Kirin Tattoo Designs For Men

60 Kirin Tattoo Designs For Men – Hooved Chimerical Creature Ideas

Tattoos from myths are popular choices, so men who want a mythical tattoo but still want to stand out may be better off looking for less common mythical creatures.

Kirin is a perfect choice: this creature hails from Chinese mythology and is somewhat deer-shaped with the head of a dragon and the tail of an ox.

It is frequently shown as being covered in scales. While the Kirin might be stranger-looking than many mythical animals, it is thought to bring joy and serenity. This makes it an excellent tattoo idea for men looking for a symbol of something positive.

The Kirin somewhat resembles both the dragon and the phoenix, which are both common mythical tattoos. And like many mythical creatures, there are many possible interpretations of the Kirin, which means it can be drawn in any number of artistic styles. Some tattoos of this mythical creature are done in the style of ancient Chinese art, while others are made to look more like modern art. The Kirin is striking enough that it won’t be lost in a landscape tattoo, but it also works well as a tattoo by itself.

This creature lends itself to many different color schemes, too. Different tattoo artists have done Kirin tattoos in green, blue, grey, and other colors, so this tattoo can be made to complement other tattoos on the wearer. Plus, because it’s an uncommon mythical animal, a Kirin tattoo can be a memorable conversation starter.


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