Marble Tattoo Designs For Men

20 Marble Tattoo Designs For Men – Glass Ball Ink Ideas

Marbles may be an antiquated relic few children of today are familiar with, but the discerning man of the world certainly understands their value.

Prized and collected to this day in the name of nostalgia, joy, and aesthetic appeal, marbles are certainly in no danger of disappearing. And with the emergence of some truly stunning marble tattoo art, this sentiment doubly applies.

Popular in nearly every culture around the world for thousands of years, marbles are symbolic of the simple things that connect us. One marble or many, your tattoo is a mark of reverence for the everyday joys in life. Perhaps there is a particular marble that catches your eye–the dramatic aggie, otherworldly cat’s eye, or colorful toothpaste marble–that you wish to feature front and center on your hand or neck; maybe you gleefully opt for a bag of multi-style marbles spilling down your arm.

Maybe you want to let the world know you’ve “lost your marbles” and have no intention of getting them back. Whatever your pleasure, you are sure to catch the eye and delight of passersby.

Marbles may be of a bygone era, but like all good things, their message is timeless. Beauty, pleasure, and a little zany fun is the recipe for happiness, and a bag of marbles is nothing short of magic waiting to be scattered.


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Marble Tattoo Design Ideas For Men

Marble Tattoo Designs For Men

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Marble Tattoos For Men

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