Lemon Tattoo Designs For Men

50 Lemon Tattoo Designs For Men – Citrus Fruit Ink Ideas

Sour and surprising, the lemon is a zesty newcomer to the tattoo scene. For the man with a punchy sense of humor looking for an ode to his bright disposition and lifestyle, a lemon may be a comical addition to consider.

Fresh and energizing, lemons are the sour fruit that everyone is sure to recognize.

Their bold yellow skin and unique shape are guaranteed to make them pop when viewed, even at a distance. A frequent addition to liquor, candy, or soda, the lemon is often associated with a devil-may-care sense of fun; a balance of sour to the saccharine sweetness of a good time. Best for the man with a sly sense of humor, a lemon tattoo lends a kick to its wearer’s appearance.

Easy to work with, a lemon can be incorporated into nearly any subject matter to add a snazzy touch of “bitterness” or “otherness” to the topic at hand. Whether served whole or sliced, the lemon brings a twist of personality to any existing tattoos.

For those with a tongue-in-cheek sense of humor, keep in mind the word “lemon” often can be taken to mean that something is a “dud”. Whether the wearer is lightheartedly poking fun at himself or another subject, the lemon is sure to liven up your appearance with its unmistakeable nature. On the other hand, as with any tattoo topic that deals with fruit or plants, the lemon is also a useful and thoughtful symbol of health, vitality, and nature.

Depicted growing on a tree or shown alongside other flora, a lemon tattoo can be an interesting way to display an interest in a natural lifestyle or personality.


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