Light Bulb Tattoo Designs For Men

75 Light Bulb Tattoo Designs For Men – Bright Ink Ideas

It’s easy to take the invention of electric light for granted, yet for most, it’s hard to go without it. From morning to night, our days begin and end with one simple thing in common: A click of a switch.

Let’s face it, waking up in the morning all groggily and stumbling out of bed towards the bathroom is a challenge in itself. Now, imagine doing the same in complete darkness.

Unless you have mastered the art of relieving, showering and grooming yourself blindfolded, your morning routine is going to well, require a lot of good luck.

Of course, also consider the end of the day too. When it comes to “burning the midnight oil”, late night work sessions with brains pumped up on creativity fueled benders are priceless. It’s the time in which some of our best ideas end up coming to life. Without illumination those ideas may forever stay hidden under the cover of darkness. In reality, ages ago the world was a considerably dim place. Even the best and brightest of all candles only produced a mere one-hundredth illumination to that of a single lightbulb today.

Now, when it comes to light bulb tattoos, it’s fairly straightforward to understand why guys get them. After all, most men around the globe take advantage of the convenience every single day; hence the designs popular appeal.

For some gentlemen, the light bulb is a symbol of guidance in dark times. While for others it’s a reminder of brainy inspiration and bright ideas. Of course, you could also be a fan of Thomas Edison and his cleverness against failure too.

Regardless of your connection to the glowing and radiant wonder, I’m sure you’ll enjoy these top 75 best light bulb tattoo designs for men below. You’ll find everything from the classic and iconic bulb shapes to more futuristic and abstract ideas.


3d Mens Realistic Light Bulb Arm Tattoo Design Inspiration

3d Realistic Light Bulb Guys Wrist Tattoo

3d Skull Portrait Light Bulb Mens Tattoos

Abstract Light Bulb Airplane Bomber Tattoo On Ribs

Amazing Light Bulb Sleeve Tattoos For Men

Awesome Light Bulb Dotwork Tattoos For Men

Black Ink Light Bulb With Cat Small Mens Arm Tattoo

Blue Skull With Orange Light Bulb Male Tattoos

Brain Light Bulb Guys Forearm Tattoo With Dotwork Design

Broken Glass Mens Light Bulb Tattoo On Legs

Broken Glass Rays Light Bulb Male Upper Arm Tattoo

Broken Light Bulb Mens Small Tattoo Design Ideas

Colorful Light Bulb Atom Mens Leg Calf

Colorful Watercolor Mens Light Bulb Upper Arm Tattoos

Compass Hand Holding Light Bulb Mens Leg Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

Cool Damaged Light Bulb Mens Arm Tattoo

Cool Light Bulb Head Tattoo For Men

Cool Light Bulb Neck Tattoos For Guys

Creative Guys Light Bulb With Heart Shoulder Tattoo Design Ideas

Electrical Light Bulb Mens Half Sleeve Tattoo

Eye Inside Light Bulb Tattoos For Men On Back

Fish Inside Light Bulb Mens Arm Tattoo

Forearm Mens Realistic Light Bulb Shaded Ink Tattoo

Green Skull With Cross Bones Male Light Bulb Tattoos

Guys Ribs Light Bulb Tattoos

Guys Shark Light Bulb Forearm Tattoo

Guys Simple Black Ink Outline Light Bulb Linework Tattoos

Incredible Light Bulb Brain Male Tattoo Sleeve

I Think Its Time For Me To Figure It Out Light Bulb Mens Upper Arm Tattoo

Jellyfish Inside Light Bulb Guys Tattoos

Light Bulb With Flaming Candle Wick Mens Arm Tattoo

Light Bulb With Tree Toors Mens Forearm Tattoos

Lighthouse Mens Forearm Light Bulb Tattoo

Lighthouse Mens Light Bulb Thigh Tattoos

Lightning Hitting Tree Inside Light Bulb Guys Arm Tattoo Ideas

Male Old School Light Bulb With Sailing Ship Inside Tattoo

Male With Tattoo Of Shattered Light Bulb Glass On Wrist

Man With Black Ink Shaded Light Bulb Realistic Design

Mens Broken Light Bulb Brain Arm Tattoos

Mens Glass Tree Inside Light Bulb Tattoo

Mens Glowing Red Light Bulb Arm Tattoo

Mens Green Glowing Light Bulb Knee Tattoos

Mens Light Bulb Forearm Sleeve Tattoo Designs

Mens Skull Light Bulbarm Tattoo

Mens Skull Light Bulb With Flying Moths Leg Tattoo

Mens Skull Modern Light Bulb 3d Tattoos On Forearm

Mens Small Light Bulb Hand Tattoos

Mens Space Ship Light Bulb Forearm Tattoo

Modern Spiral Light Bulb Mens Arm Tattoo

Neo Traditional Light Bulb Mens Inner Arm Tattoo Designs

New School Mens Handing Holding Light Bulb With Pencil Foot Tattoo

Ocean Waves With Lighthouse Light Bulb Male Tattoos On Lower Leg

Realistic Forearm Sleeve Light Bulb Guys Tattoo Ideas

Realistic Light Bulb Brain Mens Upper Arm Tattoo

Realistic Light Bulb Male Tattoos

Realistic Mens Light Bulb Tattoos On Inner Forearm

Red Gems Inside Light Bulb With Moon Small Guys Tattoos

Rose Flower Inside Light Bulb Mens Neck Tattoo Ideas

Sailing Ship Dotwork Light Bulb Leg Tattoo For Guys

Shattered Light Bulb Mens Rib Cage Side Tattoos

Simple Inner Forearm Light Bulb With Sailing Ship Fishing Mens Tattoo

Skull Light Bulb Glass Mens Forearm Tattoo

Skull Light Bulb New School Tattoos For Males

Skull Lightbulb Tattoo Mens Half Sleeve Designs

Smoking Light Bulb Male Arm Tattoo

Tree Growing Inside Glass Light Bulb Mens Upper Arm Tattoo

Ufo Forest Light Bulb Mens Tattoo On Arm

Vintage Arm Light Bulb Mens Tattoo

Vintage Male Light Bulb Inner Forearm Tattoo

Watercolor Mens Light Bulb Tattoo On Forearm

Woodcut Male Light Bulb Eye Upper Chest Tattoo Ideas

Yellow Light Bulb Smoke Mens Tattoo

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