Great Tattoo Ideas For Men

60 Great Tattoo Ideas For Men – Extraordinary Masculine Designs


There are good tattoos and then there are GREAT tattoos. You know, the pieces that your eyes can’t seem to ignore, and the ones that funnel wild imagination into your brain.

It’s truly remarkable how realistic, not to mention, artistic body has become over the last decade.

I remember when popular styles like tribal and traditional were the pieces every man wanted to have. You probably have friends who have them… While those styles are for the most part are timeless, for awhile there they were in realm of trendy.

These days, body art styles have really focused in on pure original passion and creativity. More and more gentlemen are becoming perfectionists when it comes to what’s being inked onto their body. We’re seeing vivid details like we’ve never seen before. It’s like when the HD television rolled around for the time and everyone was in awe.

Now, while for the most part pieces have gotten larger in size, the reality is, it only adds to their dramatic effect. Even the smaller men’s tattoos are certainly a sight to see. When you’re able to fit the entire Milky Way Galaxy into a one inch square, well, that’s just downright impressive.

With that said, I’d like to show you some of the top 60 best great tattoo ideas for men out there. You’ll get a better idea for what’s possible and see just how creative gentlemen today are getting with body art. If you’re thinking about getting something inked, I’m sure you’ll find some inspiration to get your design decisions on the right track.

1. Forearm Great Tattoos

3d Pocket Watch Roman Numeral Great Male Forearm Sleeve Shaded Tattoo Ideas

Tribal Feathers Great Guys Leg Tattoo Ideas

Great Roaring Bear Mens 3d Inner Forearm Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

Guys 3d Compass And Skull Great Modern Forearm Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

Mens Great Mask Tattoo Ideas On Inner Forearms

Ocean Wave In Square Blocks Great Inner Forearm Tattoo Ideas For Males


2. Bicep Great Tattoos

Bicep Mens Great Creative Rose Flower With Anchor Tattoo Ideas

Quarter Sleeve Great Mens Tribal Tattoo Design Ideas

Cool Inner Arm Bicep Kraken Attaching Sailing Ship Mens Great Tattoo Ideas

Realistic Leaves With Pocket Watch Mens Great 3d Tattoo Ideas On Inner Arm Bicep


3. Arm Great Tattoos

Anchor With Skull Great Guys Arm Tattoo Ideas

Great Samuari Tattoo Half Sleeve Ideas For Men

Blackwork Negative Space Great Arm Tattoo Ideas For Guys

Great Watercolor Swimming Koi Fish Mens Tattoo Ideas On Arm


4. Sleeve Great Tattoos

Great Lighthouse Tattoo Sleeve Ideas For Men

Wolf With Moon And Sword Mens Great Sleeve Tattoo Ideas


5. Chest Great Tattoos

Abstract Geometric Pattern Great Male Tattoo Ideas On Chest

Hands Holding Mens Great Upper Chest Tattoo Ideas

Creative Mens Great Sparrows With Olive Branch Tattoo Ideas On Upper Chest

Circular Dragon Mens Great Upper Chest Watercolor Tattoo Ideas

Crow Wings Mens Great Upper Chest And Shoulder Tattoo Ideas

Geometrical Pattern Great Mens Chest Tattoo Design Ideas

Half Chest Great Male Tribal Tattoo Ideas

Male Geometric Pattern Dotwork Great Chest Tattoo Ideas

Mens Great Dotwork Bear In Forest With Moon Upper Chest Tattoo Ideas

Traditional Ship Ship With Red Flowers Great Guys Chest Tattoo Ideas


6. Back Great Tattoos

3d Mens Great Skull And Rose Tattoo Ideas With Full Back Design

Sword With Banner Guys Great Back Tattoo Design Ideas

Awesome Mens Great Japanese Full Back Tattoo Design Idea

Great Dotwork Geometric Pattern Full Back Tattoo Ideas For Gentlemen

Great Shaded Realsitic Castle Mens Full Back Tattoo Ideas

Japanese Great Mens Full Back Tiger Tattoo Ideas With Splashing Waves Design

Star With Wings Great Upper Back Black Ink Tattoo Ideas For Males

Sword With Wings Great Ideas For Mens Full Back Tattoos

Unique Mens Great Full Back Negative Space Tattoo Design Ideas


7. Side Great Tattoos

3d Gears Mens Great Rib Cage Side Tattoo Idea Inspiration

Great Japanese Skull Yellow Flower Rib Cage Side Tattoo Ideas For Men

Great Sketched Wolf Male Watercolor Rib Cage Side Tattoo Ideas

Male Great Snake And Sword Tattoo Ideas On Rib Cage Side

Mens Great Shaded Black And Grey Ink Skull Rib Cade Side Ideas For Tattoos

Roaring Tiger Great Mens 3d Rib Cage Side Tattoo Ideas


8. Rib Great Tattoos

Amazing Mens Great Rib Cage Side Kraken Ship Tattoo Ideas


9. Leg Great Tattoos

Male Great Skull Window Leg Calf Tattoo Ideas

Mens Tattoo Ideas Great 3d Skull Design On Leg


10. Thigh Great Tattoos

Mens Great Anchor With Octopus And Skull Tattoo Ideas On Thigh


11. Shoulder Great Tattoos

Guys Great Upper Shoulder Traditional Black Snake Tattoo Ideas


12. Shin Great Tattoos

Dark Shaded Rose With Praying Hands And Skull Mens Great Shin Tattoo Ideas


13. Elbow Great Tattoos

Outer Forearm Great Tattoo Ideas For Men With Traditional Black Ink Snake Design


14. Hand Great Tattoos

Samuari Helmet Tattoo Mens Great Design Ideas On Hand

Rose With Skull Great White Ink Hand Tattoo Ideas For Males


15. Head Great Tattoos

Male Great Lion Head With Feathers Tattoo Ideas On Upper Chest

Traditional Wolf Head Great Mens Chest Tattoo Ideas


16. Negative Space Great Tattoos

Great Guys Blackwork Negative Space Pattern Full Back Tattoo Ideas


17. 3D Great Tattoos

Mens Cross Tattoo Ideas On Back With 3d Stone Design


18. Dotwork Great Tattoos

Small Dotwork Mens Great Howling Wolf Tattoo Design Ideas

Castle With Coffin And Tree Mens Great Rib Cage Tattoo Ideas

3d Realistic Mens Great Maze Tattoo Design Ideas On Inner Arm Bicep



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