Illuminati Tattoos For Men

Top 101 Illuminati Tattoo Ideas – [2020 Inspiration Guide]

There is no finer way to prepare for the New World Order than with a mysterious Illuminati tattoo. To show your cred among conspiracy theorists, this illuminating ink is the classiest way to go.

In today’s culture, nothing is quite what it seems to be on the surface, but most people complacently ignore the signs.

If you want to stand out from the oblivious common-folk, then you can set yourself apart with an intriguing Illuminati design. These compelling images are directly associated with the presence of secret societies among us. In fact, the right arrangement may even constitute membership to an underground sect.

Occult rituals are a primary facet of the Illuminati, so related tattoos may feature subversive ideas and even Satanic visages. Latin phrases are regularly included to elicit ancient energy. The origins of all philosophies pertaining to the New World Order can be traced back to the late 1700s. In fact, these organization were formed around the same time our U.S. Constitution was written. As they say, the truth shall eventually set you free.

As you can see, the Illuminati is a complex concept that invokes dark magic. To taste the revolutionary conspiracies, just dive into the enlightening tattoo guide below.

1. Geometric Illuminati Tattoos

Man With Mandala Illuminati Tattoo On Chest

Geometrical Cubes Illuminati Tattoo Male Arms

Guys Back Illuminati Tattoo

Designed Black Illuminati Tattoo Male Forearms

Clear Eye Male Illumnati Tattoo

Mens Arms Bleeding Illuminati Tattoo

Secret societies—specifically Free Masons and the Illuminati—are known for their use of symbolism as a way to provide meaning in their rites and rituals. Given the deep significance that Free Masons placed on the perfection that can be found in geometry, it makes sense to incorporate these designs into Illuminati tattoos. This, along with the profound symbolism associated with Sacred Geometry, make these designs perfectly suited for secret society ink.  

2. Forearm Illuminati Tattoos

Mens Forearms Ancient Illuminati Tattoo

Mens Forearms Grey Illuminati Tattoo

3D Pink Orange Triangle Illuminati Tattoo For Guys Forearms

Mens Forearms Church And Illuminati Tattoo

Mens Arms Realistic Illuminati Tattoo

Guys Forearms Wooden Illuminati Tattoo

Perfect Illuminati Tattoo Male Forearms

Guys Sleeves Shiny Grey Illuminati Tattoo

Bright Glowing Eye Illuminati Tattoo Male Arms

The forearm is becoming a more popular tattoo location for a couple of reasons. One explanation for why so many people are choosing to get ink on their forearm is the versatility this location provides when it comes to the visibility of a piece. When wearing long sleeves these tattoos can be fully covered, but in a t-shirt a striking tattoo is on full display for all to see. The natural lines of the forearm also provide artists with a well-shaped canvas to apply ink.  

3. American Traditional Illuminati Tattoos

Illuminati Tattoo Male Hand

Lovely Grey Shaded Illuminati Tattoo Male Forarms

Male Chest Little Illuminati Tattoo

Red Eyed Illuminati Tattoo Quote Male Forearms

Mens Forearms Amazing Black Illuminati Tattoo

Large Toothed Beast Illuminati Grey Tattoo Male Forearms

American traditional work is characterized by bold line work and a limited but vibrant color palette. These to qualities make this style an excellent choice for the iconic imagery used in these Illuminati tattoos. While color is a common theme in this style, these pieces demonstrate a skilled artist does not need to use bright colors to create striking American traditional designs.

4. Illuminati Tattoos Featuring Owls

Colored Owl Illuminati Tattoo Mens Forearms

Owl Illuminati Tattoo Male Forearms

Impressive Owl Illuminati Tattoo Male Sleeves

Large Clawed Owl Illuminati Tattoo Male Forearms

Colorful Owl Skull Illuminati Tattoo Male Arms

Owl And Rose Illuminati Tattoo Male Forearms

Owls are important symbols in Illuminati traditions. The Owl of Minerva—the same owl that served the god Athena in ancient Greek mythology—was adopted by a precursor to the Illuminati in 1776 as a symbol of knowledge and wisdom. Other secret societies—notably Bohemian Grove with its starstudded membership—have used owls in their imagery and symbolism thanks to their deep significance and unique visage. For these same reasons, owls make excellent tattoos.  

5. Upper Arm Illuminati Tattoos

Guys Forearms Realistic Illuminati Tattoo

Nice Illuminati Tattoo Male Hands

Green Hands Holding Illuminati Tattoo For Men On Arms

Skull And God Illuminati Tattoo Male Arms

Red Watercolored Illuminati Tattoo Male Arms

Crystal Clear Illuminati Tattoo Male Forearms

Mens Arms Illuminati Tattoo Leaves

Mens Black Eyed Illuminati Tattoo Arms

The upper has been a popular tattoo spot for ages, and with good reason. The upper arm makes for a great canvas thanks to the larger size relative to the forearm as well as the pronounced musculature of the biceps and triceps providing number of natural lines that an artist can incorporate into a design. These Illuminati tattoos demonstrate what can be achieved with the upper arm as a canvas.  

6. Illuminati Sleeve Tattoos

Stunning Illuminati Tattoo Male Full Sleeves

Naked Woman Illuminati Tattoo Male Sleeves

Day Of The Dead Illuminati Tattoo Male Sleeves

Mens Full Sleeves Timepiece Illuminati Tatoo

Sepia Rose Illuminati Tattoo Male Forearms

Male With Gorgeous Grey Illuminati Tattoo

Full sleeve tattoos are an excellent choice for anyone that has big ideas that they want to show off to the world. Unlike other large canvases such as the back or chest, full sleeve pieces can be easily displayed in everyday life.

Full sleeve tattoos are also notable for the different lines in the musculature of the arm and the way that they can be used to draw the eye up and down the entirety of the design. With the variety of symbols and imagery used by the Illuminati, sleeves are an excellent choice for these mysterious tattoos.  

7. Illuminati Hand Tattoos

All Seeing Eye Illuminati Tattoo Male Hands

Shiny Green Eye Iluminati Tattoo Male Hands

Guys Hands Illuminati Tattoo

Guys Hands Shiny Black Illuminati Tattoo

Guys Hands Unique Illuminati Tattoo

Mens Hands Illuminati Tattoo

Red And Black Illuminati Design Male Hands

Mens Black Illuminati Tattoo Hands

Black Grey Illuminati Tattoo Male Hands

Blue Eyed Illuminati Tattoo Male Hands

Bright Grey Eyes Illuminati Tattoo Male Hands

While in the past hand tattoos were relegated to the world of convicts and sailors, this bold placement has become more and more acceptable in common society. With a variety of styles and approaches utilized, these Illuminati inspired tattoos demonstrate just how interesting hand ink can be.  

8. Illuminati Chest Tattoos

Beast And Sword Illuminati Tattoo Male Chest

Large Winged Illuminati Tattoo Male Chest

Peace Love Doves Illuminati Tattoo Male Chest

Wing And Illuminati Tattoo Male Chest

Black Grey Illuminati Tattoo Male Chest

Mens Chest 3D Wall Illuminati Tattoo

Mens Chest Directions Illuminati Tattoo

Mens Chest Grey Winged Illuminati Tattoo

Large Horned Beast Illuminati Tattoo Male Chest

The chest is another traditionally popular place for tattoos that continues to maintain its appeal. The large size of the chest makes it a popular choice for big tattoos, but it is also the ability to place important images and script above the heart that add to the appeal. Nothing demonstrates the deep significance of an image than by placing it directly over the heart.  

9. Back Illuminati Tattoos

Circular Illuminati Tattoo Male Back

Guys Neck Grey Illuminati Tattoo
Fantastic Illuminati Tattoo Male Full Back

The back is by far the largest canvas on the body, and for this reason it is the best place to get large, detailed tattoos. This broad, uninterrupted expanse of skin provides artists with a massive canvas to work on, allowing them to create bold designs that pack in details and intricacies. These Illuminati pieces are great examples of what is possible when an artist has powerful imagery and room to work.  

10. Black Line Illuminati Tattoos

Mens Torso Black Lined Illuminati Tattoo

Black Pencil Outline Illuminati Tattoo Male Ribs

Mens Chest Owl And Illuminati Tattoo

Rose And Leaves Illuminati Tattoo Male Torso

Glowing Grey Illuminati Tattoo Male Forearms

Geometric Lined Black Illuminati Tattoo Mens Forearms

Some people prefer the bold colors used in neo-traditional and new school designs; for others black ink is the only way to go. These illuminati inspired pieces use a precise application of bold black lines to create these compelling designs and give the tattoos a feeling that is reminiscent of 19th century lithograph work.  

11. Innovative Black and Gray Illuminati Tattoos

Compass And Illuminati Tattoo Male Forearms

Male Chest Black Illuminati Tattoo

Grey Dotted Design Illuminati Tattoo Male Forearms

Grey Eye Illuminati Tattoo Male Forearms

Black Rays Illuminati Tattoo Male Ankles

Lovely Grey Illuminati Tattoo Male Forearms

Male Forearms Illuminati Tattoo

Male Forearms Yellow Eyed Illuminati Tattoo

Pretty Grey Illuminati Tattoo Male Forearms

Guys Head Illuminati Tattoo

Pink Bordered Illuminati Tattoo Male Forearms

Black Male Forearms Illuminati Tattoo

Realistic Eye Illuminati Tattoo For Men Forearms

A good artist is always pushing the boundaries of their discipline, and the medium of tattoo art is no different. Thanks to the thousands of tattoo artists that are constantly working to redefine the medium, there are new mind-blowing tattoos completed every day. 

However, just because an artist is challenging current trends and styles doesn’t mean that they need to incorporate vibrant colors. These striking, Illuminati inspired designs demonstrate what is possible with a talented artist, an interesting concept and some black and gray ink.  

12. Neo Traditional Illuminati Tattoos

Skull Orange Blast Illuminati Tattoo For Males Forearms

Mens Traditional Tool Illuminati Tattoo

Guys Arms Illuminati Tattoo

Mens Coral Blue And Eye Illuminati Tattoo

Male Forearms Beautiful Illuminati Tattoo

Magnificient Eagle Illuminati Tattoo Mens Chest

Guys Sleeves Skull Illuminati Tattoo

Guys Sleeves Long Eye Lash Illuminati Tattoo

Male Torso Illuminati Tattii

Guys Leafy Illuminati Tattoo Forearms

One style that continues to grow in popularity is the neo-traditional school of tattooing. This approach utilizes the bold lines and dense color of American traditional work but is less stringent when it comes to the strict rules applied to this original American tattoo style. 

This approach is perfect for Illuminati designs thanks to the ability to draw from diverse range of imagery while maintaining a consistent aesthetic that emphasizes dense color and bold line work. These gorgeous tattoos demonstrate just how successful this style is when applied to the profound imagery of Illuminati traditions.  

Illuminati Tattoo FAQs 

What does an Illuminati tattoo symbolize? 

The Illuminati is a term used to describe a number of secret societies that arose in Bavaria in the late 18th century that used a variety of images and symbolism (both ancient and fabricated) to create the rites and rituals that defined their existence. Created by a number of Bavarian intellectuals and politicians, the Illuminati’s mission was to oppose the influence of superstition and religion in the realm of public life and state power. According to their statutes, The order of the day is to put an end to the machinations of the purveyors of injustice, to control them without dominating them.” 

Interestingly enough, the progenitors of the Illuminati borrowed most of their symbols and imagery from an older, established secret society known as the Freemasons. The most prominent symbols associated with the Illuminati—the square and double compass and the Eye of Providence—are both used extensively in Masonic traditions.  

The Eye of Providence was originally a Christian image that was adopted by the Masons and represents the way that all deeds and actions of man are observed by God—known as The Great Architect of the Universe within the orderAccording to Duncan’s Masonic Monitor of 1866, the square and compasses are explained thusly “The square, to square our actions; The compasses, to circumscribe and keep us within bounds with all mankind”. 

While this is the self-described symbolism behind these images, in modern times the conspiracies surrounding the Illuminati and Free Masons as being society’s elite engineers has changed the meanings a bit. The Eye of Providence, pictured above the unfinished pyramid on the Great Seal of the United States, is considered a hidden-in-plain-sight clue as to the true and nefarious nature of the Illuminati’s role in shaping society for their own benefit.  

Whether these tattoos are used as a nod to the New World order or are a commemoration to the fraternal orders from which the Illuminati arose is beyond the point. The powerful imagery and deep symbolism make these images an excellent choice for tattoo designs.   

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