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Top 101 Head Tattoo Ideas – [2020 Inspiration Guide]

When it comes to head tattoos, gentlemen these days are getting more than just skulls for well, their skulls. In reality, this highly visible area of canvas is taking ink ideas to all new heights.

Interesting enough, head tattoos are just as visible as they are discreet.

A straight razor shave reveals the ink under your head of hair to the world. While a few months avoiding the barbershop chair keeps your tattoo covertly concealed under a manly mane.

As they say, it’s nice to have options. However, the same can’t be said about the process of actually getting a head tattoo. In reality, it’s one of the most painful places on the body to get inked.

Let’s face it, sitting in the chair while a needle vibrates your skull for hours on end isn’t a pleasant experience for any man. Of course, consider the fact that your ears are just a few inches away for all that noise too.

Beyond the process, you’ll be surprised by the number of really sharp designs that are coming to light with head tattoos. Guys today are getting everything from gears to geometric patterns, tigers, lettering designs and much more on their noggins.

To see what I mean just explore this collection of the top 100 best head tattoos for men. You’ll discover a handful of masculine ideas below alongside some of the coolest body art out there.

1. Dotwork Head Tattoos 

Go for the ultimate ornamentation with a dotwork head tattoo. The dotwork style lends itself well to various tattoo positionings but as a head tattoo it can blend perfectly will your hair follicle pores. Use dotwork to bring out a pattern or tribal design. Incorporate the technique into an illustrative piece for shading and fade outs.

Cover a single hemisphere or scatter the glob with speckles and stars. Dotwork pieces can be as complex or as simple as you’d like them to be, so feel free to discuss with your artist to find the piece that’s right for you! 

2. Geometric Head Tattoos 

Indulge your favorite optical illusion with a geometric head tattoo. Positioning-wise, this is a great choice given the mobility of your neck and the curvature of the skull. Start from the very top and work your way symmetrically down or grow a design inward from behind your ears.

Use straight lines as a stark contrast to your natural slopes. Weave a design out of bends and loops that intertwine endlessly. One downside of your head tattoo is that others will see it more often than you will, but this will give them something they can really get lost in. 

3. Spooky Head Tattoos 

Tempt the demons with a spooky head tattoo. These are some great examples of designs that easily send shivers down your swing. Whether you’re working in grayscale or color, there’s no shortage of designs to make others shudder. Crack your skin open with the breakthrough technique to show the gears or guts that keep you running day-in and day-out.

Light the way towards the flames of hell or let the devil watch your back at all times. Skulls are also a great option if you really want to add layers to your spooky head tattoo. Talk to your artist about using negative space to bring the skull’s design to life, bringing in geometric pattern work as well. 

4. Small and Medium-Sized Head Tattoos 

Sometimes the best things come in small packages so why not think about a small or medium-sized head tattoo? Tuck a sparrow behind your ear or draw a few latitudes and longitudes and leave the map uncharted.

If you really like the geometric style but don’t want to go completely clean shaven, incorporate a smaller pattern into one side of the skull. Or take advantage of both sides with a little demon and angel on each side. Plus, if you start small then you have all the unblemished space left over to fill up as time passes. Who’s to say that you won’t want a whole cast of characters dancing around your crown? 

5. Wild Animal Head Tattoos 

Let your inner animal burst out like Athena with a wild animal head tattoo. The circular faces of most animals complement the top of your head perfectly, offering up a great visual to whoever you’re headbutting as a bonus. Birds and other flying creatures are also a great choice if you want to give them a little perch behind your ear.

If you’re thinking more lions and tigers, look into traditional and neo-traditional designs, which offer a great mix of bold linework and color patterns to make the beast pop! If you have available space on the back of your neck, think about drawing the illustration out as it snakes down the rest of your body. Anything with a tail is definitely fair game. Factor in the mobility of your neck to give your tattoo a truly lifelike appearance! 

6. Script Head Tattoos 

Etch those words into your skull forever with a script head tattoo. Using a cursive or gothic script, the side of the head makes for a great canvas to commemorate our best representation of thoughts. Include illustrations with your words or let the phrases speak for themselves. Or if you want to hrow in a funny comedic twist, draw a little thought bubble around the words. For a particularly trippy effect, consider using a mirrored effect in the design to make your tattoo a secret message for yourself.  

Head Tattoo FAQs  

Do head tattoos stop hair growth? 

Like all tattoos, head tattoos do not impede hair growth in any way. Before starting the tattoo, the artist will shave your hair down as much as possible, but this will grow back as your hair naturally does. Head tattoos are more easily seen on shaved heads, which is why head tattoos are associated with a lack of hair.  

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