Kangaroo Tattoo Designs For Men

50 Kangaroo Tattoo Designs For Men – Australian Animal Ideas

More than just a funny creature from Down Under, the kangaroo has long been regarded with respect and awe amongst aboriginal tribes, as well as in shamanic symbolism.

And while you may be considering the lighter side of tattoo art where this creature’s concerned, it’s worth taking a closer look at Australia’s most recognized mascot.

Many believe the kangaroo to represent balance and strength, the embodiment of steady determination albeit at an even pace. When hunted, the kangaroo will hop with graceful stealth into safety without a moment’s hesitation. And while kangaroos are not overtly aggressive animals, once threatened or interfered with they hold nothing back. Sound familiar?

Many natives of Australia, New Guinea, and Tasmania believe the kangaroo to be a powerful dream talisman, signifying a lesson to be learned in the practice of patience and trusting one’s instincts. Ancient stories tell of the kangaroo representing the balance between one’s physical existence and higher spiritual calling.

Whether you’re considering a kangaroo tattoo as way to show your Aussie pride, or feel a particular connection to this unexpectedly meaningful animal, there are countless designs and varieties to choose from. From precise detailing to more cartoonish renditions, from bold colors and backdrops to simpler, more primitive outlines, the kangaroo lends itself to many interpretations. Just be prepared to calmly astonish those who inquire about your tattoo’s origin, and incite more than a little marsupial envy.


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