Itchy Beard Care Guide

Itchy Beard 101 – How To Remedy And Stop The Scratchiness

The truth is, beard itch is a pretty simple. It’s the universes way of finding out if you’re man enough to grow a beard. Okay, maybe that’s not entirely true, however..

In reality, there some scientific explanations I’m going to share with you.

Plus I have a handful of great surefire ways to deal with the scratchiness once and for all if you’re struggling.

But first, what is beard itch and why do you have it?


Beard itch 101

First of all, don’t worry it’s entirely natural, nothing is wrong with your face. It’s not some rare medical condition that you need to freak out over either. It’s really only one thing: Annoying and well, super uncomfortable too!

For most men growing a beard it’s a just another part of life. However it will only be around for a week or two at the most. The truth is, it happens to almost every man out there. Though, some men never experience the itchy beard phase at all; cue the jealously.

Now, about a week or two into growing a beard for the first time you’re bound to encounter it. But here’s what you need to know: It only lasts on average for one week. One week, that’s it and your home free! Remember, the amount of time it takes will vary based on how fast your beard grows.

At the three weeks mark your beard will generally start becoming softer, not to mention more natural and comfortable too. Women will flock to you in herds, you’ll quit your day job to become a lumberjack, and…


What causes that scratchy sensation and how to avoid it:

1. How and when you grow a beard matters:

How Growing A Beard Makes It Itchy

Avoid growing a beard right after getting a clean shave; otherwise you’ll expose your skin to externally sharp hairs. Understand that when you cut your facial hair with razor you do so at an angle similar to a hypodermic needle. Over time all those hairs will end up curling and prodding into your skin; thus itchiness occurs.

To get around this, you’ll need to invest a little more time in prepping your face for a new beard. After you have shaven, let it grow out for a few days then grab a beard trimmer. Now, go ahead and trim it down at a 90 degree angle to make it less sharp. Before you commit to letting it grow out fully, use a foil shaver to slice them straight across like a frayed cord. Once done, you’re finally ready to grow.

2. Dealing with your dry skin

Itchy Beard Remedy For Men

With all the new hair on your face you’re skin is going to get dried out. To solve: Moisturize and give it back some hydration.

Apply lotion, or in the worse case if it’s absolutely unbearable dab on hydcortisone cream. But please, use caution with the hydrcortiosone cream, it’s not something you should ever be using on a daily basis.

You can also try some adding in some beard oil to your grooming regimen too.

Slough off dead skin cells and alleviate scratchy trapped hairs by exfoliating with a stiff brush.

3. Start thinking of your beard as an extension of your hair.

Wash it with cold water and give it some love with conditioner.

4. Shave your neck

It can go a long way in helping cut back on the itchiness.

5. Use a hairbrush or fine comb

Spend some time straightening those curls back out.

6. Grind it out.

Sure, it’s not what you may want to hear but in all honesty it’s the absolute truth. Remember, it only lasts for a week or so. Consider the glorious beard you will achieve after this mental roadblock. A little itchiness and scratchiness are extremely small prices to pay for the end result.


Aftercare and things you’ll find useful

You’ve made it past three weeks, the itch is gone and your beard feels wonderful! Keep it that way by grooming yourself like a responsible gentleman. Shampoo once or twice a week, condition with beard balm and oil, brush it Rapunzel, shape and style with wax, keep it trimmed and neat.

To help you out even further, I highly recommend reading the how to grow a beard guide. Within it, I’ve shared almost everything I’ve ever learned about growing a beard.

Plus, I’ve also put together a beard care 101 guide to help you understand how to maintain a beard the proper way.

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