How Long Does A Small Tattoo Take

How Long Does A Small Tattoo Take – Time To Ink

Don’t think it is just the cost you ought to worry about if you plan on getting a tattoo. You need to think about the time too.

It is not just the size of the tattoo that will affect the completion time but also the color.

Make sure you have discussed the time you will need to invest in getting the job completed to perfection during your first appointment.

The major factors which determine the length of time it takes to get a small tattoo are:


1. Size

How Long Does A Small Tattoo Take For Men

The size is the major determinant of the completion time. A quarter-size tattoo of a simple design can take up to an hour.

Many tattoo artists charge by the hour. The beauty of getting a small tattoo is that you will not just spend less time at the parlor, but also pay less. The longer the job takes, the higher the cost.


2. Color

How Long Does It Take To Do A Tattoo

Color tattoos are more demanding than black and grey. Therefore, they take much longer to complete. If you know the art style you want, find someone who is a specialist in doing the job.

Finding an artist who specializes in doing the tattoo in the color of your choice will lessen the time taken for the job to be done.


3. Details

How Long Will A Small Tattoo Take To Get Done

Details vary depending on the design. If intricate details are involved, expect to be sitting on the tattoo chair for long even if you are getting a small one. Celtic knot-work design, jewelry style, and portrait tattoos require a lot of time.


4. Pain tolerance

How Long Do Small Tattoos Take To Get Inked

If you can manage to sit still when you are being inked, you will be out of the place in a short time. This, however, is a challenge for the better part of the population that gets inked.

There are pain variations as the work progresses, but there is no a true indication of how people will adapt until the job is done.

Some areas are more painful to get inked at, and many people decide to get inked in stages. They will get a part of the tattoo done, go home, and come back for completion of the design later. This makes it more tolerable.

If it is your first time getting inked, choose a fleshy area with fewer nerves. Avoid bony areas and those densely populated with nerves. The ribs, knees, and the top part of your foot are very painful, and many beginners find the pain unbearable.


5. Custom design

How Long Does It Take To Get A Small Tattoo

Designing the tattoo takes time, even though it is not a technical process. Unless you are getting a basic design, the artist will have to change the design idea so that it is in line with what you want.

The cost of doing this is usually included in the final quotation, but other artists value their work, and they will ask for an additional amount.

If you want a customized tattoo, discuss the details before the appointment date. Do not take it for granted just because you are getting a small tattoo. You may be in that chair for half a day if you keep stopping to discuss the next step.


6. Artist schedule

There are experts tattoo artists who are ever traveling for conventions and events to showcase their work. If you choose a traveler, you may have to wait a bit longer for the job to be done. If you got the tattoo while on a trip, you may be forced to go back to the artist to wrap up the design.

The artist may have pressing matters which require immediate travel. Inquire about the schedule and if there is a possibility of travel before the design is completed.


7. Your schedule

With a tight schedule, you may not have enough time to spare for the small tattoo to be done at a go. It is advisable, therefore, to manipulate your schedule to give room for ample time for the inking process.

Receiving calls or rushing out to run errands in the middle of your appointment will be a big inconvenience. At the end of the day, though, you will be charged the full amount for the number of hours or minutes you had booked. For your peace of mind, ensure your schedule is clear during your appointment time.

Some artists work faster, despite the factors discussed above. Thus, talk to the artist you have chosen to get a better estimate of the time it will take for the tattooing job to be completed. However, you should spare at least 2 hours no matter how small the design is. You should have some time to relax after the inking process. People who do manual work should not even think about going back to work when the site is raw because the pain will be excruciating.

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