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Top 57 Marvel Tattoo Ideas [2020 Inspiration Guide]

Super heroes are incredibly popular, and their astonishing abilities have elevated them to the point that they are now role models and symbols of strength and confidence for a number of people in society.

Marvel comic book characters like Iron Man, The Hulk, and Captain America are intwined with society so deeply that people seek tattoos of such mighty characters to illustrate their own attitude toward the world.

The ability to put on a costume and adopt an entirely new personality for the purpose of fighting crime is something that many people feel an inherent desire to do, but those opportunities are few and far between in the real world. Super heroes create a fantasy element that is relatable and inspiring in multiple ways.

Marvel heroes are enjoying one of their most popular periods since they were first introduced thanks to the success of the Marvel cinematic universe, and that success has spread through society like a wildfire, including the tattoo industry. Tattoo artists are creating beautiful works that focus on the duality of man by showcasing the transformation from normal person to super hero.

More people connect with Marvel super heroes than just about any other comic source of characters, and those connections are going to exist for a long time. Getting a tattoo of your favorite Marvel hero is an ideal way to show your bravado and your nerve.

Marvel Tattoo Ideas

3d Hulk Guys Marvel Arm Tattoo

The Hulk in its full green monster mode, angrier and stronger! The arm being ripped apart by this giant of a green humanoid who wants to step out and release some steam. The realism style is incredible. Hulk’s finger tips are huge, texturized and in high definition making it believable that he’s about to step out of the arm. The yellow highlights add reptilian texture to the face, then you see the tension at the mouth area as it snarls openly. The black at the other half of the face provides depth and necessary darkness to the piece.

3d Ironman Stone Marvel Guys Inner Arm Bicep Tattoos

This looks like Iron Man’s head slammed into an arm backwards while in the middle of battle, crushed and cracked but not done fighting, just yet. Mr. Tony Stark is not ready to call it a day. An astonishing piece of ink work, a surreal perspective and realism style of tattooing. The details on the iron mask are well executed, even the cracks can be seen from afar. Not a good day for Mr. Tony Stark but, definitely a good one for the tattoo community.

3d Metallic Guys Marvel Inner Arm Bicep Tattoo Ideas

You know this is Ant Man right away. The details on this portrait are picture effect. The artist was able to capture the exact colors of the Ant Man suit, the shade of gray and red plus the sheen finish and how the light is reflected. Then this super hero was not drawn flat, it’s illustrated from a different perspective wherein the head looks nestled on the arm. Who wouldn’t want this incredible creation on their arm? A great concept for a marvel themed tattoo.

Amazing Sleeve Tattoo Of Marvel Superheros For Gentlemen

Three of Marvel’s greats: Hulk, Captain America and Spider Man. Three high definition portraits of these classic superheroes who I’m certain provided excitement into the lives of several children, decades apart. A full sleeve tattoo with the portraits divided into sections of the arm. The green guy looks towering over the others, smart placement. The shoulder has more space to work on. He looks more Bruce than Hulk on this portrait, not really angry more of annoyed. Then there’s the Captain, captured in deep thought and strategizing. Spidey crouched and ready to pounce in his highly textured outfit.

Angry Incredible Hulk Male Marvel Leg Tattoo

A Hulk, enraged and green, portrait on the leg of a human canvas. This marvel tattoo looks incredibly real like the movie version of this well-loved character. It is done in high definition and drawn like he’s running towards you and about to crush the lights out of you. The artist did a fantastic job in using the color palette, adding red at the background to set the story of the tattoo. The colors and lines on the face were smartly utilized by the artist to make him look menacing but did not stray from the humanoid character.

Awesome Guys Marvel Full Back Tattoos

A poster sized magnificent ink art of the Avengers cast in vibrant, fantastic colors. Captain America and his shield leading the pack with Thor, Hulk and Iron Man in tow. This is the comic poster version of the Avengers giving a huge space for the very green and angry, Hulk. There are so much details and attention given to Hulk on this back piece overpowering the others.

Classic Marvel Logo With Superheros Mens Leg Tattoo

Honoring Stan Lee in this ink work must be a powerful moment for the fans. It is but fitting that he’s on the first letter, marvelous man and talent. Incredible colors and well saturated. The artist made sure that this classic logo will stay on this arm for a long time.

Colorful Male Marvel Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

A full sleeved arm of marvel tattoos in extra vibrant and incredible colors. It takes commitment and a lot of heart to execute this incredible work. Wonderful color palette using shades of blue as the background allowing the warm colors of the characters’ pop-out.

Cool Captain America With Spiderman Guys Marvel Full Sleeve Tattoos

This is such an amazing arm tattoo of these Marvel superheroes in two powerful colors of black and gray from an old comic book. Captain America’s team in classic gray and high definition to bring these heroes to life.

Creative Marvel 3d Guys Full Sleeve Tattoos

This is hyper surrealism at its finest, when the fictional characters of your favorite superhero movie along with the interesting villains come to life and place on your arm. The Spidey fans will definitely dig this arm. The colors and the illusion of how the arm was subdivided to bring in additional characters are executed well.

Electric Marvel Superhero Guys Inner Arm Bicep Tattoos

This is a haunting black and gray piece with a teal accent at the bottom to give this creation a more surreal effect. The blurred out details of the black and gray contouring brings out the muscle tones of the character. Darker shade of gray was added for more definition resulting to a more realistic ink work.

Forearm Sleeve Male Marvel Deadpool Superhero Tattoo

The artist captured Deadpool perfectly in his dark, dry wit and cheap sarcasm, taking the superhero landscape to another level. This is a very realistic tattoo on an arm of the most real character of marvel. He is a regular dude, highly skilled and has a heart of a hero. Great use of colors and the several tones used to achieve the perfect mix for this photo realism piece.

Forearm Sleeve Mens Marvel Tattoos

The inner arm seems to be a popular spot to place these superheroes. This colored illustration of the three classic marvel superheroes mimics that of a coloring book. The black and gray background with the black outlines takes you to the traditional style, however there are added fine lines at the background and detailing that gives you the more modern vibe and technique.

Gentleman With Negative Space Marvel Logo Upper Back Tattoo

This is a great way to immortalize this comic franchise which later dominated cinema and television. It is minimalist and placed at the center of the upper back in classic gray tones which will definitely last for a long time. And should the owner decide to add more pieces around it to pay tribute to more characters, this is a good piece to start with or even for the very first tattoo, this is a good one.

Guys 3d Realistic Electric Captain America Shield Marvel Back Of Leg Tattoo

This shield has evolved several times over in the avengers’ franchise from the old dull gray to the very fine and vibrant metal with added blue and red colors. Captain America’s one and true symbol of strength, bravery and resiliency. The calf placement is smart since the shield has that natural curve which is perfect to give a shield tattoo movement and some texture. The two lightning breaks on this surreal piece is a reminder of the countless times this shield survived several battles and also, to pay tribute to Thor, the amazing god of Thunder, who teamed up with the Captain on several missions. This piece is undeniably jaw dropping and will be a conversation starter for so many avengers and tattoo fans.

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