Grizzly Mens Ugg Harkley Waterproof Boots Review

Grizzly Mens UGG Harkley Waterproof Boots Review – Masculine Full-Grain Leather Footwear

A waterproof full-grain leather outside and seam-sealed construction make the grizzly men’s UGG Harkley boot stylishly functional regardless of the weather.

While these round toe UGG boots are certainly casual, they do offer a touch of ruggedly handsome charm.

On the outside, the Harkley boot features a really clean profile, giving it a rather simplistic yet, masculine look. Personally, I am a huge fan of how these boots compliment virtually any relaxed outfit I wear, especially with denim jeans.

Beyond the neutral color of the brown full-grain leather and tan outsole, flat red boot laces and antiqued metal hardware give this boot plenty of character. When it comes to the finer details, I have to say this combination is easily one of my favorite ways to add some really good looking contrast.

Of course, these fashionable boots offer much more to admire when it comes down to functionality. Below, you’ll find my grizzly men’s UGG Harkley waterproof boot review alongside my impression on fit, comfort and much more.


Quick Highlights:

Comfortable And Snug Mens Ugg Harkley Boots

– Waterproof full-grain leather
– UGGpure wool lining with cushioning foam insole
– UGG Treadlite outsole
– Seam-sealed waterproof construction
– Six-inch shaft height
– Arrives with second spare boot laces


Grizzly Mens UGG Harkley Waterproof Boots Review

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Waterproof Harkley Ugg Boots For Men Review

With a six-inch shaft height, every moment spent getting your foot down to the insole is truly a pleasure. Why? Because the UGG Harkley boot features 17mm of plush UGGpure wool lining. And when I say plush, I mean extremely plush; softer and more comfortable than any sock you’ve ever put on in the past.

In reality, stepping in and out of these boots feels downright incredible. I’ve found myself wanting to take the dog out for an extra walk or two just because of how comfortable they are on my feet. That should say enough.

While you might think the cushioning foam insole with UGGpure wool lining would be rather sweaty, that is not the case at all. The truth is, the wool lining naturally wicks away moisture wonderfully leaving your toes and feet dry and comfortable.

During cold morning walks these boots are super warm and toasty, yet, during late afternoon walks where the temperature outside rises, they don’t ever feel overly hot. For rainy days, walks through puddles are no problem, while for snowy conditions I’m confident that my toes will stay both dry and warm.

On the UGG Harkley waterproof boot, you’ll also find UGG’s unique and durable Treadlite outsole which maximizes both traction and cushioning. After walking around with a pair of these on my feet, I feel they grip both on and off-road surfaces plenty fine. Not to mention, walking across things like jagged rocks, tree roots, and hard concrete all feel great too.

Overall, these lightweight yet, beautifully crafted men’s boots are both a treat to own and wear. They look super sharp, have plenty of masculine appeal, and offer all the waterproofing I need for my daily routes and outdoor activities. I could easily see myself wearing these UGG Harkley waterproof boots every single day and absolutely loving every moment of doing so!


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