla Design Tattoo On Man Full Sleeve

Nesting Gorilla Tattoo Designs For Men

Old School Design Of Gorilla Tattoo For Guys

Old School Gorilla Mens Tattoo Ideas

Old School Gorilla Tattoo On Guys Thigh

Old School Manly Gorilla Tattoo Design Inspiration

Old School Mens Gorilla Upper Chest Tattoos

Rain Forest Gorilla Tattoo Designs For Men Half Sleeve

Realistic Mens Gorilla Tattoos With Woman In Hands

Remarkable Mens Gorilla Tattoo Sleeve With Wrapped Mummy

Roaring Gorilla Ape Mens Tattoo On Back Of Leg Calf

Shading Gorilla Mens Arm Tattoos

Sleeve Gorilla Guys Tattoo In Black Ink

Small Gorilla Foot Mens Tattoos

Small Wrist Mens Gorilla Tattoos

Spectacular Gorilla Mens Tattoo Sleeves

Stern Looking Gorilla Tattoo On Mans Upper Arm

Stunning Mens Gorilla With City Head Tattoo Design

Traditional Arm Gorilla Guys Tattoo Designs

Traditional Mens Gorilla Tattoo On Leg Calf

Tropical Rain Forest Gorilla Tattoo For Men On Upper Back With Color Ink

Tropical Rain Forest Tattoo With Gorilla On Mans Arm

Upper Arm Tattoo Of Gorillas Face For Men

Upper Chest Gorilla Mens Tattoo Design Inspiration

Upper Chest Mens Gorilla And Leaves Tattoo

Wandering Eyes Guys Gorilla Tattoos On Bicep Of Man

Western Gorillas Male Tattoos On Forearm

White Ink Gorilla Tattoo On Mans Hand

Wild Gorilla Mens Tattoo On Upper Arm

Wrist Male Gorilla Tattoo With Red Tounge Sticking Out

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