Lantern Tattoo Designs For Men

60 Lantern Tattoo Designs For Men – Flaming Ink Ideas

Lanterns were invented to prevent wind from killing the guiding flame. A lantern tattoo indicates a leader, a protector, and a sustained glow of hope in a dark and stormy world.

Lanterns are also important to adventurers. Superhero Green Lantern harnesses the power of a magic lantern to save the world.

Lanterns come in many fascinating shapes that make for eye-catching tattoo designs. There are intricate prisms that resemble miniature palaces, and simpler camping lanterns with handles.

Floating Chinese lanterns have legends of their own. Their light represents the Buddha’s power to dispel darkness. The red ones symbolize joy and luck, the blue ones immortality, and the white wisdom and purity. Much like the creation of a tattoo, the craftmanship that goes into a lantern is the highest form of excellence.

A lantern tattoo design is more powerful and artistic than a simple candle. Lanterns exude mysticism, which makes them ideal for devotees of horror and Halloween.

The glow from within contrasts well with the eccentric silhouette of the lantern, be it a vintage model or a more modern design. The tattoo can be paired with a meaningful quote or lyric about light. Its inner candle can be replaced with a heart, cross, or another important source of light in your life. Lantern tattoos can easily be accented with other designs like moths, leaves, and roses.


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