Mandalorian Tattoo Designs For Men

Top 37 Mandalorian Tattoo Ideas – [2020 Inspiration Guide]

Honor and dedication represent the Mandalorian people. With a creative design of any of their symbols, Star Wars fanatics can boast their pride for these iconic figures.

Intended as a one-off of the notable bounty hunter, Boba Fett, an extensive universe was created about Mandalorians due to the surge of popularity for the character.

Mandalorians have a rich culture and dominant emblems that represent all of their vitality as warriors. Each Mandalorian is a fighter at heart. What better way to release your inner champion than with a tattoo of one of their symbols?

Align with the notorious True Mandalorians and boast ink of their intricate crest design to highlight the duty and perseverance they fought with until their dying breaths. Or go for the authoritative barbed circle of The Crusaders who famously fought the Jedi.

You can also go for the most recognizable Mandalorian symbol known as the “Kyr’bes.” This militant design makes for a compelling tattoo. Many men tout this brazen honor badge whether it’s on their arm, chest, back, or hands.

Looking to enhance your ink? Think about color options as color plays an important role in Mandalorian culture. Black and gray are perfect for depicting justice and the mourning of a love lost. Or go for shades of gold if you seek vengeance. 

1. Black and Gray Mandalorian Tattoos

Black and gray Mandalorian tattoos are a natural fit for the Mythosaur skull symbol, the Kyr’bes, the sigil used by the Mandalorian order in the Star Wars universe. It makes for a simple tattoo that can be customized to fit almost anywhere on the body in any size. That’s a very useful factor when it comes to choosing the tattoo design you want.

The Kyr’bes naturally has a tribal style appearance that seems like it was designed with tattooing in mind. This first image uses rich, bold black foundation to add dimension and depth to what otherwise might be a flat, static image. The shading and saturation variation give it lightness and dimension, allowing the piece to jump off the flesh. Contrast this with the second design example which is flat but utilizes deftly etched linework to create a fluid, organic smoothness. 

2. Classic Mandalorian Tattoos

Even though Mando is all the rage these days due to the popularity of the 2019 streaming TV series, we can’t forget where he came from. Boba Fett is the classic, original Mandalorian and cult legend of the Star Wars films. These tattoos take us back in time to when we first experienced a glimpse into the world of the iconic characters.

Ironically, the Mandalorian armor Fett wore is the same color palette as American Traditional tattoos, as can be seen in this first example.  It uses heavy olive and army greens, muted reds, and yellows as a nod to traditional color. If you don’t want to be a bandwagon jumper for the TV series, then a classic Mandalorian tattoo might be the best stylistic choice for you. Whether it’s a massive back piece or a smaller, elegant creation, these classic images are perfect for styles reliant on lots of detail such as photorealism or illustrative tattoos. 

3. Realism Mandalorian Tattoos

The more realistically you can portray an entirely fictional character the more impressive the piece will look overall. These realism Mandalorian tattoos bring the character to life, with a highly detailed application relying heavily on precision shading, exceptionally crisp linework, and skilled use of light sources and negative space.

The first example above is unique and dynamic, using the natural shape of the shoulder and arm to build a quality 3D image.  The piece plays with shading and light sources to create an exceptionally realistic depiction of armor piece. It’s also a great example of out-of-the-box thinking. A Mandalorian tattoo doesn’t have to just be the Kyr’bes symbol, or the character himself, but a combination of useful images backed by a commitment to technique. 

4. Simple Mandalorian Tattoos 

Thanks to the uncomplicated design of the Kyr’bes symbol, choosing a simple Mandalorian tattoo is not as difficult a task as it could be with other Star Wars themes.  When it comes to a simple design, line work, color saturation, and shading need to be spot on, or what’s lacking from the design will be easily noticeable.

Simple tattoos show simple mistakes, so the tattoo’s execution needs to be perfect. This first design is stark black, there’s no shading whatsoever but it is punched in hard and deep. It’s dead solid, with crisp precise line features that complement the simplicity of theme.  

5. Full Color Mandalorian Tattoos 

The Mandalorian himself is a drab figure clothed in armour of gray, silver and brown. This naturally understated mode of dress doesn’t need to limit your options when it comes to the color scheme for your tattoo. Using color for these tattoos adds richness, readability and flair – there’s no rulebook for how you should create your body art.

The first Kyr’bes has a simply executed color palette of reds, whites, a desert browns and yellows that give it a carved into rock look. The heavy black shadowing creates depth and dimension to give it a true, hugely effective sunken appearance you’re able to read from across the room. The second Mandalorian tattoo from these examples makes heavy use of negative space contrasted with bold color to make the image stand out brilliantly from the skin. 

6. Off the Wall Mandalorian Tattoos 

Not every Mandalorian tattoo needs to be serious to get its point across, and given its part of individual expression why should it? There are no limits to what a good artist can do to implement a quality piece of ink if armed with a clever tattoo design.

Take this first example, which follows Neo Traditional guidelines by executing a solid, heavy outline and bold, saturated color to make it look like a sticker on the skin. The design features a cartoon quality, while the background skull is much more illustrative. It shows off a pencil-thin black outline and well defined, glowing red ink saturation. You could opt to go full Neo here, or even something more technically audacious like Trash Polka or watercolor, to really play innovate with color palettes and unexpected translation of styles.

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