Hermes Tattoo Designs For Men

30 Hermes Tattoo Designs For Men – Winged God Ink Ideas

The mercurial wiles of paying tribute to the winged god Hermes are as different as those who choose these tattoos. Often they are indicative of a restless soul, the relentless wanderer or those who simply want to fly as high as they can.

The Greek god Hermes exemplified the powerful weight of freedom. He was both quick in spirit as well as movement, two attributes held dear by that ancient, prestigious culture.

Known for the wings on his ankles, he represented the dreams of many to explore, to wander and know the world intimately.

The vast majority of Hermes tattoos are simple wings on the ankle, but it’s the form of the wings that impart an individual meaning. Larger wings give the sense that the bearer of the ink holds freedom in very high esteem.

Indeed, the idea of spontaneously taking flight and leaving for parts unknown is particularly appealing to those who choose this style of tattoo. Not for the faint of heart, or for those who settle for “good enough”, a Hermes tattoo shows that your soul runs wild, in leaps and bounds. This is an untamed tattoo for those who do not wish to be tamed.

This gallery of freedom may inspire you to indelibly mark your outward self with a representation of your most inward desires.

1. Arm Hermes Tattoos

Compass With Hermes Mens Upper Arm Tattoos

Half Sleeve Guys Shaded Hermes Tattoo Designs


2. Sleeve HermesTattoos

Colorful Hermes Greek Mythology Guys Full Sleeve Tattoos

Full Sleeve Greek Mythology Male Hermes Tattoo Designs


3. Chest Hermes Tattoos

Hermes Statue Mens Upper Chest Tattoos


4. Rib Hermes Tattoos

Mens Rib Cage Side Chest Hermes Themed Tattoos


5. Side Hermes Tattoos

Mens Wing Foot Hermes Rib Cage Side Tattoos

Shaded Hermes Portrait Mens Greek Rib Cage Side Tattoos


6. Leg Hermes Tattoos

Detailed Wings Mens Hermes Tattoo Ideas

Small Wings Male Hermes Ankle Tattoos

Cool Side Of Leg Male Hermes Portrait Tattoo

Black Ink Male Hermes Ankle And Leg Tattoo Design Inspiration

Colorful Wing Male Hermes Tattoo On Leg

Gentleman With Hermes Wing Ankle And Leg Tattoo Design

Masculine Bold Black Ink Hermes Wing Leg Tattoo Ideas

Colorful Flaming Hermes Mens Wateroclor Wing Leg Tattoos

Manly Hermes Wing With Arrow Guys Leg Tattoos

Two Wings Male Hermes Lower Leg Tattoos

Masculine Guys Hermes Leg Wing Tattoos

Running Wing With Black Ink Hermes Tattoos For Men On Ankles


7. Calf Hermes Tattoos

Realsitic Mens Hermes 3d Leg Sleeve Tattoo

Amazing Mens Realistic Hermes Tattoo On Leg

Old School Mens Traditional Hermes Leg Tattoo


8. Ankle Hermes Tattoos

Tribal Hermes Wings Mens Lower Leg Tattoo

Decorative Wing Hermes Leg And Foot Tattoos For Guys

Ankle Hermes Wing Tattoo On Gentleman

Mens Shaded Black And Grey Hermes Wing Tattoo Above Ankles

Small Simple Mens Hermes Wing Tattoo Above Ankle

Ankle With Wing Guys Hermes Tattoo Design Ideas

Tiny Mens Hermes Wing Tribal Ankle Tattoos


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