Line Tattoos For Men

Top 73 Line Tattoo Ideas [2020 Inspiration Guide]

For the open-minded man, line work tattoos are more than just minimalistic in terms of design. These clean, single black lines make a bold statement, yet their meaning can often be hidden in secrecy.

With the trend of black work tattoos on the rise among men, it’s easy to see where the idea of line work originated from. However, the concept has continued to evolve even further beyond abstract art. You’ll find line tattoos paired with everything from geometric shapes to animals, skulls and more.

For some gentlemen, this means tattoos with a single continuous line that brilliantly simplifies an otherwise complex piece of art. In other words, it takes considerable creative talent to go from intricate to simple while still getting your message across in a respectable manner. Perhaps, that’s why this new ink style is becoming so popular, so fast.

While it’s different and unconventional, the end results are still almost always remarkable to look at. Plus, on first glance it’s interesting to discover how something so minimal in design can be shielded with such secrecy in meaning.

Take a look at these top 75 best line tattoos for men and you’ll know exactly what I mean. From thin to thick, each features a unique sense of artistic style.

Line Tattoo Ideas

3d Black Line Skull Tattoo For Men On Arm

This is an epic black line skull, done in a fashion reminiscent of that freaky puppet in the film franchise Saw.  The thick lines travel down the image with elegance. The most interesting parts of the piece though are the sections that would usually be tattooed as black holes. The gaps for the eyes, mouth and nose are drawn with subtle curvature in the line work.

Abstract Bear Line Tattoo For Men On Upper Arm In Black Ink

The bear in this tattoo is given an abstract appearance by clever line use throughout the image coupled with cleverly implemented black work around the eyes, nose, and muzzle. The way the artist has achieved intensity in the creature’s eyes is kind of like dot work, but done on a bigger, bolder level.

Abstract Cross Bicep Line Tattoo For Men

Smaller images done with great verve and execution can leave a lasting impression. This minimalist design is simple, but the lines are straight and clean, creating a sharp piece of art in the abstract cross.

Abstract Minimalists Line Tattoos For Males

The combination of two ideas in this tattoo make for a brilliantly realized final image. The top of the tattoo features fat black coloring in the shape of a bear. It’s done by using a wide gauge needle and slowed down tattoo gun to create a sharpie effect. The rest of the tattoo are all lines, zigging, zagging, and flowing down the length of his arm with reckless abandon. Despite there being so many lines, you can track all of them from start to finish along his arm.

Armband Guys Line Designs For Tattoos

This piece is nicely drawn. Three differing styles of line work have been employed together to create a lovely band design.  The work is deftly put together, with the red of the skinny line a standout contrast to the bigger, thicker black lines.

Armband Line Work Tattoo For Men

Arrows Out Line Tattoos For Guys

This minimalist pair of arrows are beautifully designed. They are perfectly paired mirrors of each other, with straight cores, black shaded iron style tips and well executed fletching.

Back Bear Tattoo Line Designs For Men

This big, black, back bear looks like it’s been lifted from the gallery at the Prado and etched onto the subject’s skin. It is a brilliant execution of the line drawing abstract style. It’s like if you’d been asked to close your eyes and draw the bear without lifting your pen from the page.

Back Eagle And Fish Line Art Tattoo Designs For Guys

When line work gets weird, it gets really, really, weird. This tattoo is a four piece of different designs linked together and overlapping. It reminds of a Joan Miro painting or sketch by Pablo Picasso when they may have had one or two.

Back Of Neck Thin Line Tattoos For Men

The inking of this line tattoo would have taken a massive amount of time to design, create, and bring to life. Line after line, with few differences makes for an interesting cross between a topographical map image or a reading from an ECG machine.

Barcode Tattoos Lines Design For Guys

Quite a funky take on a barcode for this forearm line tattoo. It uses only lines like hatches to create the code, rather than shading and perfectly straight lines of varying thickness.

Bicep Bull Tattoo Lining For Men

This inner bicep tattoo is another well etched piece of artwork. The clarity of the black line work creates a well worked bull image. The traces of dot work just below the eye and on the horns are a nice touch to give him some solidity.

Bicep Mens Tattoo Line Work Of Bear

Another line work bear, with this incorporating geometric techniques throughout its sharp mixture of short, interconnected work on each triangular panel. By mixing up the thickness and angles of the lines inside the triangles, different parts of the bear are emphasized and his shape becomes clearer.

Bird Flying Simplistic Line Tattoo Inspiration On Men

Wow. This delicate, intricately tattooed dove looks like a complex mathematics equation has been folded up with great care and turned into a beautiful bird. The mastery of the black line work of this piece is a case study in perfection, with the little nicks and folds being complemented by perfect circles and clean, straight lines aided by delicate dot work.

Black Work Line Tattoo For Guys With Keys

This double armband is given a unique cast by the artist’s creation of two keys amongst the blue black with clever use of negative space. By tattooing the keys back to front on each band a necessary level of individuality for them is also achieved.

Bold And Light Line Tattoo Half Sleeve On Mans Forearm

The tattoo in this image is bold mixture of geometric pattern and black ink. It’s almost the herringbone type of pattern you find in high end bathroom tiles. By starting with black at the wrist and moving upward in lighter tones, the tattoo is given more artistic depth.

Chest Circle Line Tattoo With Shapes For Men

Quirky use of shapes creates a fascinating line drawing in this funky ode to 3D.  It starts with a massive line drawn 2D circle, like one of those social media videos where teachers draw perfectly round shapes in one hit. Arrayed about the orb at various points are five interesting 3D shapes, including one resembling the Death Star from Star Wars. It’s weird, no doubt, but nicely executed.

Circile Stars Small Male Line Tattoos Designs

This a perfectly done reverse black line tattoo. Being able to utilize negative space when creating a tattoo is a skill separating the also rans from the masters. The triangles used to resemble facets of the mountain, and the dots of the night sky, are never tattooed on to the subject. They are created by the expert use of black ink to create gaps where the lines would be. It’s a fantastic, high quality tattoo, that even the most introverted man would be happy to show off.

Circle Elbow Guys Fine Lines Tattoos

When you were in little school did you ever have a geometric ruler? Did you spend a whole bunch of pen ink and time just doodling hectic variations of circles by crafting line after line on a page? Well, this is the tattoo image representing that. Lines inked into the skin, time after time along the inside of the man’s arm, and each one distinguishable from the others.

Cool Continous Line Tattoos On Men Sailing Ship With Clouds

This is a great mix of using line work style to create a Japanese theme. The key to this piece, as you’ll often find in the Irezumi style, is patterns created by lines working off one another to create sectioned pieces of the tattoo. Each separate tattoo element is delineated by a different angle or shape, that is then counter-balanced by the next one. This one could have each part colored in, however the black line work has been done so astutely that it’s better using only black.

Cool Mens Line Art Tattoo Design Ideas Mathmatical

As it is with a lot of other writing types, maths was never a strong suit. But the cleverly wrought design of this mathematically influenced wave is simply outstanding. All the elements of this piece are inked with great precision, from the dotted line, to the numbers, all the way through to the various parts making the triangle and wave.

Cool Spiral Rhythmic Mens Line Work Tattoos On Side Under Arm

Remember when you used to use Winamp or the first couple of mp3 audio formats back in the day to play music (Google it, kids)? This tattoo is your winamp skin come to life. Here, the lines bounce and wave along lines before meeting up at distinct points at either end. Also, note the positioning of this piece across his underarm from shoulder blade to bicep – it isn’t attempted very often, especially in a standalone image.

Cross Guys Tattoo Fine Line Style

Fine line tattoos are often at their best when produced simply, with clarity in the image. This tattoo is an excellent example, mirroring the crisp image you’re asked to identify on an eye exam or on the print of a trendy T shirt. The letters have been drawn with effortless precision, and the crossed lines are straight and true.

Dots And Black Line Tattoos For Men On Arms

This combination line work makes for an excellent lower arm piece, and almost qualifies as a half sleeve. The tick banding just under each elbow is nicely executed with the corresponding thin bands around the wrist making the tattoo an almost tribal design. Utilizing heavy dot work finishes the piece off nicely.

Elbow Half Sleeve Mens Fine Line Tattoo

The pattern in this geometric art creates a unique finalized tattoo. The solid lines aren’t too thick – they operate in straight lines and rather than curves to show their fit against each, while the canny use of zero space gives the image a wildly angular zebra feeling.

Fine Line Tattoo Designs For Men On Leg Half Sleeve

The bold line work of this half leg sleeve is interesting. The artwork uses an excellent pattern grouping to make thick jungle foliage in the underlying part of the image, topped off to great effect by the leaking ink effect over the top. It looks similar in fashion to how blood would flow from a wound.

Finger And Hand Outline Tattoo For Men

Another piece that calls back in time to when you were kid, messing about and drawing around your hand when you were bored in class. The artist has created a nicely flowing thin line piece in tricky to tattoo areas. It’s quite an effective example of a well-drawn minimalist fine black line work.

Finger And Hand Solid Black Line Tattoo Design

This solid black line tattoo has been precisely executed. There is little margin for error when working with different moving shapes – the edge of hand, outer thumb, and forefinger all have different tendencies – to create a simple black line drawing that matches up with the rest.

Full Back Line Tattoo For Men

This geometric line tattoo reminds of when the big audio video feed in the club was accidently cut, and you had to spend a long period of time looking at a big screen .WAV file as EDM pumped out from the woofers. The only difference in this one is there are no poorly prepared barman trying to replace the kaleidoscope with a funky lightshow.

Full Body Minimal Line Tattoo Designs For Males

There are numerous top-quality elements to this combination artwork. First, by expertly using large swathes of flat back color, you can’t be sure if the piece is a cover up or just designed to be a color in.  Secondly, the black linework in the tattoo is exquisite, especially the use of circles ‘cut’ into an interesting pattern by the tattoo’s border. Finally, the new lines, shading, and flat black elements work well together in creating synergy from his previous work to his new work.

Full Leg Mens Fine Line Tattoos

Line tattoos can often look effortless. This leg tattoo does so through the flowing, tightly controlled patterns of the mid-size black lines. It doesn’t quite reach the level of a tribal design, but the lines are reminiscent of a plant or broom shape in a Celtic crossover.

Geometric Black Line Tattoo Design For Men On Chest

This funky chest tattoo is another example set by innovative use of a geometric ruler. The fine black lines in this tattoo use the shape available along the chest to create a symmetrical, taut tattoo that’s skilfully centred out from the breastbone.

Geometric Mens Line Tattoos On Inner Forearm

Another fine, line-tattoo take on the interplay of geometry, this piece almost looks like an abstract rocket ship shooting down his arm and off his wrist. The asterisks here create slightly different shapes, providing counterbalance to the circles and dots elsewhere in the work.

Gorilla Chest Tattoo Out Lines For Men

This abstract gorilla screams NYC post grunge rock band concept album cover. All it’s missing are tight fitting leathers, overlarge sunglasses, and pastel scarves in the band photo on the back. The piece is wildly successful at combining negative space elements to the left of the different thickness fine black lines with simple use of sharp dot work on the right. These are small flourishes that provide a great deal of depth and add intrigue to the entire tattoo.

Guys Tribal Tattoo Lines On Forearm

Thick bands down through to skinny bands as the lower forearm gets to the wrist. In theory it’s a simple tattoo but execution of spacing and clean, crisp line work makes for a spot on expression of personal body art.

Half Sleeve Guys Tattoo Black Line

It would be interesting to know where these bands of line work commence. If it’s up at the top of the arm, it could be a pretty odd look – kind of like a mime’s T shirt. If the tightly packed black blue bands only run from below the elbow to the middle of the lower forearm than the piece would likely be more effective.

Hourglass Chest Mens Line Art Tattoos

The body art here is well positioned in the middle of the chest. Usually, the hourglass would be an intensely drawn, highly detailed focal point of the work but instead in this piece it’s a focal point because of the absence of ink. The use of angled linework to create 3D weight to the outline really supports the emptiness of the central concept, reminding of a hollowed-out gourd or pumpkin.

Incredible Line Tattoo For Men Half Sleeve

This geometric tattoo is bad ass. Using the hexagonal shaping herringbone fashion really makes the total image pop. The masterfully interlinked design elements bounce off each other brilliantly. The stark line work at the top transitions into the fat black hexes delineated by carefully controlled negative space. From here they streak out and further down to a madly drawn collection of black lines, finished off by more hexagons – hollow this time – at the wrist. You won’t see a better crafted, more intriguing sleeve tattoo than this one.

Leg Tattoos With Lines For Guys

The very fine black lines for this piece would have been painstakingly applied by the artist with a single black needle to achieve a close together effect. What the image also shows is the excellent contrast between the fine line piece on his left leg with the single, fat black band on his right calf and shin.

Lion Back Of Arm Line Design Tattoos For Men

Lion Guys Tattoo Fine Line On Upper Arm

Another well drawn abstract animal piece, with the King of the Jungle being the focus on this occasion. Here, dotwork is carefully threaded through the intertwiningly lines to give the lion’s features depth and detail.

Male Black Work Tattoo Ideas On Back

This piece would have taken a lot of time to complete. The line work in this piece is aided by being framed within the large black diamond, which gives it a frame to operate in. From there the artist uses clever twists in each line to slowly and skilfully create the abstract face.

Man With Pipe Single Mens Line Tattoo

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em. This is another sharply delivered fine black line tattoo.

Mens Black Line Tattoo Of Deer On Chest

Another black line tattoo, but probably the best on this list so far. Being on his chest it does a wonderful job of branching out the antlers and using the available space, allowing the abstract elements of each of the lines to take center. Unlike some of the other line pieces, this artwork uses just a small amount of dotwork to give some shading effect and create nuance in the deer’s features.

Mens Line Tattoo With Black Triangles On Arm

Geometric meets new wave meets black work. The piece is a good example that a nicely delivered idea can feature more than one style of tattoo. The top-quality line work sprinkled with swathes of flat black creates different packets of shape into building the pyramidal image clearly.

Mens Shoulder And Arm Black Line Tattoos

This single line looks like it was drawn free hand from the collarbone down to the (mostly likely) the wrist. It’s a simple but elegant piece of fine line tattooing.

Mens Simple Line Tattoos Of Sailboat

This single line, continuous sailboat tattoo is finely detailed – not so much in the color or shading but in the interplay between the shapes the single line is drawn to describe. Using flags and sails helps make the image a lot more arresting than if it was just a speedboat or dinghy.

Mens Tattoo Line Art Of Deer Skull On Chest

It’s like the deer from a few images has died and moved on to a new owner. This line tattoo does a good job of having the antlers frame the neck and fits well with the quote that seems to be running on from the main piece (although it was tattooed there before the deer skull).

Mens Thin Black Line Tattoo Designs With Small Anchor

Quite a nice abstract line anchor. It’s very much a new school take on an old school classic theme.

Minimalistic Line Tattoos For Gentlemen Of Fox

This wolf tattoo is a beautiful piece (much like the dove earlier) of art. It’s usage of gentle lines packed into the frame of the animal helps give the work a remarkable degree of detail, especially the series of perfectly drawn circles flanked by lines, arrows and notches throughout. It’s a subtle bit of tattooing completed with almost peerless skill, for example the slight darkening of parts of the circles for emphasis, or the detail of the shapely tail line work.

Mountains With River Line Tattoos Ideas For Guys On Arm

Tattoos mixing complex lines with painstaking dot work tend to be impressive, and this mountain scape is no exception. Clever lines create the crags and faces of the rocky mountain, while the dots create a different take on shading the rubble and help the water patterning give the perspective of water flowing down through the image’s center.

Nature Scene With Sun And Pine Trees Line Tattoo On Man

It’s important when creating a landscape line tattoo image to use a variety of shapes and lines. This artwork is a good example, stretching from the sky at the top of the image, then moving down through clouds to trees then hills and finishing with logs resting comfortably on the earth. The line work is well balanced. Each sector is drawn differently yet complements the others in either color, shape, or angle. It’s a fantastic tattoo.

Outdoor Nature Themed Fine Line Black And Grey Tattoo For Guys

This nature half sleeve tattoo is another beautiful example that plays up all the best elements of creating landscape tattoos using structurally similar but slightly variable line work to create an arresting image. The lines are similar thickness throughout, but differentiate the image’s detail in their angle, their direction, and shape in combination with the sections next to them. In this tattoo the perfect line work is enhanced by clever use of shading patterns and dot work to develop the depth of the patterns further.

Owl Bicep Tribal Line Tattoos For Men

Another crisply executed twin line tattoo.

Rhythmic Elbow Mens Black Line Tattoos

This black fine line tattoo works well because its placement creates different perspectives. While the lines, angles, zero space and thickness of black never waver or strays, how you are looking at the piece – straight arm, bent elbow, from the shoulder – makes the pattern look different.

Ship Wheel Simple Line Tattoo For Men

The well-shaded ship wheel is the central point of this tattoo, but deft line work gives it a batter sense of positioning along the outer forearm and turns a somewhat bland piece into a well-balanced expression of classical supporting line work.

Simple Bow And Arrow Line Art Tattoo For Men On Wrist

Sometimes line tattoos don’t need to be solid. This bow and arrow tattoo for example, is better furnished by canny use of dotted lines in the representation of shapes – triangle, circle, arrowhead – to help mix the solidity of the bow with the illusion of motion.

Single Heart Guys Tattoos Line

This single line heart is well done. It creates an abstract/realist mash up that could almost be used in in a textbook or on WebMD. The extra detail lines and dots on either central side make the total tattoo less stark.

Single Line Eagle Chest Tattoo For Men

The vary width of the single line in this eagle tattoo is well constructed and the piece is placed well on the chest of the subject. The smart use of dot work create detail in the wings and work well to support the minimalistic theme of the piece.

Single Line Tattoo Of Dog For Men On Forearm

This dog is not angry, he’s just disappointed. The fact a line drawing tattoo can give clear facial expressions to the subject mean it’s well drawn and creatively executed.

Single Owl Fine Line Tattooing For Guys

Skull 3d Black Line Tattoos For Men

This horizontal 3D line tattoo is hectic. The effects of the subtly curving lines make it look as if a skull is trying to push its way out of the tattoo and into the real world, like a character from the mind of Stephen King.

Sloth Chest Mens Line Work Tattoos

Hahaha. Never thought in a million years that there’s someone walking about with an abstract black line tattoo of a sloth. Well played, sir.

Small Circle Line Work Tattoo Of Mountains For Men On Inner Forearm

This person needs to be careful around cats, because the tattoo is quite realistic and he could end up getting scratched. The artist uses very simple changes in direction with the series of short, fuzzy black lines to change the circle from just a vaguely round shape into an effective ball of yarn.

Small Forearm Continous Line Sailboat Tattoo For Men

This simple geometric piece is steady, creating a nice pattern by laying down triangle after triangle in a uniform size and shape.

Small Simple Geometric Triangle Line Tattoos For Men On Wrist

Small Spiral Line Tattoos For Men On Forearms

These spiral line tattoos give the impression that you could be looking down from the top of some very winding stairs. The cool effect here is that the same style of tattoo is created on both arms by using two different shapes with the same theme.

Sound Line Tattoo For Men On Forearm

This sound line is wicked. It’s simple, just one line in uniform black, but complemented by the sharp peaks and valleys throughout. It could be a child’s heartbeat, a song, or even the results of a polygraph test.

Tribal Black Work Line Tattoo For Men Full Sleeve

Tribal Black Work Line Tattoos For Guys Full Sleeve

Upper Arm And Shoulder Mens Line Tattoo Design Ideas

Whale Bicep Line Tattoo Designs For Men

Wolf Inner Forearm Male Artistic Line Tattoos

World Map Mens Fine Lines Tattoo On Bicep

Wrist Tattoo For Men Of Fine Line Mountain Design

Line Tattoo FAQs

What do black stripe tattoos mean?

Solid black stripe tattoos traditionally pay tribute to lost loved ones in the same vein that black armbands are worn by athletes memorializing the death of a club great or important figure.

Solid black lined tattoos allow the subject to remember their loss by acknowledging through body art the memory of their loved one.

Remembrance is not the sole reason individuals choose to get black line tattoos. In some quarters they represent strength and courage or are part of a wider geometric pattern, while for others they are an intrinsic part of fashionable ink techniques such as minimalism, abstract line drawing, or tribal style.

At other times thicker black stripes can be most effective for covering up old and faded or poorly drawn pieces.

What does a parallel lines tattoo mean?

Parallel lines are lines on a plane that do not meet, always remaining the same distance apart.

In general, parallel line tattoos are representative of positive charge and energy, however as a frequently occurring phenomena throughout all aspects of life they can have many different meanings to people who use them as inspiration for tattoo art.

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