Gremlin Tattoo Ideas For Men

50 Gremlin Tattoo Ideas For Men – Mischievous Creature Designs

Horror never looked so cute when it came to the gremlins, and it’s no wonder they’ve appeared in all manner of tattoo art since their initial 1984 inception.

And unlike the cinematic monsters themselves, you won’t have to worry about keeping your tattoo away from water and sunlight.

Gizmo was no less than a mascot of the quintessential 80’s childhood. The furry mugwai worked his charms on American audiences, and has earned his place in the archives of time-honored pop culture creations. Gremlins was more than a classic, but a game-changer in the genre of dark comedy horror. Whether you’re a devotee of Gizmo or more the Stripe type, your Gremlins tattoo is a throwback in ink, and celebratory emblem that will no doubt draw more than a few fellow fans. Gremlins may be from a time we can never return to as a culture, but that certainly doesn’t mean you can’t pay it its due respect.

Gremlins was a brilliant mix of comedy and grotesque horror, of story tropes as old as time and creatures and humans alike who won our hearts (or conversely turned our stomachs.)

Which character or scene you ultimately choose, your Gremlins tattoo is a reminder to the world that was is great never fades from memory–and you can still go on enjoying it well after midnight.


3d Gremlin Tattoo Designs For Gentlemen

Awesome Artistic Gremlin Tattoos For Men

Cool Gremlin Tattoos For Men On Inner Arm

Creative 3d Hyper Realistic Gremlin Tattoos For Guys

Excellent Guys Gremlin Tattoos

Gentleman With Gremlin Tattoo On Arm

Geometric Chest Guys Tattoo Designs Gremlin

Good Gremlin Tattoo Designs For Men On Forearm

Gremlin Eating Popcorn With 3d Glasses Mens Tattoos

Gremlin Male Tattoos On Thigh

Gremlin Tattoo Design Ideas For Men

Gremlin Tattoo Inspiration For Men

Gremlin Tattoo On Man

Gremlin Tattoos For Gentlemen

Gremlin Tattoos For Men

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Gremlin Themed Tattoo Ideas

Gremlin Themed Tattoo Ideas For Men

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Guys Gremlin Tattoo Design Ideas

Guys Gremlin Tattoos

Guys Tattoo Gremlin

Guy With Gremlin Tattoo

Impressive Male Gremlin Tattoo Designs

Incredible Gremlin Tattoos For Men

Inner Arm Bicep 3d Gremlin Tattoo Ideas For Men

Male Gremlin Themed Tattoos

Male Tattoo Ideas Gremlin Themed

Male With Gremlin Tattoos

Manly Gremlin Tattoos For Males

Man With Gremlin Tattoo Design

Masculine Gremlin Tattoos For Men On Chest

Mens Cool Gremlin Tattoos

Mens Gremlin Tattoo Designs

Mens Gremlin Tattoo Ideas

Mens Tattoo Designs Gremlin Themed

Mens Tattoos Gremlin

Old School Traditional Anchor Gremlin Tattoo Designs For Men

Popcorn Bowl Gremlin Tattoo Designs On Men

Shaded Grey Half Sleeve Amazing Mens Gremlin Tattoo Designs

Shoulder Male Gremlin Themed Tattoo Inspiration

Sick Guys Gremlin Themed Tattoos

Stomach 3d Gremlin Guys Tattoo Designs

Stylish Mens Gremlin Tattoos

Sweet Mens Gremlin Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo Gremlin Designs For Men

Tattoo Gremlin Ideas For Guys

Tattoo Ideas Gremlin

Unique Forearm Sleeve Gremlin Tattoos For Men

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