Magician Tattoo Designs For Men

40 Magician Tattoo Designs For Men – Magic Trick Ink Ideas

In the tarot deck, the Magician represents creative power, and the energy required to embark on a new lifestyle. It signifies mastery of the universe, and the ability to bend all elements to your will.

A magician tattoo will help remind you of the powers and uncanny abilities you keep hidden up your sleeve.

The process of Alchemy—the defining ability of any magician—was originally the method of turning lead into gold. For each magician, including you, this may be literal or figurative. Perhaps you, unlike anyone else, can turn a penny into a dollar, or a frown into a smile, or a loss into a win.

A good magician never reveals the secrets to their abilities, but that doesn’t mean you have to hide yourself. A magician tattoo will notify the world of your epic powers and warn rivals about your presence.

You are an old soul, wise to the ways of the world. You hear things that others don’t. You listen to the rocks and the trees and exchange news with the winds. You are a wizard.


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