Luigi Tattoo Ideas For Men

40 Luigi Tattoo Ideas For Men – Mario Bros Designs

Sidekick twin to Mario and arguably one of Nintendo’s most iconic figures, Luigi has earned a devout and long-lasting fanbase that has further immortalized itself through numerous tattoo renditions.

Loyal and good-natured, with a calm, unassuming demeanor–shy, even–it’s no wonder Luigi has become the symbol for decades of like-minded souls.

These Luigi tattoo ideas are more than just a nod to the phenomenal world of Mario Bros., but to the unforgettable characters who cemented its lasting legacy. Even the capable and determined Mario can’t get by without his dependable brother, and you no doubt hold a similar place in someone’s life.

Perhaps you have come to the rescue of many a friend and brother in need, neither judging nor chiding, but quietly helping to shoulder the burden at hand. Perhaps like the quietly brave Luigi, you don’t need to make a fuss to be seen and heard, and there’s more than meets the eye concerning your stature.

With countless styles and eras to reference, your Luigi tattoo will no doubt reflect the hero in his finest moment.

Just as Luigi was able to build his rock-solid rep with few words and even less aggression, so too is his tattoo wearer a man who gets things done and leaves the showboating to his more boisterous kin.


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