Jiu Jitsu Tattoos For Men

70 Jiu Jitsu Tattoos For Men – Masculine Martial Art Design Ideas

Just as the noble sport of Jiu Jitsu is about more than fighting or self-defense, so tattoos associated with it are more than simple ink. Rather, they are a form of artistic self-expression and devotion to a way of life.

While ink of all styles is commonplace in Jiu Jitsu gyms around the world, pieces themed around the sport demonstrate an intense feeling of brotherhood.

They often represent that the bearer has found a family and desires a permanent celebration of that fact.

The many different types of Jiu Jitsu that are practiced all have their own identifying marks, such as traditional kanji figures, Western alphabet lettering and even logos from individual teams. The chosen style is up to the wearer, whether a group tattoo to commemorate a lifelong bond, or more unique pieces to show individuality.

Like participating in the sport itself, Jiu Jitsu ink exudes confidence and lends a noble bearing to those who display it prominently. Often, practitioners will choose prevalent imagery and tweak it to put their own personality.

It is definitely a statement, one that reads a person is part of a fraternal community, one that supports and admires each other, while simultaneously encouraging each individual to transmute their experiences in their own way.

This collection of tough, inclusive Jiu Jitsu tattoos will inspire you to explore your own relationship with the sport.


3d Realistic Jiu Jitsu Belt Mens Armband Tattoo

Awesome Mens Creative Jiu Jitsu Full Arm Tattoos

Awesome Mens Jiu Jitsu Shaded Black And Grey Arm Tattoo

Belts Jiu Jitsu Mens Rib Cage Side Tattoos

Belt With Skull Guys Jiu Jitsu Upper Arm Tattoo

Bjj Mens Jiu Jitsu Inner Arm Bicep Flag Tattoo

Black And Red Ink Jiu Jitsu Guys Upper Arm Tattoos

Black And Red Ornate Jiu Jitsu Guys Script Outer Forearm Tattoos

Black Belt Jiu Jitsu Guys Leg Calf Tattoo Ideas

Black Belt Jiu Jitsu Mens 3d Upper Back Tattoos

Black Ink Manly Guys Jiu Jitsu Leg Tattoo

Black Ink Outline Jiu Jitsu Mens Leg Calf Tattoo Ideas

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Guys Sketched Lion Forearm Tattoos

Chess Board Mens Jiu Jitsu Tattoo On Leg Calf

Circular Mens Small Jiu Jitsu Bicep Tattoo

Clouds With Jiu Jitsu Script Male Outer Arm Tattoo Designs

Color Belts Jiu Jitsu Mens Leg Tattoo

Colorful Male Jiu Jitsu Old School Traditional Arm Tattoo Inspiration

Gentleman With Inner Forearm Jiu Jitsu 3d Tattoo Design

Gorilla Jiu Jitsu Guys Half Sleeve Tattoo

Guys Circular Red Lettering Jiu Jitsu Chest Tattoo

Guys Jiu Jitsu Skull Shaded Black And Grey Half Sleeve Tattoo

Guys Shaded Jiu Jitsu Leg Tattoo Designs

Jiu Jitsu Belt Male Black And Red Ink Tattoo On Upper Chest

Jiu Jitsu Lettering Male Upper Back Tattoo Inspiration

Jiu Jitsu Male Rib Cage Shaded Tattoo Designs

Jiu Jitsu Mens Finger Tattoos

Jiu Jitsu Moves Mens Inner Forearm Tattoo Designs

Jiu Jitsu Script Black Ink Leg Tattoos For Men

King Chess Piece Jiu Jitsu Belt Male Arm Tattoo Designs

Lettering Jiu Jitsu Mens Black Ink Upper Chest Tattoo

Living The Jiu Jitsu Lifestyle Mens Banner Tattoo With Rising Sun Design

Manly Guys Jiu Jitsu Negative Space Rib Cage Side Tattoos

Mens Heartbeat Jiu Jitsu Word Tattoo On Bicep

Mens Script Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Collarbone Tattoos

Negative Space King Chess Piece With Jiu Jitsu Words Mens Outer Forearm Tattoo

Old School Mens Jiu Jitsu Traditional Thigh Tattoos

Ornate Lettering Jiu Jitsu Guys Upper Back Tattoos

Owl Jiu Jitsu Mens New School Thigh Tattoos

Realistic Belt Mens 3d Jiu Jitsu Tattoo Designs

Red Sun Warrior Jiu Jitsu Mens Leg Tattoos

Red White And Black Belt Male Jiu Jitsu Leg Tattoos

Rib Cage Side Realistic Shaded Jiu Jitsu Tattoo For Guys

Ripped Skin Jiu Jitsu Belt Rib Cage Side Tattoos For Men

Rising Sun With Jiu Jitsu Lettering Male Inner Forearm Tattoo

Script Jiu Jitsu Outer Forearm Lettering Tattoos

Serpente Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Guys Upper Ches Snake Tattoos

Shaded Jiu Jitsu Mens Full Back Tattoo

Shoulder Blades Jiu Jitsu Words Mens Back Tattoo

Simple Letters Jiu Jitsu Mens Upper Chest Tattoo

Small Guys Awesome Jiu Jitsu Leg Calf Tattoo

Small Guys Jiu Jitsu Belt Ankle Tattoo

Small Script Jiu Jitsu Guys Rib Cage Tattoo

The Gentle Art Mens Jiu Jitsu Traditional Leg Tattoo Designs

Tied Black Belt Mens Jiu Jitsu Legband Tattoo

Tiny Mens Jiu Jitsu Shoulder Tattoo Ideas

Tribal Mens Simple Jiu Jitsu Wrist Tattoo Ideas

Unique Mens Triangle Jiu Jitsu Typography Tattoo On Chest

Watercolor Jiu Jitsu Mens Chest Tattoos

Watercolor Lettering Male Jiu Jitsu Upper Back Tattoo

Watercolor Triangle Mens Jiu Jitsu Lettering Upper Chest Tattoos

White And Black Ink Jiu Jitsu Lettering Male Tattoo Designs

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