Handshake Tattoo Designs For Men

60 Handshake Tattoo Designs For Men – Symbolic Ink Ideas

Like the nod, the frown, the wave, and every touchdown celebration dance, the handshake is one of the universal communication techniques that humans around the world recognize.

Those who bear the handshake tattoo are the diplomats of society.

They believe that coming to an agreement is preferable to a confrontation. Love trumps hate, and we all win when everybody gets along.

Humans have been shaking hands since the dawn of time. We posses archeological evidence of the gesture dating back to 6th century Greece. A stone unearthed near the Acropolis in Athens depicts Hera and Athena clasping their fingers around each other’s. From ancient Germania to Athens to Arameia, the early societies were full of hand-shakers; a fact that only suggests the practice stretches back to much earlier times.

When you shake a hand, you cannot also grasp a weapon in that hand, and as such, it is a sign of peace. As you grasp your neighbor’s warm skin, each party is reminded of their own humanity and the fact that we all are nothing but flesh and blood with a few precious years of life on earth.

People who wear the handshake tattoo carry the symbol with them as a talisman against negativity and bad vibes. Just about any conflict can be solved with a good handshake, and it’s up to you to make it happen.

1. Forearm Handshake Tattoos

Amazing Mens Inner Forearm Handshake Tattoo Designs

Artistic Male 3d Skeleton Hands Handshake Tattoo Ideas On Forearm

Distinctive Male Inner Forearm Traditional Snake Handshake Tattoo Designs

Guy With Handshake Eye Inner Forearm Tattoo Design

Inner Forearm Flower Handshake Tattoo Ideas For Males

Male Handshake With Grim Reaper Forearm Tattoo Design Inspiration

Mens Cool Handshake Sailing Ship Forearm Tattoo Ideas

Mens Tattoo Handshake Design On Inner Forearm

Outer Forearm Handshake Tattoo Ideas On Guys

Sharp Forearm Handshake Male Tattoo Ideas

Masculine Handshake Sparrow Arm Tattoos For Men

Outer Forearm Snake Handshake Mens Tattoo Designs

Handshake Tattoo Snake Design Ideas For Males On Forearm

Unique Mens Handshake Tattoos


2. Bicep Handshake Tattoos

Inner Arm Bicep Snake Head Handshake Guys Tattoos

Gentleman With Small Simple Handshake Inner Arm Bicep Tattoo

Inner Arm Bicep Ship Wheel Handshake Tattoo Design On Man

Inner Arm Bice Realistic 3d Handshake Tattoos Male


3. Arm Handshake Tattoos

Arm Brotherhood Handshake Guys Tattoo Ideas

Arm Snake Barb Wire Handshake Male Tattoo Designs

Cool Male Eel Biting Hand With Blood Arm Handshake Tattoo Designs

Guys Dad Memorial Traditional Arm Handshake Tattoos

Guys Woodcut Small Arm Tattoo Ideas Handshake Designs

Incredible Chan Family First Handshake Tattoos For Men On Arm

Upper Arm Small Handshake Tattoo On Men


4. Chest Handshake Tattoos

Cool Handshake Retro Old School Rose Flower Chest Tattoo Design Ideas For Male

Mens Tattoo Ideas With Handshake Design On Upper Chest With Black And Grey Ink

Awesome Old School Traditional Devil Handshake Chest Tattoos For Men

Guys Handshake Hurglass And Rose Flower Traditional Upper Chest Tattoo Deisgns

Male Cool Handshake Snake Chest Tattoo Ideas

Male With Cool Upper Chest Traditional Chains Handshake Tattoo Design

Mens Handshake Heart Tattoo On Upper Chest Of Body

Mens Handshake Tattoo Ideas On Upper Chest With Flying Sparrow Traditional Design

Remarkable Chest Snake Black Ink Handshake Tattoos For Males

Traditional Upper Chest Sinking Ship Handshake Tattoos Men

Upper Chest Creative Snake Handshake Tattoos For Men


5. Back Handshake Tattoos

Guys You Cant Buy This Banner Handshake Tattoo On Back Of Shoulder Blade


6. Leg Handshake Tattoos

Arm Dotwork Railroad Spikes Handshake Tattoo Designs For Guys

Forearm Male Handshake Tattoo Ideas

Leg Snake With Railroad Spikes And Handshake Mens Tattoo Ideas


7. Calf Handshake Tattoos

Leg Calf Detailed Handshake Male Tattoos

Leg Snake Biting Hand Handshake Guys Tattoo Designs

Manly Handshake Globe Leg Tattoo Design Ideas For Men

Mens Tattoo With Handshake Design On Leg

Leg Coffin Eye Handshake Tattoos Guys


8. Thigh Handshake Tattoos

Thigh Snake Handshake Tattoos For Gentlemen

Mens Handshake Tattoo Design Inspiration On Thigh

Mens Handshake Tattoo Design Ideas On Thigh With Snake

Thigh Guys Handshake Tattoo Design Ideas


9. Elbow Handshake Tattoos

Male Tattoo With Ship Wheel Handshake Design On Ditch Elbow Crease


10. Traditional Handshake Tattoos

Hand With Horseshoe Traditional Handshake Tattoo Ideas For Gentlemen


11. Knee Handshake Tattoos

Knee Traditional Guys Tattoos With Handshake Design


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