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Top 37 Best Halo Tattoo Ideas – [2020 Inspiration Guide]

The Halo franchise is one of XBox gaming’s most popular ever titles and a tremendous tattoo concept. Learn more about Halo tattoos and explore the symbolism for wearers inking their favorite parts from the world of the iconic shooter.   

Each Halo installment is a killer game. The franchise must be considered a true contender for the title of best console franchise. The Halo games alone have grossed over $3 bn in game sales alone, and the Halo Universe spans 5 games and their add-ons, multiple best-selling novels, graphic novels, comic books, movies and even an animated feature film.  

The Halo universe centers on an interstellar war between humans – represented by the bad ass avatar Master Chief – and an alliance of aliens known as the Covenant.   

The Halo community are a hardcore group that live and die with each release. Some of these fans have chosen to express their dedication to the Master Chief Collection with Halo video game tattoos.  

Read on to check out some wicked ink examples from a range of talented artists. Familiarize yourself with ink from the Halo series so you can decide if you’re the type of fan to get a Halo game tattoo.  

1.  Covenant Halo Tattoos

black-grey-halo tattoo-danslayer666
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The aliens of the Covenant are a nasty bunch. They’re mean, tough, and they aren’t afraid to fight. These alien beasties make a great basis for video game tattoos. Their gruesome fangs, weird alien dreadlocks and nasty demeanor provide a cool bunch of technical application opportunities for talented artists to sink their teeth into.  

These examples show there’s plenty of variety to explore in creating quality ink. They mix up colors, line technique, and saturation while managing to balance out each nasty looking alien with expert artwork.

2. Cortana Character Halo Tattoos

Source: @body_mods_by_dave via Instagram
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Cortana is the Artificial Intelligence character that works with Master Chief throughout editions of Halo – starting with Combat Evolved – to help him beat the tripe out of Covenant warriors.   

Being AI, and with Halo inhabiting the male player dominated world of gaming, Cortana is depicted as an attractive, blue skinned woman with significant cyborg characteristics (and great breasts).  

These three tattoos are all well etched in blue shaded gradients contrasted against sweet linework. The first shows off impressively unique detail and a commitment to a realistic portrait aspect opposed to the anime style of cutesy features, bright eyes and big boobs expressed by the other two.  

Each Cortana tattoo is excellent – there’s some brilliant interpretations of her AI circuits boards running across each concept – and the attention to detail with white ink highlights or deft shading makes these stand out in the Halo collection.  

3. Halo Arm Sleeve Tattoos

Source: @jamiewatson_art via Instagram
Source: @tattoospetecox via Instagram
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Look, if you’re willing to rock a full sleeve tattoo with images from the Halo series, then you must be considered a big time Halo fan. The wearers inking these mad tattoos would certainly consider themselves that way. These sleeve tattoos are top quality – rocking the main elements of the game and converting them into pieces any art enthusiasts can sink their teeth into.   

As much as the color pieces dazzle by using fantastic color palettes, the black and gray Halo tattoos stand out by their ability to incorporate an amazing range of details and

4. Master Chief Ink

Source: @skylerjinxtattoos via Instagram
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I’ll come clean: I’m not a Halo guy. I’m a big-time fan of Borderlands because their cheeky brand of ass kicking, wise cracking gameplay and ridiculous array of guns on offer mean hacks like me have a chance. Master Chief though? He’s the absolute WEAPON.  

These tattoos show great variety in their portrayal of the Halo game hero. The range in color palettes specifically differentiate the artwork, but in every case, the Halo Wars main character is drawn with utmost care and attention to detail, right down to the rivets on his armor.  

As always, the visage or Master Chief is hidden behind the shining, smooth reflection of his visor, but his menace and sense of willing carnage is summed up by the professionalism of his armor and the potency of the weapon he carries into battle against the Covenant. Even if they aren’t fans, you can rock into a tattoo shop and show someone a picture of Master Chief and everyone will know who he is…  

5. Neo Traditional Halo Tattoos

Source: @body_mods_by_dave via Instagram
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These Halo tattoos provide the chance to upgrade old school tattoo design by adding the neo-traditional color patterns, flourishes and linework to modernize the concept art. Think of it as installing an upgrade to already bad ass gameplay.  

Using traditional tattooing script principles and different flower icons in contrast to the modern color palettes so well drawn throughout the Halo world, creates interesting support for a Masterchief piece of concept art. I especially like how some vivid color is threaded through with the touches of advanced code linework.  

6. Technical Halo Tattoos

Source: @aestheticallynotpleasing via Instagram
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This section represents the greatest application of gaming tattoo ideals. These Halo pieces meld a range of technical tattoo applications – subtly colored linework ink, epic fine black line and hatchwork detail, saturated color mixed with negative space, or even a form of metallic shading so deft you can’t tell if it’s the ink or the technique used.  

When etching your own Halo tattoo remember that there is no right way to have the piece developed and tattooed. With the right style of tattoo artist engaged you can find any and every method to explore the world of Masterchief.  

Halo Tattoo FAQs  

Why do people get Halo tattoos?  

The Halo community are a hardcore group that live and die with each release. Some of these fans have chosen to express their dedication to the Master Chief Collection with Halo video game tattoos.  

Given the richly futuristic visuals and iconic heroes and villains, the subject matter suits all different styles of ink for art enthusiasts to transfer into killer body art.  

Is Halo the best video game ever?  

The short list for each gaming console’s greatest title is short: Halo on X Box and X Box One, Zelda and Mario for Nintendo, Final Fantasy for the Playstation, and Sonic the Hedgehog for Sega. It’s in the pantheon for connoisseurs in the world of video games.  

Originally developed by Bungie Studios the Halo franchise is now bankrolled by the might of XBox One and Microsoft.   

You can Immerse yourself in a futuristic battle for the ages across different game types including first person shooter, arcade game, eeal time strategy, and now mobile device friendly shooters!  

The Halo community are a hardcore group that live and die with each release. Some of these fans have chosen to express their dedication to the Master Chief Collection with Halo video game tattoos.  

What is the Halo Array?  

The term “Halo” refers to a group of massive, habitable, ring-shaped superweapons known as the Halo Array. Think of the Deathstar from Star Wars but with less Darth Vader. The Halo array was created by a group called the Forerunners to destroy the Flood – a bunch of nasty alien beasties.  

The aliens from the Covenant mistake the Halo Array for religious totems that can transport them on a pilgrimage like Great Journey to meet the Forerunners, if they are able to destroy the humans and activate the Array.  


Did you enjoy these Halo Video Game Tattoos? If you’re looking for more gaming tattoo inspiration click on the links to the galleries below.  

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